Saturday, February 27, 2010

FOTD + Valentines Day & HeQi Jewelry Haul

Hey ladies! This is a overdue post... I plan on putting this up like a week ago but I'm just working on so many things, including my NCLEX review AND helping someone I know for there continuing education stuff. Busy busy I know...but I'm trying to be updated with y'alls posts ;)

I was trying to recreate the makeup look that the MAC MUA did on my eye when I was in Chi-town. (Click here to read the posts) But I end up doing something totally different lol..a much darker version of it I guess.

Here's the look....

Items I used

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yoghurt ( Eye base)
Sephora Brand Mascara Lash Plumper in black
NYX eyeshadow trio in TS 03 (Nude/taupe/dark brown)
Jordana Glitter Rocks Retractable Eye liner Pencil in Black rocks
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
Too Faced Decade of Glamour Palette
Sephora Brand Mini Gloss in Rosy Glow
** Not on picture NYX eyeshadow trio in Ceramic (middle black)

TOO FACED Decade Of Glamour

I got this palette like a year ago, it include their best selling lipsticks, lip glosses, bronzer, lash and lip injections all in one kit. Highly recommended for those who want to try Too faced product ;)

Used Lovey Dovey all over my lids, Label Whore on the outer V, and Ooh La Rouge Blush Pink Provacatuer on cheeks

NYX Eyeshadow Trio.Used Taupe (middle) on crease and Nude as highlighter (works for me cuz im dark lol)

Valentines Day Haul

lmao... this is freakin late but I already uploaded the pics via photobucket so yea..share em!

BF got me a dozen long stem roses :)

The texture of the roses were soft and velvety, its almost not real. lol. Soo pretty!

: ))

I know its very CLICHE-ish to get flowers/roses on Valentines day..but I don't give a fuck cuz I love them :) But really, what made this soooo much special is this....

Valentines this year was held on Sunday, right? We have a couple of florists around the area but they are close on sundays REGARDLESS what occasion there is.. especially living on a freakin ghost town (I live in central illinois.... nothing but snow and freakin cornfields) Basically people here would have to get there flowers before or after Valentines day which, well, suck balls. Since being with Boo and the sweet guy he is, he promised for the rest of our relationship that I am going to get flowers on Valentines Day. So he did research and stuff and finally found a place where they deliver flowers on Sunday and near my area. The florist is located 45 minutes away from where my area and was delivered to my house by 1 pm :))

He also got me this...

I'm in a need of another Coat since my North Face jacket magically disappear which extremely pissed me off. Boo bought me a new one and its from Ecko. I freakin love it..white and Gold! But I'm too scurrdy to wear it yet since I don't want it getting stain haha. I have OCD (no pun intended)

Thank you my Bam bam!!! I can't wait to see you next month boo! <3

Annnndd finally, I got my very first HE QI Jewelry piece! I really wanted to get this one necklace she has that has a heart swarovski paired with a metal heart that you can be stamped and personlized. Unfortunately, she had some problem with her supplier but I told her to just give me the heart swarovski alone since I've always wanted to get a clear AB heart crystal. And when I opened to check my necklace, I was surprised she upgraded my small crystal heart (not sure what was the size of that) into an 18mm!

Thanks Lisa :)

Flossy flossaaaaaaay ;)

Thank for you for the extras! :)

Visit He Qi Productions by clicking HERE

Support Handmade products! :)

That's it for now. If you guys have any questions, suggestions whatsover.. let me know. Actually, I have formspring so if you guys need to know something you can go ask me there. Comment box on the right side bar ;)



  1. awww, your hair and makeup is gorgeous! :) same with you, I don't care if flowers are considered Corny on V day, but I love them! i do receive them even I'm married, it still gives me the giddiness :) Happy weekend!

  2. great post J-Wheeezy!! I love ur makeup, i think it was pretty close to what the mac artist did, just the colors were different. I love the He Qi piece too! ^^

  3. Ooh girl, I love your smokey eyes. =D How sweet of your Boo to get you all that! And I heart your new bling.

  4. hey that look is really pretty & it suits you =) ohhh love the roses =D

  5. your makeup looks great! and your bf is really sweet to get you those roses and all that :)

  6. The too faced palette looks adorable. Nice FOTD, and your hair looks pretty too :)

  7. Hey Joanna!
    I love the look that you did! It would be something that I would wear on an everyday basis! That was so sweet of your boyfriend! Aww! :) And that necklace is hella pretty! Major bling!! Haha! Hope you are doing well!!

  8. aww so sweet! sounds like you had a great valentines day! =)

  9. I think I prefer your darker look!

    And all those samples were just given to me in my bag, I didn't ask for any of them. I rarely ask for samples. They usually just offer them or tell me "I'm going to give you a sample of this." I only asked for one sample in my whole Lush life and it was for a face moisturizer.
    I like Rockstar soap but Porridge grosses me out a little, LOL.

  10. I like that look on you. I think you did a good job! :)

    yay for more jewelry!! your bf is so good for going the extra mile and getting you roses on sunday. The local florists should have made an exception this one time.

  11. Girl you look gorgeous! Roses are not cliche~! lol. They are beautiful!!! I love the jacket too. What an amazing valentines!

  12. 1) omg, let us know how you do on your NCLEX ! My friend's older sister just took it and passed :) Hopefully you will do well too~! ^__^ I'm sure you will, you study so hard.

    2) How freakin sweet of the bf! XD I know exactly what it's like to not be able to spend Valentine's Day with our boys, so flowers just make the day so much more special <3

    3) RYC - I have a Cannon PowerShot SD780 IS :)

  13. love the eye makeup! so pretty! <3

    looks like you had a lovely valentine's day. lucky girl :D xx


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