Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lady Gaga's Christmas tree is delicious.. well, according to her. (Random Blab + Haul)

Hello ladies! Omg, is it really December?! oooooooooooohhhhhh. Wow, time flies so freakin fast I swear! Anyways, I was at Pam's (xppinkxx)blog the other day, checking the recent post regarding our secret santa majiga, and her profile music is this song by Gagaloo and its called "Christmas Tree"

Here take a listen

Now, can somebody explain to me what does she meant by "My Christmas Tree's delicious" .......without putting your mind into the gutter...

or should I in order to get it? *evil smirk*

Very catchy song. LOVE IT.


I got more love package from the mail last week :))

I've been looking for a birthday gift for my mom, which is in 2 weeks, and what is a better gift than a jewelry? :) I've already given her all kinds of jewelry....except for a bracelet. And I found a cute one that she would prolly like, and its from Julu Jewelry by Ms. Steph :)

I had my moms gift custom boxed of course. Love the packaging! :)

Winter Romance Bracelet.

Of course, I got myself something something :) Pink Pearl Earrings = Gorgeous

Camera don't do justice at all.

Thank you so much Steph! Not only are you a great artisan but such also a wonderful and sweet person! You will always have my support dear! *hugs and kisses*

Next package is from the lovely Ekimura. My sister actually got me this as her Christmas gift and in return I got her some Circle lenses hehe.

Look at the packaging...soo purrty, i almost don't want to open it at all.

I got the Rilakuma Pouch :) The lace on the side reminds me of a tutu hehe. SO cute! And she included some goodies.

Thanks Eki for such a wonderful service and fast shipping! Look forward in doing business again with you in the future! xoxo

Get yourself some handmade goodies! Visit these ladies blogstore... NOW!


Last haul is from today. Me and my mom went to Tuscola to do some major Christmas Shopping :)

COACH lovers, did you guys got something from the mail about 25% coupon?

I thought I'd never get to use this since I'm not planning on spending so much money on myself this Christmas and this thing is just sitting inside my purse. Then my mom wanted to visit COACH so we did. I was just looking at the wristlet section since I've always wanted to get another one and something bigger. Mom told me to get what I want and that would be my Grad slash Xmas gift. LOL.

After spending at least an hour deciding which wristlet to get, I settled with this one. AND THEN... very last minute I saw this simple black purse which was on sale for 50% off (Orig $238.... final price: $119) and the wristlet was originally $98 and went on sale for $89. Soo.... $89+$119 x 25% = $169 with tax! Greeeeaat stuff!

Love you Mom :))

And I told my mom to wrap it for Christmas since I love opening gifts on Christmas Eve hehe. SPOILEDY.



  1. love the song too! i don't understand what did she mean btw :D
    Steph is always great on packaging! love the bracelet and the earrings. and Eki's pouch too.
    what a nice haul..

  2. awww love the earrings and bracelet and the Coach bag!!! :)

  3. ohhh love the coach bags hun & the jewelry & pouch are super cute =)

  4. OMG, I love it all! Earrings, bracelet, packaging, Coach Bags, Rilakuma Pouch!!!

  5. great hauls!!! love the coach bags!

  6. great haul!~~ love the coach bags. such a bargain.
    and the rilakuma pouch is so cute~

  7. great stuff!! i have the same eki pouch

  8. great haul! :) the bears on eki's pouch are so cute!

    damn, coach 50% off? hot deal!

    nice ear! I'm gonna steal that pic! :)

  9. hmm my christmas tree's delicious. haha i thought of those green christmas tree cookies. ur right, its quite a catchy song. i love the coach purses.

  10. everything looks great

    im pretty sure your mum will like it. Such a nice piece..same with the earrings. simple yet gorgeous!

    eki's packages are as cute as her!

    wow...a coach bag!
    that's such a great bargain
    nice one,girl!

  11. Wow! Thats a lot of cool stuff you've got! Lovely accessories!

  12. my stupid thing didn't get updated so I had no idea you updated your blog posts! lol. Stephanie of Julu Jewelry is a sweet girl! hehe. I love her jewelries! I wanted the same coach wristlet in the same color but no money =[ Lucky you! hehe. I know you'll rock that shizzle ;] Happy early birthday to your mommy!

  13. christmas tree is delicious... prob the same as milkshake brings all the boys to my yard hahahaha! Lovely coach purse! And happy early b day to your mum :D

  14. light you up, put you on top, xmas tree is delicious....
    damn...that just killed all my innocence hahaha
    i'm gonna think weird thoughts now each time i see xmas trees and it doesnt help that xmas trees are everywhere these days hahaha
    love you girl!

  15. Ooh, I love that song! Girl, you KNOW what her Christmas tree is. *wink*

    Congrats on your beautiful Coach goodies, sweetie! How super nice of your Mom! :D Your mom will definitely love that gorgeous bracelet you got her. Love your pink pearl earrings and omg cute tutu Rilakuma pouch!!!

  16. I love all the stuff that you got! Awesome!!


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