Saturday, January 2, 2010

Belated Happy New Year Babies!

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I know this is a late greeting post but I just want to greet you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it. Thats 2 straight years when my New Year's Eve was blah and ugly. But that will not stop me from being optimistic about the future! Its just one day, i got like 364 days left. lmao. I know 2010 will be great for me, even BETTER than 2009! :))

Anyways, I got another countdown... :)

Its maah BIRTHDAY ... and I can cry if I want tooo! To be honest, I don't expect anything like big o party with beer pongs and all that shit. As a matter of fact, I won't even have a party..just a simple dinner with my family cuz thats how I want to roll. HA! I just like the feeling of looking forward to something, especially I got all the time in the world now since I'm freakin done with school! I'm freakin 23!

And tell me this song isn't SMOKIN HAWT...

RAWR... mmm mmm mmm. >:) You gotta love Robin Thicke. Otherwise, your a crackhead. LOL.

Ok I need to be more productive with my blog. I realized I've only put hauls and random jibjabs in the past, i dont know, weeks? months? I hope I ain't bored you guys! I'd do more looks and reviews in the future! Just need to get some stuff done first!

Anyways Love you all! Again, I hope you guys had a wonderful NYE!

Up next: Lush Reviews & Tag/Award by Zoe :)



  1. I looooove that song!!!! We were watching him perform at the NYE party I was at and all the guys were HATING on him, grrrrrr

    Happy Bday & NY!!!!!!!!! 2010 will be a great year!

  2. That is 1 sexy video! Great attitude - here's to 364 better days!

    I'm currently visiting the husband's family in Manila and unfortunately have been sick. Otherwise it's been good here and I'll miss the weather when we go back to London.

  3. Happy New Year Joanna! wow, your birthday is coming? that must be really exciting :)
    aw, you didn't bore us at least me with your posts :) so rest assured!

  4. joanna happy new year!

    lapit na birthday mo? happy birthday na rin!

  5. Happy New Year, and Happy Early Birthday!!

    Hope this year will be great for you

  6. He just oozes sex...RAWR.

    Happy 2010, girlie!! :D When's your b-day? Happy upcoming!!

  7. Happy Birthday hun, wish u all the happiness and luck in the world^^
    I also wish 2010 will be one of the best years for u^^
    Ur posts are always fun to read ..

  8. happy new year and happy bday!!! yay!!!

    and robin thicke new album rocks big time!


  9. Happy Happy Birthday!!! <3 my nye was lackluster, but I like that I can remember it! :)

  10. Happy New Year!!!! and Happy Birthday....


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