Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Day Has Finally Arrived =) [Graduation and then some]

Hello babies! I hope most of you are done now with school and is ready for Christmas vacation! I can't believe its less than a week till Christmas. Time flies soo efffing fast!

Yes ladies, I graduated last friday! Omg, felt sooooooooooooo good. I'm sooo glad I'm done with school!!! It was a bittersweet day for me. Here's some pictures to share you guys...

My Classmate's mom put the cap thingie.

Ms. Debbie Pinning me. I LOVE HER!

Going to miss you guys :(

I love my girl Tenika! :)

Kaaaaaatiiee! Im going to miss her :( MY FACE LOOKS FREAKING HUGE IN THIS PICTURE!!!!

Cousins and Aunt whose an RN :)

My Grannies! Yep, ALL of them were RNs as well. Psstt..filipinos. lol.

@ one of my favorite restaurants,which is Biaggi's of course. Messing around in the bathroom.

Garlic Shrimp Oreganata = LOVE

Now, on to another chapter of my life...which is looking for a job. LOL. Actually no, PASSING THE BOARD. I plan on taking the NCLEX (which is the board for registered nurses) by the end of January or first week of February. The earlier, the better as they say. If I fail, oh well, its not like I can't take it again. Hehe. But yeah... and I got to apply for out of state licensure so I can work outside of Illinois. I can't believe I'm done! Thank you ladies for all the support!

On the other news...

THE Bf got me a Wii Sports Resort as part of my graduation gift! YAAAY!!!


Check this demo video i saw on Youtube

FUN FUN FUN! Something to keep me busy!

And for my other graduation gift, babyloo got me a gift certificate for LUSH!



I've been CRAVING for lush for a almost a week now! I NEED to buy it, SOON! I've been craving more for skincare/bath stuff lately than cosmetics. I'm still debating whether to buy it online or at the store. I know buying it on the store is always better, but I gotta drive all the way to Chicago for that! And I heard shipping is bad?Oh well... I'll think about it.

What would you guys recommend getting from LUSH?

I hope you guys are done with Christmas shopping! I'm! Stay pretty babies. xoxo.



    parang kelan lang ah... ang bilis ng panahon!

    im happy for you!!!

  2. congrats on graduating,hun!
    you totally deserved it

    you're already going to take the test..
    you sure are 1 brave gal
    you don't beat around the bush

    goodluck on the review

    bf is really so sweet to get you a wii sports
    yay for that!

  3. congrats again! :)
    wow, you got wii! your bf is so sweet~

  4. so i'm totally diggin the nurse outfit & yes it it such a filipino profession haha...i almost did it but congrats hun =)& YAY for wii sports

  5. Congrats on graduating! And good luck on your registry! I remember how I felt before taking mine.

    From Lush, I reccommend The Olive Branch Shower Gel, Mange Too Massage Bar, The Comforter Bubble Bar, Rockstar Soap, and Karma Kream...those are all my fave things from Lush!

  6. congratulations girl!! I haven't used much Lush products but I do love their bath bombs!

  7. ooohhhh a sexy nurse ;) lollllllllll
    you look so pretty in the first pic! congrats again on graduating babes ^_^ see i knew all along you could do it! hehe

  8. Girl, you look so cute in the nurse outfit! *^_^* Love the grad pics and again congrats!! How sweet of your boo to get you that game. Looks so fun hehehe. As for Lush, I like their bath bombs. I also just bought a small bottle of their Snow Fairy shower gel and it smells reallly good.

  9. awwww A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS and big big HUG!!!

  10. dang it, why did I click on that video! Now I want the game too! I had no idea how cool it was. That was a really good demo!

    Congrats on graduating!! woo!!

  11. Congratulations, u look really pretty in ur nurse outfit^^

  12. YAya! Congrats on graduation! Looks like you had lots of fun!!

    And man, that game is awesome! I need to get a Wii!! Haha!


  13. awww congrats on being done school and welcome to the real world!! you look lovely and lush certificate ooooooh everytime I walk in that store I just want to eat their soaps LOL. Hope you have a great holiday!

  14. Oh gosh please be careful while driving >.<
    i guess snow is only pretty to look at....and to bomb people with haha ;)
    Grad AND christmas at nearly the same time = uber big partayyyy huh?? xD
    i feel so bad, it's so late for me to send you a christmas card too D:
    let's just do a swap or something next year okay? love u <3

  15. LOL@ the huge face,when i saw that,i was like,u look different or is it me?i scroll up and then scroll down then i see the one u said ur face looks
    thanks baby,definitely gonna smack my bf

  16. Many many congratulations!
    Lush is heaven-get the honey trap lip balm, and the hair treatments. I haven't used any of the hair treatments but heard they are amazing.
    Oh and the Honey I washed the kids soap smells too good!
    Happy holidays.


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