Sunday, January 24, 2010

She's a maniac, maaaniac. (More LUSH goodies and Herrohachi Tee)

As promised, here is the long waited LUSH haul people. I've been slacking these days with my own posting. Gotta be more productive I know.

Anyways, I'm going to start off the one that I ordered online waaaaaay back in December (28th to be specific) and I only got my items on January 15. Yup... that long. I took advantage of there Boxing day sale, which is Buy 1 holiday item, get 2 holiday items for free OR Buy 1 gift wrap item, get 1 for free. I bought 3 items and only paid 28 bucks overall... got 6 items for free. Its a good bargain. But then, I have never tried any of these item before so yes I am taking the risk.

Anyways here's what I got... :)


Pretty Heavy Package

My gooodies


Smells like Bread pudding :)

Hit or Miss? Hit

Christmas Kisses

Spicy, warm, cinammon-y scent.

Hit or Miss? Hit

Green green bath of foam

Musky citrus, herbal-ish scent

Hit or Miss? Hit

A Golden Star

One word: Sprite

Hit or Miss? Undecided

Jingle Spells

Junipers, fennel, and herbal. Suppose to help get rid hangover.

Hit or Miss? a BIG MISS! I just don't get the scent.

Green Party

Ylang ylang, Bergamont and Galbanum. REALLY strong scent.

Hit or Miss? MISS. This gave me a headache. And for some reason, this remind me of airport souvenir shops, with hella perfume scents mixing together. GROSS.

Christmas Morning

Tangerine, andalwood, and naroli. Smells like sweet orange candy.

Hit or Miss? Undecided


Spicy, cinnamon, orange scent. Has pop rocks on top.

Hit or Miss? Hit

Angels Delight

Smells like grapefruit to me. Reminds me of those hand foaming wash from Bath and Body Works.

Hit or Miss? Miss (not my thing)

And finally, got some samples! Last time I ordered they didn't gave me anything they're fucking cheap. Honey I washed the Kids smells good!

Anyways, was I happy with my online holiday items order? hmmm..... not really. None of these really got me all giddy and happy like "oooooh aaaaaaah LUSHIE" like I normally would feel everytime I buy something from LUSH. But buying 3, getting 6 for free... thats a bargain. But still... pffft. Note to self: Don't fall for bargains. Just cuz its cheap means its worth it.

Next up is my Chicago Lush Haul. Another impulse buy for me. But this time, I'm giddy-ing up like a 12 year old girl who just came out of a candy shop. :)

Lurve :)


The Comforter

This is re-purchase. I love it so much I bought 2. HAHA. I fcking love the scent of this. DOPE!

Click HERE for my Review

Big Blue Bath Bomb

Another re-purchase for me. The sales associate told me about this bath cocktail called "The Mermaid" which you use the Big Blue BB and the Sunny Side Bubble bar together. It creates this teal ocean like water color, and when u "swirl" the water you see them glitters flowing as if a mermaid just passed by. weeeh ooh weeeeh ooh weeeeh

Blackberry Bath Bomb

The sales associate got me into getting this. Oh.EM.GEE. This is prolly the best bath bomb scent ever! Well, I guess it ties to my Sakura BB. But Oh wow... smells hella good! I think it has black currant oil, which can also be found in The Comforter Bubble bar. The smells is soo heavenly.

Schwesta tryna model the Blackberry Bath Bomb! FEROUS!

MMMmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt

I haven't tried a bath melt so I asked the girl to show me what she would recommend me getting. First she suggested the ever famous Floating Island bath melt but for some reason I find it too sweet and vanilla-ish for me. Then I saw this one, which looks wise identical to floating island except for the color, and smelled it and Im just like "mmmmmmm" like literally. She said this one goes with The Comforter Bubble Bar. I like I like! :)

Just when I thought I won't get a bargain, here I got 3 soaps for a price of 1! Yes, the boxing day sale applies to selected soaps as well! (Buy 1 get 2 soaps for free) I intended to just buy 1 soap and that is the Honey I washed the Kids.. unfortch for me they ran out of it. Bummer. But I got myself some that I really like.

I Should Coco

Ok.. I HATE coconut scent...especially hair products. But for some odd reason, I just love the smell of this. I was really surprised how I didn't have any strong scent aversion to this one. According the SA, this is very moisturizing and it lathers well. Can't wait can't wait!

The Godmother Soap

I wanted to smell the Snow Fairy shower gel but they ran out of it. The SA told me this soap smells exactly like the shower gel. I love the smell of this! Smells like licorice! haha. Sweet scent but does not give me a headache. She said this lathers well as well.

13 Soap (Unlucky for Dirt)

Like I said, there are only selected soaps that applies to the BOGTF. I got this soap because the SA told me it has oregano, which has some anti-bacterial properties in it. I'm not a big fan of the smell but its not that bad. For some reason it reminds me of chinese incense.

Credit to myself for not spending that much. Really... if only I didnt have any headache after an hour staying on the store I wouldve stayed there the whole day and bought a bunch of stuff.

Last but definitely not least! I got my very first Herrohachi Tee from Kym baby of!

Love love love I want your looooove

Candy broke but its all good! She gave me a pink scarf too as extra/bday present! :)

YES those are 3D glasses from AVATAR! :)


Thank you KYMMY! I HEART U!!!!! xoxo


Tag and Birthday post coming up next! Let me know if you guys have any questions about anything!



  1. I love Lush, i think they make the cutest things sometimes I feel bad for using them. Great Haul though babes!!

  2. Awwww, everyone is making me want to go to Lush now! I need to go ASAP!

  3. awww cant wait to get my herrohachi tee!
    nice lush haul!the bath bombs are so tempting

  4. you look cute with the 3d glasses :)
    Girl I can totally smell whatever you posted! Lush smells wonderful!

  5. Ooh! I can't wait to get some products from Lush! And I love the tee!!

  6. Thats too nice! Gorgeous haul!
    How are you doing sweetheart?

  7. Lush products look so yummy, I so love u modelling Kym's tee, u look super cute~

  8. damn, that's a lot. I'm more of a shower girl though. I think you have a typo "Don't fall for bargains. Just cuz its cheap means its worth it." I think you meant to add "doesn't" in there.. anyhow, I'd be so lost with all those soaps. Do you store them in a big plastic container?

  9. The Comforter is my favorie thing EVAR!!!
    I also just bought the MMM Melting Marshmellow Melt thing. I haven't tried it yet though.
    You should also try a sugar scrub. My next to fav thing after The Comforter.

  10. Dude total Lush it!! I want to try Blackberry Bath Bomb now. how you busting out that new tee, girl! XD

  11. ohh i saw that pic of you on facebook! you can sure work that tshirt!
    and yknow, all the lush stuff reminds me of candy. i'd be tempted to bite into it if it was me.....okay that sounds weird....haha

  12. Wow, oh WOW, that is sure a LOT (A LOT) of LUSH!!! As I kept scrolling down the page, I was think "oh my goodness, I'm totally jealous" LOL

    & I love your tee from Kym! ^__^ I'm in the process of ordering from her ;)


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