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On the Spot: LUSH part 1

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Hello ladies! I'm officially a LUSHaholic. Like seriously, I can't get enough of there stuff! Its unfortunate that we don't have LUSH in my, actually that's a really good thing. lol. Anyways, I just cant get enough of LUSH and ordered more stuff online. I'll share those haul soon but first some reviews

I've talked in previous post (Click HERE to check it out) that my BF got me a LUSH gift card as part of my graduation present. I'm not gona do a review on all of them since theres a couple of items I haven't tried yet. (for the cleanser and shower smoothie... I'm giving more time to see if theres any result. But definitely will make a review on those in the future!)

So to those who haven't tried LUSH and is lusting to try it, hopefully this review helps... :)

Sakura Bath Bomb

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Pros- This is probably my favorite scent of all lush items :) It has that baby powder, light, flowery scent to it; hence the name Sakura :) I find this particular bath bomb moisturizing and the scent last quite long as not what I expected. As soon as I got out of the shower, my skin felt softer. Appearance wise its very simple; Its white overall and on top it has that blue and orange "pop rock-ish" stuff on it. What a lovely scent.

Cons- Unfortunately there's one thing that bothers me about this particular bath bomb.... it doesn't float in the surface very well. Since this was my very first bath bomb, I assumed "oh well... maybe all the bath bombs aren't suppose to float on the very top surface anyways".. but after trying other bath bombs and another Sakura bath bomb, its official. So yea, I wasn't able to appreciate the fizzing part unfortunately

Price: $ 5.95

Will I buy this again? Yes, and if it wasn't for the scent I would not re-purchase this again.

Rate it! 7 out of 10 (If only you

Tramp Shower Gel


Pros- What I love about this shower gel is the fact that it has that CK1 scent to it.... and what I meant by that is that man and woman can benefit from this product. I think it has that unisex scent to it; so ladies, if you want to buy your man some lushie, he'd prolly like this! At first, when I took the cap to smell it, for some reason it smelled like boxed hair dye (ya know what I'm saying?) and I'm just like "did it just smelled what I thought it is". But then I put some on my hands (its color is dark green and its not too thick nor too runny/liquidy), washed it under running water, and smelled it again I'm just like "mmmmmm"..literally. A lot of people described the scent as woody so yes I would go with that description. And since it has that "manly" scent to it, I would describe the scent as sexy as well. ;) Imagine yourself hiking in some tree abundant area, its morning and the grass is dew-y... thats the kind of scent that comes to mind. I like the scent because its different from the usual sweet, flower-y, citrus, bubble gum scent that LUSH seems to carry more. Very relaxing and calming. Another plus point is the fact that this is multipurpose as well- you can use this as a shampoo to clean them scalps. I've tried it and it just smells soo good. It lathers very well and the scent does stay for awhile.

Cons- I bought the 8.4 ounce bottle which was $17.45 and yes, I thought its quite expensive. You might find this scent strong, but for me its just fine.

Price: 16.9 oz- $25.75 .... 8.4 oz- $17.45..... 3.3 oz- $9.25

Will I buy it again? YES

Rate it: 8.5 out of 10

The Comforter Bubble Bar


Pros- ahhhh.. the ever famous comforter! This is probably the "yummiest" scent of all LUSH items I smelled so far! It smells like berries-flavored bubble gum! I can't get over this sent. I do have some scent aversion to mixed berry and really sweet scents for some reason but this is just love! This scent just makes me feel really giddy for some reason. Compared to other bubble bar, this one is huge! I used just half of it and oh boy, I've never seen soo much bubbles in my bathtub that much before! I could probably break down 1 piece into 4 pieces next time... you can get so much from 1 bubble bar. Once it hits the water the scent is just pleasantly dreamy. I noticed that it does soften my skin after awhile, and the bubbles stays long too.

Cons- I'm not sure if it was just me who had this problem but when I try to break them into half, I got so much "crumbs" all over. Yea, I guess it would be a challenge to break these into pieces cuz it can get messy but that's not a real biggie at all. Yes, its quite pricey compared to other bubble bars but look at the size of this bad boy!

