Saturday, November 21, 2009

On the Spot: YSL Rouge Volupte in shade #13 (Peach Passion)

Hello ladies! Been awhile since I did a review and I feel like doing one..and this would be really helpful for those of you who joined my contest as this is one of the prizes :) (Same color as well. Don't worry, I'm not giving you a used one. I bought 1 for myself as well mmmkay? ;])

I first heard of YSL rouge volupte from Michelle Phan from her seductive vampire tutorial. What really caught my attention is the packaging. Its like... makeup for the gods. Its soo expensive looking. Fingerprint magnet but biggie.

Swatched for Peach Passion. Its pink with coralish peach undertone in it. Pretty :)

Sorry... My lips are a bit chapped. Compared to the other picture swatch, this one is lighter and pinkish. But this is the closest color in person.


  • Highly pigmented- This lipstick is soo pigmented, I try not to put so much on my lips. Instead of the usual method of applying lipstick which is gliding side to side, I just tap it all over my lips and build the color up.
  • Smooth and creamy- helps with moisturizing, and its not very heavy at all.
  • Last long- Before buying this, I've read couple of reviews from people talking how this doesnt last long. I beg to differ... this lippy last long! I've ate and drank couple of times during the day and the color was still there. Of course not all of it, but the shade is pretty much still intact!
  • Packaging is gorgeous!


  • EX.PEN.SIVE- I know ladies. $34 is a lot for one lippie, that's like 2 MAC lipsticks!
  • Has some scent to it- Ok, personally, I don't mind the scent at all. Its not bad. But for others, you may not like it.

Overall, I'm just glad I picked the right color. I was really hesitant on getting one since a) So expensive and b) I haven't seen a swatch in person, therefore I don't know whether the color would look good on me. And yes I'm just glad it worked for me. Imagine if I got a color that doesnt match my skintone... 34 bucks down the toilet. I know some of you can afford 3 or 4 of these, good for you, but I'm starting to be more practical with my makeup stuff. I wanted to make sure when I buy something, I will use it. So what if I have 5 of these when I barely even use 2 of them? But then again, if you have money good for you. Just saying...


Passed by Starbucks last night and saw these... they're tiny Starbucks cups ornaments! SO CUTE! Just thought I'd share it haha. I love Starbucks during the holidays... they really good in getting you into the Christmas mood. It just feels soo warm and cozy inside while you smell fresh brewing coffee. Aahhh.... orgasms. lol sorry.

And speaking of Starbucks.. has anyone tried Eggnog latte?OK... I didn't like it but my BF kept insisting its really goooood. So I dunno... I've only tried it once but I found myself spitting the drink out all over the place as soon as I took the first sip. Should I give it a try? lol.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving break! I.NEED.A.BREAK. BADLY. Still trying to figure out where to go for Black Friday and what to get. Enjoy the rest of the weekend babies! xoxo


  1. It's gorgeous. It does match your skintone well and everytime i look at the packaging it's so memorizing! Good luck to all the lovely's entering!

  2. great review. so pretty! look great on you!

  3. I think it looks pretty on you! really cute!
    did you kick everyone out of the house yet? :P


  4. That YSL Lippies looks so pretty....& I have that red cup ornament a few years ago...& I also didn't liked the EggNog Latte, but the caramel brule was so good.....

  5. prettyyyyyyyyyyy!!
    have i told you i've been lusting after this too??
    well i've been lusting after this! haha
    i think i'm gonna get it for christmas

  6. really nice color, i just ordered one not too long ago just waiting for it to arrive!

  7. It's so prettyful :)

    <3 it!!!

  8. Eggnog latte is definitely an acquired taste and not for everyone. (For example, I love it and the hubs hates it...hahaha!) Girl, if you spit it out the first time I don't think you need to give it a second chance. :P Try another of Starbucks' holiday drinks. I tried the caramel brulee latte today. It was pretty good. :)

    Ok, enough about food/drinks...thanks for the YSL swatch! Dude, way too pricey for my taste right now so I am crossing my fingers for your! :D

  9. Wow the color looks so beautiful on u , I love it^^ We don't have Eggnog latte here but one of my friends who tried it had the same experience as u , here the drinks are mostly mixed with tropical fruits^^;
    Haven't dropped by ur blog for a while,sorry^^;
    By the way,I was watching one of ur videos the other day,hun..u have such a beautiful voice and looked so sexy^^


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