Monday, November 30, 2009

A Post-Thanksgiving Post + Haul

Hello ladies! I hope you guys had a great thanksgiving week or weekend! I sure did! Busy busy busy week for me and my family since we got relatives coming all over from different places.


So, we celebrated our thanksgiving this year @ my aunts casa. To be honest, we don't usually "host" a thanksgiving party because, well, if you are filipino and you live in a town where there's a couple of filipino families, everyone would invite you over to their house for thanksgiving. It's almost like a competition lol. I remember since coming here in the US of A, I'd go to 3 different parties during thanksgiving day. I go home looking like I got knocked off lol. But since 2 years ago, I cut it down to just 1 place and if somebody offer, I just simply refuse.

Trust me... nothing was left afterwards.

My relatives from Canada came not just for this years Thanksgiving, but more importantly, for my granny's surprise party. That night, we just spent talking about our plans for saturday and we started coming up with stuff such as presenting her flowers, giving her a crown (YES, a freakin crown), PERFORMING A DANCE NUMBER (oh God..), wishes etc. It's an informal event but since we thought everyone is pretty much here and gathered, why not take it to the next step right?

That night we also played apples to apples, which was freakin fun! and uh, I was a buzzed that heeey... props for me, I didn't go all the way since i know Im driving. but its still a no-no. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to the midnight sale since a) weather sucked b) well, i can't drive the freeway with a possible 1.02 BAL (blood alcohol level) right?


OK, its funny how I was the "designated" photographer that night YET I didn't have so many pictures taken with my own camera from the party. Anyways, it was great! Turned out well... some minor glitches with our "program" as well as in our dance number (YES.. theres a video somewhere but hecccck no I AM NOT goin to upload it anywhere haha)


OOTD. Sorry, this was taken from the bathroom.

I wanted to show you guys my EOTD but I was such in a rush and I wasn't able to do so unfortch. Anyways, Top from Wet Seal, jeans from F21, boots by Steve Madden, necklace by DSK jewelry.

GOOFING AROUND... we are such pros. LOL..

Outside the hall, they got some arcade stuff so me and my cousins just played around after we ate. I killed this thing haha.

This is what the sink looks like in the bathroom and I'm just like WHAT.THE.FUCK? 2 faucets in one sink? I opened both to check and one was hot and one was cold. EPIC FAIL.

Overall I had a great week! Happy to see relatives all over and just spend time with them! :)


Like I said earlier, I didn't get to go to the midnight sale on thanksgiving night. BUT, i still managed to go out and still look around if there's any deal even if it was already 3 in the afternoon. (yeah... woke up around 1:45 pm lol) So here's the one thing I got...


YUP, a BETSEY JOHNSON Betsyville purse from TJMAXX. I never own a single Betsey Johnson item and I thought Betsey herself is an interesting designer, so why not get this. This bag was original I believe $138.. but I got this bag for only $32. YUP, thirty two freakin bucks. I don't know how much they would sale or go down on others stores, prolly a lot lower, but 32 bucks is a great deal. I don't own a black purse (can you believe it?!) so I thought why not get this? :)

On to my next haul and this one I got last saturday just before I left for the party. I checked the mail and by the packing alone, I can tell who this was from haha. Its from EZZIEBELL jewelry!!!

Such a cute packaging!

Ezzie is not only a great artisan, but also, what I consider a good friend of mine. I never thought I'd meet wonderful people through blogging and Ezzie was just definitely one of them! She helped me through one of my tough times, thank you babes!!!

LOOOVE IT! I'll take a picture of me wearing it in the future :)

This is a custom order. I got this since my BF thinks that red and gold would look good on me. (and I'm pretty sure the OTHER reason is because his football team's color is red and gold) To be honest, not a big fan of yellow gold, but for some reason, when you have red and gold jewelry, it looks really elegant. Its like a timeless beauty, something that never gets old.

And if you spend $30 or more on your purchase, you get a free ring! $17 value! Don't miss this chance!!! Click HERE to go directly to her jewelry site :)

Last one I'm going to show is from Ms. Dana, who also owns a blogstore along with her sister and they specialize charms! I got the package just today and I'm soo excited to just see what I got!

I'm a sucker for packaging..and if you got a HK sticker, you know Im going to love you for life right? lol.

I opened and it felt like angels were singing "Hallelujah" all around me. LOL. The packaging, the cute note, the candies, the string confetti thing...what more can you ask for? Its CUTENESS OVERLOAD at its finest :D

I asked Dana if I can have lobster clasps instead of the usual strap since I plan on using these as "zipper" charms for my makeup bag or pretty much anything else. I LOVE IT! If only my phone had a lanyard opening, i woulda buy like 3 more for my phone lol no kidding. It is ADORABLE!

Testing. Just perfect!

Once again, Thank you soo much Dana dear. Please be sure to check DT Charms site by clicking HERE.

Congratulations for making it thru the end of this post. Phew. lol. That was a novel right there! Anyways I hope you guys had fun last week,I've read a couple of thanksgiving post and it seems most of you enjoyed it! I'm glad. Let's all be thankful for everything we have; every single second counts as a blessing. I got more hauls in the future, plus a tag by Emily of pink monkey ;) GRADUATION IS NEAR! *enters panic mode* yuuup ladies, I'm almost there. Thank you for all the support you guys! I love you sooo much to death!



  1. wow so many hauls !
    betsey johnson bag for only 32 !goddd dont u just love USA?haha
    thanksgiving meal post never fail me salivating.LOL

  2. your grandma must be very happy that day! :)
    great haul! those jewelries and charms look so pretty~

  3. wow there's a bottle of mang tomas sauce and a bowl of rice on your thanksgiving table! thanksgiving dinner with a filipino touch LOL anyway new follower here

  4. Your outfit is so cute! I love that top.

    Yay for discounts and hauls! =D

  5. I love your Betsyville purse! I have a few pieces of her jewelry and I love them! I'll have to take a closer look at her purses now.

  6. Your granny is too cute!!! :) thanks for sharin gyour thanksgiving celebration :)

  7. lol at the gold tiara! your granny's adorable ^^
    and i love the white top :)

  8. It's always nice to spend time with family right? looks like u guys had so much fun...& cute hauls...

  9. nice hauls!!!! the betsey johnson bag is adorable and the jewelries from ezzie are so pretty!!

  10. awwwww

    may tiara si lola ! i miss my lola tuloy.

    anyway, although a bit late, i want to greet you happy thanks giving!

    sweet haul by the way =)


  11. hahaha so sweet that you guys threw your granny a surprise party including a gold tiara!!!

    nice haul babe!


  12. haha i totally agree.. filipino parties are almost like competition on who's house its gonna be at! love that gold plastic tiara.. FTW indeed! haha! and that sink... umm. yea... fail!

  13. Lovely photos, it looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and birthday celebration =)
    Cute jewellery, too!

  14. Love all the pics, especially the one with your granny and you goofin' around...hehe! Your new black bag, Ezziebell bling, and D♥T Charms rock!

  15. JB! don't be silly.. you're not slow.. maybe i've just got a dirty mind! hahah jk jk... "kym --> kum"...


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