Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quickie + Tag/Award

Hello babies! Just want to say a quick Thank you to all you ladies who joined my giveaway so far! I got like 110+ entries and counting! woo-hoo! Keep em rolling haha. I will be really, like i mean REALLY busy next week and the week after that since FINALS is coming. (From a friend:F.I.N.A.L.S ....... Fuck, I Never Actually Learned Shit ... hahahaha..yaa dig? no? ok...nvm) So I might not be able to announce the winner till maybe Friday, December 18. So I don't know, I will try ladies! Sorry if you don't get by December 25.... just consider it a New Year Gift haha.

Now for some Tag and awards :)

The first one is from Ms. Emily :) Its the Thanksgiving tag and I know its super freakin late my God. But anyways... Here's what I'm thankful for:

- Who always got my back no matter what... even if I don't get to visit him that often in Church, He is still there for me no matter what.

My Boyfriend
- Who always has been there for me no matter what, and put up with my craziness and bitchy attitude. I hope you're still not giving up on me, don't worry I'll buy you a viper one day. hahaha. We'll see. I love you.

My Family
- Can't live with them, can't live without them.

My Friends
- I fcking miss them all. I can't wait to get the fck of central Illinois and be with my TRUE friends.

My Grandma
- You are the definition of tough love; Like, If I open a dictionary and look for those words, your picture is going to be in the decription. Lol. Thank you for being such a strictler yet spoil the crap out of me during the holidays and special occasion. I love you!

Bestie Frances
- 16 years of friendship and counting.. I couldn't be more proud of what you have accomplished in life. I wouldn't be surprise if you have your own Broadway show one day along side with James McAvoy ;)

Twin- We fcking need to see each other soon!!! NEXT YEAR. VEGAS.

last but not the least

Blogger babbies- Who would have thought I'd find wonderful people over online? You guys are freakin amazing I swear. Thank you soo much for giving me words of encouragement when I was down and just simply saying Hi means the world to me! You guys are amazing... how I wish I can meet all you guys one day! I love you all!

Thank you Emily for the Tag! xoxo

Thank you Jing for giving me this award! :))

Now, YOUR turn. Yes you, reader :)

Now.. for some PUSSY action...

.....Kitty video that is. What were you thinking, eh? SPANK!

Soo freakin adorable! I miss having a kitty :(

Ok, Ima go relax now since I haven't gotten some sleep yet. YUUP. 24 hours of no effing sleep. Felt like a zombie the whole day. Be good girls :)


  1. cute tag - love the one about your friendship with homegirl. true definition of "real" friends <3

  2. Good luck on your FINALS! :)
    whoa, you got twin?

  3. Ahaha Fuck I never learned shit! Thats sooo where I'm at right now! Finals are the worst, boo!

    I love that kitteh, it cheers me up so much! It so surprised XD

  4. aw man, not that kitty video again!! hahaha. I can't believe it's been passed around so much.

    yeah, i never learned anything in school either. good luck!

  5. Good luck hun wish u all the best^^
    Love the cute kitty video...

  6. Finals suck, we know you'll rock them lady. My husband has been dying under these mid-terms and we can't WAIT for our vacation (first time in the Philippines too, am totally coming back with 10 lbs of mangoes)!
    Sounds like you have some awesome people in your life. Rock on lady.

  7. lolllllllllll FINALS hahaha! love it!
    you crack me up as well sweetheart! :)

  8. Thank god I already passed my finals, even though I hadn't learnt shit either, LOL! Good luck with those!
    Congrats on the tags and giveaway!

  9. LMAO at F.I.N.A.L.S...bwhahaha!!! Hi hun, sorry for the late reply. I was Blogger detoxing so I'm playing catch up now...hehehe.

    Love your list and congrats on your award! That is the best pussy action I've! XD


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