Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just in case...

...I don't get to great you all tomorrow cuz its gona be a busy week for me...


DOMO's ready to butcher the crap out of that turkey. haha.

(source: photobucket by creemynougat)

Quick thanks to Amy and Julie for such a quick respond on the 2 items up for sale :) I've never sold items before within 24 hours of posting them. Well, I guess I did. lol. I dunno. Oh wells.

Gotta make my dessert for tomorrow! I'm a twitter whore so if you want to stalk me, follow me on twitter. haha..don't mind the shameless self promotion.

I've been enjoying reading you guys' memorable Christmas moments! Thank you to those who have joined so far! Plenty of time!

I'm starting my Black Friday Shopping midnight of thanksgiving at the outlet mall near us. LOL. yuuup. Then Saturday we gona have a surprise Birthday party for my granny whose turning 80 this year! Yup, really busy week. You ladies be good ok? xoxo


  1. LMAO at that pic! Have fun eating tomorrow, shopping on Black Friday, and eating more at your granny's b-day party, hun! :D

  2. What hard work missy! Looks delicious! I love shopping Black friday! Cant wait to hear what you get!

  3. That's so cute that you're throwing a surpise b-day party for your granny!

  4. haha that picture craced me up.. have a great thanksgiving lady! eatlots & lots for me! :)

  5. i meant to write "cracked" me up.. stupid keyboard! haha!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Hahah Domo is so cute!

  7. Cute Domo! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving,hun!
    I hope you had a great one

    btw, i already got the package that you sent me.
    You're so sweet

    thank you so much
    i'll definitely be wearing the earrings

    & when i'll do i will remember you

    have fun on your black friday hunt!


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