Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2netree (A birthday/tagged/mini haul post)

Ha ha ha.. lame post title, but oh well I tried.

Hello again ladies! First of all I wanted to say Thank You to all the ladies who greeted me on my birthday (via twitter, facebook etc) Really put a huge smile on my face!

This year I didn't have any party at all whatsoever. Just a small dinner with my family. Very low key indeed.

Last time I had a crazy one was when I turned 21...

Others are too crazy to put up here lol. Don't know and don't ask.

Anyways, here's my cake people... the most chocolate-y cake ive ever had.

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I like taking my birthday cake picture under the dark with candles its only source of light, no flash.

Yay! :)

I used sparkling candles this year :) Here's a short video...

I thought its going to be much brighter and has that continuous sparkling effect if you know what I'm saying. But obviously I'm just getting random sparks rather than something like this...

[source: flickr]


I was tagged by the lovely MANJU girl :) So instead of doing writing and putting pictures up, I decided to do a video instead. Tag is called 8 Most Worn Things.

Thank you Manju! And I'm tagging whoever wants to do this!

Another tag I got is from Ciara babe :)

Top 10 Product Tag Game

Rules: The rules are quite simple. Make a list of 10 products (beauty, make-up, whatever!) that you would like to try out, are your HGs, or a mixture of both. After you make your list, tag at least five people. This is meant to be for fun! Make it as serious or silly as you want! It's great seeing what other people are into! You might find a new fave or yours! Let's get started!

In this tag I feel like listing the ones I wanted to try. So here we go :)

1) Sigma Brushes (Heard its good)
2) Clarisonic Mia Skincare Cleansing System (Everyones raving bout this
3) MBD Masks
4)IQQU Jasmin Rice Scrubs ( Who wouldn't want to try this?)
5)IQQU Acne Serum (Again, who wouldnt?)
6) MURAD lightening serum
7)Aquafina lip balm (Very curious about this)
8) DSLR camera (Been wanting one!)
9) LV Damier Azur Speedy 30
10) Amazing Concealer (I think I watch too much Michelle Phan videos...)

I'm tagging the first 5 people who comment on this post! Hehe :)


Lastly, I got my prize from Ezziebell Jewelry! I won first place on her giveaway last year and I told her to hold on to my prize cuz I wanted to take advantage of my 5 dollar certificate too and bought more stuff instead.

I gave her certain amount of money and let her pick something for me :)

Here's my main prize! :)

She got me this Swarovski flowers pendant. Purtty :)

And these matching earrings! Adorable!

Annndd...she got me more stuff which is going to be a secret for now and you will know soon and definitely on my next post ; )

Thank you Ezzie baby! Check her Store HERE!

SUPERBOWL is coming up.. and I'm rooting for the SAINTS! FCK dem COLTS, so overrated. Still hoping that I get to watch Superbowl in either San Francisco or Vegas.



  1. Happy Belated Birthday,hunny!

    glad you had a good celebration...sorry i wasn't able to greet you on your special day..im such a bad friend

    Anyway, that cake sure looks good. The chocolate-y-est chocolate cake sounds to-die-for.

    Pahingi naman!

    The flower pendant looks lovely!!!!!
    inggit ako!

  2. awww lovely jewelries! And the chocolate cake looks delicious yummmmmm hope you had a wonderful birthday pretty lady!

  3. ur cake looks so yummy! im a total choc babe hehe
    happy bday again!

    xoxo elle

  4. Belated Happy Birthday...I used to use those sparkling candles too but it doesn't really spark....so stop using it and those ezzie jewelries are so pretty....

  5. I love those candles and your yummy chocolate cake! What a pretty engraved necklace from your most worn tag. ;) I want to try the IQQU Jasmin Rice Scrub too. Congrats on winning the giveaway...love your bling bling goodies!

  6. Cute items! And that cake looks so yummy! :D

  7. I watch way too many mp videos too. looks like you had a lot of fun! watching your vids now..

  8. Havent gone online in a while..Belated Happy Birthday!! :)

  9. that cake looks soooooo goooooooood!!! you're too cute in the video, seriously!pink looks realy good on you!and lol what, hair freeze??? LMAO

  10. oh HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! Sorry I misssed it >__< I love fun candles like that ;D haha, to those pictues! lol I think low key birthday are better, they're more intimate <3

    && what nice jewelry you got :)

  11. I love the sparklers on the cake~ such a cute touch~ I'm new to your blog so please accept my belated "Happy Birthday!"

  12. Happy belated birthday dear! Love the necklaces and hope the cake was as delicious as it looked!

  13. Aww Happy Belated Birthday Jbreezy! :)

  14. Happy birthday! Better late then never

  15. joanna happy birthday to you!!!
    kahit late na ako bumati =)


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