Price: $ 8.75

Will I buy this again? Yes yes and yes!

Rate it: 9.5 out of 10 :)

Big Blue Bath Bomb

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Pros- Another love for me! One of my favorite scent! This is what I think is like perfect Bath bomb to unwind a stressful day. It has sea salt and seaweed in it...yes, seaweed; It's probably the heaviest bath bomb I've had. Seaweed is known to be good for the skin and this bath bomb definitely is softening. The aroma... just love. I wouldn't really say it smells like the ocean but it can turn your bath water just like the ocean (yep...turns blue, and its beautiful!) Very refreshing and has a bit of citrus scent to it.

Cons- I guess my only con to this is the fact I had to clean my bath tub right after. Yes, it does leave some residues due to the seaweed. Its really no biggie. Some might find the scent to be too strong.

Price- $5.80

Will I buy it again? YES!

Rate it! 8.5 out of 10



Pros- First time I heard of Whoosh is from Leesha, aka as Xsparkage. If you love citrus scents (like I do), you would definitely love this jelly. Its one of those items that has so many purpose to this. The first time I went to Lush last summer, the guy was telling me how this thing has so many purpose to it. You can use it as a shower jelly, as a solid soap (put it inside the freezer, let it freeze for awhile and viola! You got yourself a solid soap) and as a shaving cream! Yes shaving cream! I've used it once and it does work! Its not as foamy as shaving cream, but is do-able. It has that strong zest-y smell...perfect to use in the morning just to give you that boost of energy and keeps you awake.

Cons- This can be messy to use. I took a chunk off and I rubbed it all over me and there are like bits of jelly pieces all over my bath tub. I don't know if its because I'm not using this item right or what but yeah, it could be messy. Some people might find this scent to be too strong.

Price- Varies. 3.5 oz- $5.75

Will I buy this product again? Yes! (I think its useful if you are traveling)

Rate it! 8 out of 10

Ok that's it for now. Wait for part 2 soon! If you guys have any questions, leave me a comment or you can email me :)



  1. Wow..those are really nice stuff u got from Lush,they also look so yummy,waiting for ur next reviews,have u tried their hair treatments I really love to know more about them^^

  2. oohhh you're spreading the lush addiction lolzzzz! i kinda want the Tramp one...just coz of its name...naughty hahaha

  3. oh, they all sounds great! you got me lemming for LUSH now. too bad there's no LUSH around me :(

  4. Happy New Year, Joanna!

    The Comforter is my FAVE bubble bar and I've tried them all. I'm going to have to try Tramp shower gel.

    I LOVE The Olive Branch Shower Gel. I would drink the stuff if I could. Its just a little runny, but otherwise I love it.

    And the bath bombs that have "things" in them, I cut a piece of old stocking/pantyhose and stick it in there and tie up the ends. So no little pieces of seaweed or flowerpetals are left stuck to the tub. And I wouldn't want any of those things going down my drain either.

  5. yay for lush! i can't wait until my order comes hehe

  6. ooohI love it when the bath scent lingers on you after you shower, that's one of the reasons I love victoria's secret shower gels hehe. Luch is awesome too, yeah for $6 you'd think the bath bomb would float!? it's definitely more entertaining when it does :D

  7. I got a LUSHgasm looking at that first pic. And that shower jellie looks good enough to eat...LOL! Thanks for the reviews. Looking forward to part 2, girlie! :D

  8. Oh yah, $1K towards a bag sounds better! Yep, the place is nice but 1) it's at the far end of the Strip so you may want to rent a car or take taxis and 2) I don't know if they have rooms with jaccuzzis. (I assume they do but not sure) Ours had a huge tub and separate shower.

  9. I feel lush is great and i don't want to leave a chance for this.So any way hanks for the nice stuff.discounted cosmetics,

  10. i love love lush bath bombs.. the sakura one is lovely.. n i like avobath ballistic. its citrus-y and very refresshing. you should try it out~~
    i have tried the bubble bars yet. that comforter one sounds nice though..^^ xx

  11. The Sakura bath bomb photo was taken by myself (as seen here ). My flickr username is bmaebell (no "s" on the end). Thank you.


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