Friday, January 8, 2010

On the Spot: LUSH part 2

Here's part 2 babies! Sorry this took awhile, I'm a total slacker on the blogging department!

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QUICKIE: I checked my email the other day and my second LUSH order (YES, I ordered AGAIN. LUSH Boxing day sale robbed the money out of my pocket) has been shipped! Can't wait.. they're all from the Holiday items. Also, I got me some Herrohachi T-shirt from the ever so flamboyant KYM of! I was soo happy to get my package, I love the shirt!RAWR. I guess I'll combine all my HAUL stuff in one post in the future, because I don't know where I'm going to throw my money at again lmao. But for now, its serious business!

Karma Bubble Bar


Pros: Before I made a purchase to LUSH online, I've asked a couple of people what they recommend me getting from there and they lead me to this bubble bar. (Shout out to Jackie02 for being one of those people!) My cousin, my friend, and even my boyfriend (who have no clue what this thing smelled like) told me to get this and I'm very happy I did. It has really good spicy and orange-y scent to it that I can't resist. I'm a citrus scent person, but sometimes a strong citrus scent makes me dizzy. Smells really clean and refreshing. Softens the skin as well.

Cons: I don't know if its really a con but this bubble bar does not change the color of your bath water..which is quite a bummer for me since i was expecting an orange color but nada. And I dont think the scent last that long. The smell could be too strong for other people.


Will I buy it again? Yes

Rate it! 9 out of 10

Herbalism Facial Cleanser

[source: google image]

Pros: This particular cleanser is for those who have oily and acne prone skin. That's the reason why I bought this item. Unfortunately, I can't think much of a pro for this item. The first 3 days of using this item, it seems to be did made my skin less oilier every after wash. Did I broke out with this item? No. But after 3 days of using the item, its just... blaaah. I guess I'll explain the rest under the con part lol

Cons: So yes, after 3 days of being hopeful and thinking "wow it does work!" (despite the strong,ridiculous scent) I started to notice it made my skin much oilier. Yes I didn't broke out with this, but I can't take being greasy. Its a cleanser but it doesn't make your face feel "clean" afterward. I'd get it if it was a mask or some sort..but cleanser? I don't think so. So what does it smell like? Very strong herbal scent with vinegar to it. Not my thing. For some people this works miraculously, good for them. Sucks it didn't work for me.

Price: Varies ($10.75 for 3.5 oz)

Will I buy it again? No (Honestly, if this really works I wouldn't mind buying this again. The scent can be least for me)

Rate it! 4 out 10

Sunny Side Bubble Bar


Pros: Another love for me! This golden piece of lushie item has a citrus lemon-y scent that I adore. And did I mention that its very gold and sparkly? hehe. I love this bubble bar. I used half so far. And you know what really surprised me about this bubble bar? Despite using just half of it, I can't believe how much bubbles I got from it! No sh*t.

That's just half of my bathtub. Frothy bubbles!

I was expecting the water to turn into this liquid gold color but unfortunately I wasn't able to achieved that... but then again I only used half of the bubble bar. The bubble bar has glitters all over it, and one of my concern is that when I take a bath with this, will I end up having glitters all over my body and would take me some time to wash it off afterward? No worries.. them glitters don't stick to your body! My water looks really sparkly and beautiful, I love it. It does leave your skin and body feeling refresh after bath.

Cons: I guess the only thing I could come up as a con for this item is how glittery it is. No matter how careful I am in taking this out from the package, it will always get some glitters on my clothing or pants. And after baths, it leaves some glitter residue on ur tub. So yeah, it could get really messy.

Price: $5.95

Will I buy it again? YES!

Rate it! 9 out of 10

Dreamwash Shower Smoothie


Pros: I almost made up my mind on my verdict on this item until one day, I decided to give this item one more shot. This particular item is made for people who have dry, itchy, sensitive, and even sunburnt skin. I have itchy and sensitive skin and I thought maybe I'd benefit from this. I used this for the first 3 times and didn't seem to do anything to me...until one day it my arm was itching ridiculously and lotion or butter cream didn't do anything to relieve the itch. So I used this shower smoothie, and as soon as I put it all over my arms I felt instant relief. After I washed it off, the itch was gone and my skin wasn't dry anymore! I was amazed! Just as I thought this don't do anything, it does have a purpose and its effective! I guess this should only be used when you really need it, not as an everyday wash I guess cuz thats what I was using this for. Scent-wise, I do like it. Its just a very subtle clean smell...I really can't describe it. It has chamomile and aloe vera gel on it. I've read a couple of reviews of people who suffered from eczema and for them this item works really good. I love how thick and creamy this item as well.

