Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FOTD: Beyonce Telephone Inspired Look

Hello ladies! Had some time in my hands the other day to play around with my makeup stash. I'm sure a lot of you have seen the infamous "Telephone" video by Gaga and Ms. Beyonce. (HIGH FIVE FOR GAGA'S TWAT in the first 2 minutes! haha. Girl is provocative, love it!) But what I really dig is Beyonce's makeup look at the Diner scene...very retro, minimal, and wearable.

I've never done a celebrity inspired look and this is my very first time. Here it is..

Bright Yellow Top and Curly Hair FTW :D

Closeup with flash.

Anyone can freakin create and sport this look :)


Profusion Glamifeye Eye Shadow Palette
Smashbox Highlighter Quad in Smashing Reel
MAC e/s in Ochre Style
Clinique Gel Liner in True black
Isadora Inliner in Pale Blue

MAC studio fix fluid NC40
MAC studio sculp concealer NC35

EOS lip balm
Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick in Spotlight Beige

I forgot to use some mascara but I like it this way since I want to emphasize the retro wink look.

Smashbox Highlighter Quad in pale yellow color used as base color, yellow shimmer color from Profusion palette as an all over the lid color, and MAC e/s (shown in pan form) as crease/above crease color.

Rimmel Lipstick is LOVE! Soft nude with some pink undertone to it.

Closeup with flash. (Shoulda took a picture on display but forgot. blah.)

And now for more shameless vanity...

"You've been a bad bad girl Breezy"

"Eh...Should I make burgers out of a dead cow?"


I'm sorry for the lame caption. Hope you guys like it!

In other news..

Have you seen the chat roulette dude aka Merton doing this piano impromptu to the strangers he came across with? If you don't know what I'm talking about here's the video...

LMAO. Genius isn't it?!

Well Ben Folds of, well, Ben Fold's Five (who btw looks eerily like Merton the chat roulette dude) made an Ode while he was in concert in South Carolina...

Toilet Man FTW!! I died cracking! hahaha. Fold's is the shit!

Enjoy your Holy Week ladies!
(Is it proper to say that? Oh well..)


Disclaimer: All products listed are purchase by my own money (With 2 products given to me as a gift). I am not affiliated to any brands listed above. Opinions are solely mine and was not paid to advertise any product mentioned above.


  1. Ohh!! I love that look =) so gorgeous!

  2. it looks good for your first celeb look! :) you even went all out with the hair!

    the chat roulette vids were funny- i actually liked the first one better. the sideways thing was kinda annoying. my sister things i'm weird for "singing out daily life" but it's not so weird then huh.. okay maybe it still is.

    oh, i linked the two videos i mentioned in my post on my post so you don't have to search.

  3. how pretty! love the way you lined your eyes

  4. Gorgeous! and you look so cute on the last pic :D

  5. That eye shadow palette looks so cool!
    Lovely eyeliner you did! Very cute!

  6. awwwww love ur look!ur eyeliner looks lined perfectly!hehehhe
    have u been away like, forever??

  7. i love the yellow on you!!! the curls is super nice!!! tutorial please! ^_^ hehehe the vidds are hilarious!!

  8. You look gorgeous!!! Your wings are perfect!!! Love Love!! They must be a staple for you. lol!

  9. Looking fierce hunny!!!
    Loving the look! Work it out!

  10. This looks flawless, awesome Job!!!!!! Panacea81 does a similar 'look' on her YouTube channel. Check her out for more to inspire yourself ;)

  11. You did the Asian peace sign perfectly...LOL! Great job on this inspired look...so pretty *^_^*

  12. ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love it!!! you can really work the liner


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