Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tagged! + Explanation for the Contest Winners

Hello Ladies! I know, no post for over a week. Boo came in to visit this week and I just spend time with him! It's been a long, agonizing, 5 months since we last saw each other... its already due and I'm glad we made it happen :)

Supposedly I'm the one to visit him but things happened and I can't go there. So, it finally came down to him visiting me instead. I know its sucks... wtf is there to do in freakin central illinois.. stare at cows? lol.. well, its all about seeing and holding each other. (not to mention, remarkably cheaper than me going to Frisco)

Anyhow, pics SOON! Wait for it ;)

Anyways, I just want to address something regarding my makeup contest that I held last month..

A blogger messaged me (I ain't mentioning who...whether she's a follower or one of the participants) and expressed her opinion regarding the result of the contest and that she disagree on one of the winners. This person didn't exactly state why she thinks one of the winner don't deserve it but it's clearly because she felt one of them didn't put much effort compared to one of the participants in this contest...

Ok first of all, this is my contest and I can do whatever I want and pick whoever I want to win. Not sounding arrogant or anything but its true. Second of all, this isn't a makeup EFFORT contest. Just because one put so much effort on their work automatically wins first place. I appreciate the effort I really do, but this isn't the point of this contest. Third, BF is part of this contest. I promised Boo he's going to be a judge on this contest and he's really the reason why I'm doin this in the first place. I know he doesn't know anything about makeup like we all girls do(heck I don't know everything about make-up), but his opinion matters and it will be interesting to see a person who know nothing bout make up would consider a "winner" or "beautiful" to them. He picked one of the winner, it was a tough decision cuz entries were good but it just came down to 2 unfortunately. And he had good reasons why he picked it, so I went with it.

This person even said "Is this what you call a contest?" YES it is. You compete with other people and we pick the winners. It may NOT be a professional one but so fcking what? I'm not pointing a gun to peoples head to join my contest. You join a contest.. you take risk and not expect anything.

We picked Anastasia as the first place winner because her makeup just screamed "DA BEARS!" I love how she blends the color well together and how intense the look is! Very FIERCE indeed! Well deserved!

We picked Chee2x as the second place winner because according to BF, it's simple AND wearable. The way she applied the color was different than everybody else (not the usual one color all over lid, then another color above it. you know what im saying?) and she did worked it. The quote "Less IS more" once again prevailed ;)

I guess my only mistake here is not being able to mention MY criteria. But was it really that bad?

This blogger person even un-followed me and un-friend me from facebook...LMAO. You are one sour grape aren't you?

To the ladies who participated and congratulated the winners and accepted the result of this contest, consider yourself a TRUE WINNER. I created this contest for people to have fun and I'm glad being able to talked to some participants and expressed how they had a great time and were happy for the winners. I love you ladies, thank you :)

Questions? Comments? Rants? Disagreement? Feel free to email me. If you don't agree to all of the above, feel free to un-follow me as well... just saying :)

I got tagged by Ms. Adin_22 :) Its called MUSIC TAG :)

Music tag
so the rule is you have to fill the survey below,mention the person who tagged you and tag minimum 3 bloggers so you we get to know her result. :)
remember *write down the title AND the artist.:) *It doesnt have to be perfect,we won't judge so don't worry :P *the songs have to be in english,its universal :P *please dont read the rest of the entry,read it when you are filling the survey.


Top 40s @ the moment:

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
Doesn't mean anything by Alicia Keys
Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson

3 songs that represent your feelings at the moment:

I miss you by Aaliyah (My bf just left for SFO today, go figure)
This is it by Michael Jackson (Cuz next week will be the ultimate "make it or break it" of this semester. sigh.. good luck to me)
We match by Gabe Bondoc (Because I'm in love with my BF 24/7 ;])


Song(s) that gives you spirit when you are down

-Insert upbeat Michael Jackson song here-

the second part you should be spontaneous,scroll slowly and make sure u read each entry one by one before continuing to the next question



I do (Cherish you)- 98 degrees (haha.. throwback!)
All my Life- KC & Jojo (classic)


Bed by J-Holiday (LOVE!)
Rock your body by Justin Timberlake
Falsetto by The Dream

I hate my ex he's a real a jerk!

Since you've been gone by Kelly Clarkson


Goodness... I don't know where to start.

Down by Jay Sean

please, just refer to my playlist. thank you. lol.


Diamonds are forever by Kanye West


Any song by Peaches



Come Together by The Beatles (Really, any song by the Beatles)
Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics (I still love this song till this day. Very European indeed!)
Any song by Garbage


Such Great Heights by The Postal Service (^_~)

Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader (I agree Manju!)

I want to hear from these ladies since I haven't tagged them before!

Steph (Julu)

Domo doing his thang!

(courtesy of

Noriki gave me an award.. thank you dear! ;)

I'm passing it to my fellow blogger artisans... Ezzie and Steph (Julu). Thank you for all you do!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend babies!!!


  1. i agree with you. it's your contest and it's your right to choose your winner. she's being very unreasonable to say this. even un-follow and un-friend you!

    love the Already Gone too! i was going to tell you that i tagged you this too, but you've already done it :)

  2. omg what kind of person would do such thing,so immature !just ignore her hun !eheheh
    u have done nothing wrong so dont let this piss u off,its a waste of time !hehe
    i started the tag !
    now i keep telling everyone that !
    i youtube songs that any blogger post.haha

  3. OMG! LOL! I didn't know that your contest got so scandalous! Very exciting about that YAY!
    Who was that un-lucky person? LOL:

    I saw that second place entry and I liked it too, because that girl looks simply beautiful!

    You girl, makes me so blush every time :P Thanx for gawjaz words to me :P

    I've got your message today morning, but didn't have a chance to replay, sorry. Just so out of blogging at this time. It's OK! But very xciting to gt the prise, because the sound is just amazing!
    Thanx for this update! It was funny to read :)

  4. Wow! lol People can be so bitter sometimes.

  5. awww I am so sorry you had to explain yourself don't need to as its your contest and your rules :) anyways..have a great weekend and hope you'll have a great week ahead of you

  6. totally unfriending you right now jb, hmph.
    hahaha jk jk... i have no words or comments regarding what happened. its just so... ahh... i dont even know. just no words. i'm gonna look back on your posts to see the entries right now! i'm sure they all did a fab job though.. but like u said, its not an effort competition :)

    awww so glad you and bf got to reunite... i dont know how couples do the long distance thing! :( i guess when you really love each other, distance doesn't matter though right? :)

  7. Hey love!
    Wow, that's crazy! I thought both choices were amazing! I adore Anastasia! Her looks are crazy amazing! Over the top! I'm surprised she's not a professional! And the look by Cheez2x was awesome as well! If you enter a contest, you're putting yourself out there! You can't get mad if you don't win! Oh will go on! =D
    So glad that you had a fun weekend with your BF!!

  8. aw..didnt know that____ unfollowed you and removed you as a friend.hope you guys can still fix this up...i dont want to add up another topic.hehe..have a nice day jo.Just smile and let this issue thingy pass.=D

  9. don't mind whoever she is....cuz' it's not your lost she unfollowed u....U still have us...hehe....she's just bitter & a loser....
    anyways...thanks for doing the music tag...nice to know your list...

  10. Sorry to hear about the drama, girl. :(

    Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics...loves it!!!


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