Thursday, February 18, 2010

On The Spot: LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

Hello Ladies! Been awhile since I did a review so now I got some time to do so. Woohoo! I'm going to do a review on one of LUSH' fresh face mask and this one is called Cosmetic Warrior.

On to my final use

What it claims to do: The garlic and tea tree are magnificently anti-bacterial, fighting some of the worst causes of spots while each drop of honey and each molecule of grape juice soothes your troubled skin. The free-range eggs feed your skin protein and act as an astringent. When you have spots, you absolutely must be gentle with your skin, even if it’s being horrid to you. Plaster Cosmetic Warrior all over a troublesome face and let the forces of nature take on your annoying skin.

Maybe after reading that you're asking "Did I read it right? Garlic?? Grape Juice?? Eggs?! eeeekkkk" Yes, sounds gross. When the SA told me this mask include garlic and grape, i cant help but leaned backward and gave her this "for real!?" look. Like who on earth would dare to put this on there face? Since LUSH people are soo good at sales talk, yes the lady got me into buying it (but then again its my free full size product with my "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" kit along with the Godiva shampoo bar) and I was thinking "well, I really need something to get rid of my acne since Ive been sleeping late and not enough these past few days" So I guess...desperate measures in desperate situation.

Chunks of grape skins can be found in the mask

Ok..I'll go ahead and tell you straight of what I think about this product... I don't like it at all. This product didn't do anything to me. Its just a disappointment... ESPECIALLY I HOLD ON TO THIS PRODUCT UNTIL THE VERY END. You know what I'm saying? I've had several products in the past that I liked 100x better than this one and couldn't even finished them. I know, if I don't like it why did I sticked with it till the end? Well.. this product only has a 3 week life span so I thought well... might as well finished it till the end.


- Organic -Well, its LUSH of course. Its all natural and what I meant by these are like all the items they used on the product don't contain chemicals,parabins or preservatives.
- Cheap(?) - well, I'm not really sure if its cheap but at least for a product I don't like, I only threw 5 bucks...versus a 10 or 20 dollar item that I despised a lot. (It happened before)


- Smell- I don't know how to describe it.. its like wet damp used mop. lol. Ok, to be honest it isnt that horrible for me (Herbalism is still the worse) but it isnt that good either.
- Messy- The texture/consistency just doesn't make it "fun" to apply. I like a mask that goes smoothly and evenly on skin right off. With this one I have to make sure that I re-apply to get an even distribution of the mask all over my face.
- Stains your face- Now, my face didn't turn green or anything ok. BUT here's the thing... I used the mask at night, washed my face with cleanser and when I used my toner I see green stuff on my cotton pads. So I just used as much as toner as possible as I can to get rid of the green stuff. Next morning, woke up, washed my face and used toner again. Then I looked at the cotton pad and IT STILL HAS SOME GREEN STUFF ON IT. Im like wtf?! So yes, its important to clean your face thoroughly when using this product .. and i meant THOROUGHLY.
- Can case more acne/break-out- WARNING: if you have sensitive, huge ass pore skin like me, I suggest thinking twice before purchasing this product. Seriously, use at your own risk. On the second time I used this, I broke out like shit. This thing will clog your pores. If you are less sensitive skin, less oily, don't have big pores, and just have a occasional acne here and there then maybe this would work for you more.
- Short lifespan- I know,its good that LUSH is not using any preservative on there products whatsoever. But 3-week lifespan for a cup of mask and only 4 uses (Yes only 4, even tho I prolly used this about 6 times) you gotta make it more worthwhile at least. I mean can you really see a difference using a mask for only 4 times?! Heck no. Maybe they're doing this for marketing purposes, get people to come back again.

Will I re-purchase this product again? No, no, and no!

Rate it! 3 out of 10

On the other news...

I dyed my hair! Nothing too drastic, just wanted my hair to be a shade or 2 lighter. I've dyed my hair in the past before (blonde highlights, copper, brown, you name it) but this is one of my favorite so far! I try to stay away from dying my hair as my hair is soo freakin dry and of course, dying it more would make it drier..especially when you trying to lift the shade or ur hair color. But it doesn't hurt to dye it again :)


Since I got a new do, why not a new color,eh?


Woohoo! Brown Baby!

I like it because its subtle... the brown only shows when light hits on it. More natural looking I guess.

Here's what it looks when inside/low light etc. Its more reddish in color than black.

What y'all think....YAY or NAY? :)


Just feel like sharing some... :)

Me and my sister went to check this new japanese place called KAIYO.

One the nice,fine looking buffet I've been to. This is one of their salad bars.

See those bottles lined up side by side? Those are Ramunes and they're FREE! sizzzle.

So stoked to drink this...haha

Unlimited Miso!!

So happy to have found this place! Definitely will go back again :)

That's all for now ladies! Enjoy the rest of the week!

Stay Pretty!



  1. i have heard of this mask..garlic, grapes & eggs...*shudders*
    no way!!!!

    you look hot with brown hair,sweetie!
    love it on u

  2. its nice to see a negative review in a while. =)

    Im loving the oyster food porn LOVE IT.=D

  3. green stuff??
    could it're turning into a plant? hahah
    ....okay lame i know. i'm so tired i can only think of a lame comment >_<

  4. lovely new hair color.....and I want some japanese food now....btw, too bad the cosmetic warrior mask on you...lush seems to have nice bath products but their skincare sucks...

  5. yeah I tried the warrior too and I didn't like the smell and the texture one bit!! I din't thin kit helped me improve my skin either...

  6. ahhh I would have bought the lus mask just for its name! ugg. thanks for sharing! The food looks yummy and you look gorgeous!!


  7. Hey hun! =D Hmm....buffets. You know we Asians gravitate to these places like bees to

    I love your new hair! That reminds me to cover my damn roots this weekend. XP Oh and thank you so much for telling us that this LUSH mask clogs pores. =\

  8. ooh, that sounds gross... bad lush!

  9. First off, I love those little marble soda drinks, my mom used to buy them for me when I was younger! lol Child hood memory right there seeing the picture, haha.

    Secondly, I love food porn ;D

    Lastly, I LOVE YOUR HAIR COLOR!! ^___^

  10. OMG all that food looks so YUMMY ^_^ !

  11. Thanks for the honest review. I'm not really into lush that much as the smell is so strong >.<

    Anywho, i love your color + haircut!! :D

  12. great review! i have to be careful too when i try new products 'cause i have acne-prone skin. i have yet to try out Lush's natural masks.

    unlimited miso soup sounds AWESOME! :D

  13. Stumbled upon your blog, I really like your hair colour, what did you use? I've been wanting the same effect (only noticable light brown in sun but dark when indoors) but I have no clue what colour to look for without going to the salon.

  14. @GLORIA- hey gurrrrll... it seems like I can't access ur blogger profile for some reason so hopefully u get back to check my profile! anyways, I used L'oreal FERIA in light irridescent brown (62) :)

    It looks darker in pictures but in person its a lot lighter :) I suggest using plastic wrap too to trap the heat on hair for a more beautiful color!

  15. I love the new hair color! So bombin!


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