Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day Post :) [Hauls + Love Packages]

Hello Babies! I just wanted to greet you once again a HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I hope you guys stuffed yourself with food last night (or today) and had fun opening gifts and such! I spent my Christmas with my family and its the BEST Christmas gift you could ask for, am I right? :) I just wish my Bf was with me :( But that's OK, thanks to Skype he gets to see me open dem gifts from last night..and then some.... kidding.. or am i?

The other day, I mentioned on my blog post that my BF gave me a LUSH gift card as a gift and yes I went to place an order last Monday, and I got my stuff, guess when?........ WEDNESDAY! HOLY SHITZU. YES, I DID qualified for a free express shipping yet I didn't expect I'm going to get my within 2 days considering its the Holiday season and that I heard shipping service for LUSH is horrible. Oh well... I guess I've been really good this year...

Instead of taking pictures of each and everyone of them, which I tend to do, I made a video instead! Here it is... :)


My video went up to 13 minutes but of course youtube only permits under 10 unless you're a partner so that's why I had to chop some parts that is not important. At least I only did this once lol.

Products in Order:

Tramp Shower Gel 250 ml
Dreamwash Shower Smoothie 250 g
Whoosh Shower Jellie 100g
Herbalism Facial Cleanser 100g
Karma Bubble Bar
The Comforter Bubble Bar
Sunny Side Bubble Bar
Think Pink BB
Sakura BB
Big Blue BB
Geo Phyzz BB
Alkmaar Soap 100g

Water bill will triple this month. LMAO.

TIP (I guess): I was watching a youtube video of this girl and she said that if you're in the US and you want to buy LUSH items online, instead of buying at the LUSH US website, you should go to the LUSH UK site because LUSH in the UK is cheaper compared here in the US if you do conversion and shipping is, according to this girl, faster than the US. So yea, if you want to save money go ahead try the UK site and they got stuff that is available only in the UK.

You're welcome :)

In other news.. The babe-acious Pam aka xppink held a Secret Santa this year and how could I not joined? :) We drew our "daughter" or "kid" however you call it on December 8th I believe, and we should get our gifts shipped by December 11th...13th the latest. On the 22th I started to worry since my gift hasn't arrived yet while everyone else is getting theirs already. So Pam told us to contact her if their SS hasn't given them anything so I twittered her and she said not to worry, and that my girl is "straight". Thats her words. I thought at first maybe she's out of country and that shipping is gona take awhile. I'm not in a rush or anything, just want to know if its goin to be late that is absolutely fine.

Christmas eve morning, my sister woke me up and she said I got a package from mail. I knew already it was from my SS so I'm like "thank God it back to sleep" LOL. Yes I went back to sleep. I woke up, did my usual thang, eat and shit like that then I remember "ohhhh... my package already arrived. lemme take a look who that's from" So I went upstairs checked the box and my eyes just bulged out when I saw its from PAM HERSELF! LOOL. She was my Secret Santa! Wow.. who woulda thunk?! My mami IS my mami! :)

Quite a heavy Box

It is very pink indeed!



Let's break it down...

: ))))))))))))))

Her note for me :)

Now work that cameltoe :D

I can't believe I got sooo much stuff from her. She got me stuff that I truly crave such as the Origins Modern Friction, LUSH bath bombs, F21 GC and Dem ASIAN MASKS!!!


I'm glad my daughter liked her gift as well, it just suck tho cuz I'm suppose to get her 2 items but she only got one! Ugh.. Imma get her the other one soon!

In other news, as much as I love giving out stuff to people more than receiving, I still love getting something from people. And yes, it don't matter what it is...its THE, and ALWAYS will be, the thought that counts. On the same day as I got my goodies from Pam, I also got Steph of Julu Jewelry Christmas card!

The famous Julu Logo :)

VERY heartwarming message from a good friend :)

This letter is like sunshine throughout my cold,rainy day. As simple as this letter could really brighten up my day no joke. I long for the simplest and sincerest things in life. I love getting greeting cards, never fail to put a smile to my face :)

So yea, now you know what I like...birthday is next month January. THANK YOU. LOVE YOU.


Just want to shaow with you guys one of my moms Christmas gift's to me...

This just made me say "awwwwwwww"... I still can't believe I got thru Nursing school shit!

Ok, done! Enjoy the rest of the day babies! Sucks Christmas is almost over again :( I love you all!!!



  1. awwwww lucky u !haha ur SS is pink herself !loll

  2. wow, so many goodies in this post! gotta love your SS right? :D
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Lucky girl^^I so love ur mom's christmas gift~
    I have never tried any Lush products before but u r so lucky to receive a gift card from ur boyfriend,I iwsh I had a boyfriend T T...
    Merry Christmas hun*

  4. My santa (dad) missed his flight in Dubai, so i'm waiting an extra day for my pressies darn! D:
    lollll but that's an amazing load of lush products, you're gonna be so CLEAN in the new year ahahaha ;P
    merry christmas babes <3

  5. Merry Christmas! Loving your presents! I can't wait to try some lush soaps! :)

  6. Wow you got a lot of gifts!! And they're all amazing!! :)

    Merry christmas Joanna!

  7. WOW, what a super duper SS gift and other gifts, they're ALL AWESOME!!!


  8. omg look at all the lush goodies, i'm so jealous!! nice gift from your secret santa, the leggings look fierce on you!

    Happy Holidays sweetie!

  9. What amazing packages! I adore Steph (julu :D)

  10. wow!
    awesome! best christmas for you..yay for that!

    what a great way to wake up,huh?

    im glad you are able to try out the things that you want to with the love package that you received.

    now it's time to celebrate new year. a very noisy celebration here...ngayon pa lang it's so noisy much more on new years eve...but i know it'll be fun!

  11. dear u look cute and tired in ur video !lol
    wish i cud make one but i think my english sucks
    yeah im so getting that TDF LV bag on januari.damn!

  12. famous logo, LOL! aww, I'm so glad a simple little card can cheer up your day! There will be more in the future... :)

    That's a weird tip about the UK lush thing... I'll keep it in mind!

    Amazing gift from your secret santa!!

  13. Wow!! pam is so generous!!! so much goodies!! woohoo!! Merry Christmas after all! ^_^

  14. I see you working that cameltoe well...LMFAO! XD Girl, you always put a big smile on my face hahaha. Wow, love your LUSH BOMB BOMB! Sooo many nice stuff you ordered girlie. And your Secret Santa package is uh-mazing! How sweet also of Steph to send you that sweet card. :D

  15. wow so much goodies! haha all that lush stuff is yummy... and that's weird about lush UK thing because I always thought euros is worth so much more than US plus shipping huh... Looks like you had a great holiday over all and hope you enjoyed all your gifts!


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