Cons: This item doesn't really lather that well. Its just really creamy thats bout it. The scent doesn't really stick to the skin very long. I don't think its very moisturizing but it doesn't dry my skin at all. Since for me, I would not consider this as daily use (I'll only use this on those days I really need it) I'm concern about not getting the most out of it. I most probably will only use this during winter since thats the time of the year my skin really gets itchy due to dry skin from the cold weather. It only came in 1 size unfortunately, and it is quite pricey I must say.

Price: $18.55 (8.8 oz)

Will I buy it again? Yes, but only to use during winter season

Rate it! 8 out of 10

Alkmaar Soap


Pros: Fruity sweet velvety smell...if that's your thing then this is for you. It has jasmine and honeysuckle in it. Some people don't like of the smell of this soap, but I do! It's not the best smelling soap out there, but just like my take on the TRAMP shower gel, it has a different smell which makes me love it. It looks like a block of cheese lol. What I really love about this soap is how it lathers really well and the creamy texture of the soap itself. The scent does last for awhile and it is moisturizing.

Cons: I wish they couldve made this soap look more appealing to the mass. I mean, it just look like a block of white cheese, is that really attracting? At least make it purple or something with flower or nuts or what have you..but again, that's just me.

Price: Varies (3.5 oz- $ 7.95)

Will I buy it again? Maybe (I honestly don't know how other soap smells like except the cult classics such as Honey I washed the kids and Rockstar. But really, why not?)

Rate it! 8 out of 10

Think Pink Bath Bomb

[source: flickr by to local]

Pros: Another candy smelling item from Lush. Very sweet, vanilla flowery scent indeed. Its very appealing to the eyes since not only its pink but has some flowers on top of it...which made me wonder if they're edible cuz if I was A kid I'd prolly would think they're real candies lol. This bath bomb has a surprise when you put it in the it fizzes, small heart shape papers start to scatter around your bath water! It's a very girlie bath experience I must say. The flower didn't melt at all. Water is moisturizing.

Cons: Just like the sakura bath bomb, mine barely floats. I have no idea why it was like that since I was just watching a video of this girl on youtube doing a demo on Think Pink and hers float just fine! Grrr what's going on? The scent doesn't seem to linger that long. And since it got some fancy stuff on it, yes you gotta clean your bath tub afterward.

Price: $6.15

Will I buy it again? Sure (lol)

Rate it! 7 out of 10 (Not really gaga about this bath bomb for some reason. I guess it was just over hyped and I expected much. But its not that bad really)

Ok that's it for now. I got more stuff coming on the way and more reviews definitely! And I got this extremely late Christmas gift from my friend and cousin...

And what do you know, more LUSH ladies and gents. I think I have enough LUSH for the year. I'd make a review of these too in the future!

I'm heading to Chicago tomorrow for 2 days, bracing myself for the cold ass weather!

stay pretty xoxo


  1. great review! i want to try the sunny side bubble bar, the gold is really intriguing! hehe

  2. yesssh greatreview from you about LUSH!
    thankssss..aww i dun really fancy bubble bath..
    so bath bombs are crossed out my list..

    me raving about angels on bareskin, brazended honey (smells tacky), yoou shall go to the BALL!

  3. Lush products look really yummy to me sometimes, thanks for the reviews,
    I am looking forward ur other hauls too ^^
    Have a great trip hun.

  4. I left u a comment but somehow it didn't post^^;
    The Lucsh products that u got look yummy to me, ha ha ha...I am also looking forward ur other hauls and reviews.
    Have a great trip hun and stay warm, it's so hot here T T , I wish u could give me some snow...

  5. This must be what Lush heaven looks like. Damn, that's a lot of bubbles girl! Love it! :D They look like gold nuggets...hehe.

    I am tardy to the party but hope you had a fun time in Chi-town!

  6. oh wow so much bubble for 1 bath bomb that looks like fun! Have a great trip! :D


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