Saturday, March 13, 2010

Love Package/Haul + GEO Tri Color Brown Lense Review :)

Hello ladies! Just another unproductive post. Here are a few things I got recently....


I've sent out Zoe some LUSH samples couple months ago because she hasn't tried any of them. I didn't expect her to give me something, and I even told her don't even bother getting me anything back! lol. But she's just too nice and sweet. Here's what I got...

Cute mailing package :)) If only we have these around..

Cuteness Overload!!! I'm very intrigued at the Mascara tool thingie (pink one on lower left)

Nice pink blush :)

Aren't they all cute or what?! I just love getting adorable items, definitely made my day!

Thank you Zoe dear!! :))


I finally tried and they got some quite interesting stuff in there. Unfortunately, the ones I really really want to have are sold out/out of stock. But I still ordered a couple of items just for the sake of trying it. To be honest, I wasn't really pleased by the shipping service. OK.. I know Ordering something from Hong Kong might take awhile... but I didnt expect it to be a month long. I placed my order on February 6th.. and I got my item on March 4th. If I knew shipping would take that long I wouldve gotten more items or just waited till the items I really want would be in stock again. I've had orders from Hong Kong but it only takes 2 weeks to get my items. Maybe I complain too much, maybe not..

Here's what I got..

Eye masks and Dariya Hair Magic Sheet :))

Silk Whitia Eye Mask are Buy 1 get 1 free! I was dumb to think I got facial masks when I actually got EYE masks. But its an happy accident :) First time I tried Catena Collagen Crystal Eye Mask was from Eki as part of her freebies when I ordered an item from her.

Dariya Hair Magic Sheet. Fun to use :)

I'll prolly do a review of the Silk Whitia Moisturizing and Nourishing Eye Mask in the future :)


If you're following me on twitter, you know that there are 2 things I've always been wanting to try from MAC... the Cremesheen Lip glass, particularly Boy Bait and the MAC 217 brush (I don't own a single MAC brush. If I start owning one and I end up liking the first brush, I gotta buy more of it. And we know MAC brushes don't come cheap) I don't want to get both cuz I'm dirt cheap and broke so I asked for people's suggestion and it came down to this....


I ended up getting the 217 instead. Seems to be a multipurpose brush so why not right? I haven't really touched it yet, so I don't know if I will heart it that much. The brush stiiiiiinks as fuck. Dead goat for reals.

The brush, I must say, is really soft. No poke-y sensation. For some reason I expected the brush to be much firmer. But oh wellz...we will see.

I've always wanted to try this. I have lazy days when I dont feel like cleaning my brush with soap and baby shampoo and instead I clean them off with my makeup wipe. LOL. lazy bum.

As far for the cremesheen..naah, I can wait. I mean to be honest I'm not a lipgloss person but trying something out once in a while would be nice. I wished I snagged some Blu ray lip gloss from Cargo when I was back in Chi-town.


So I finally jump into the Geo/Angel/Circle what have you contact lenses. The reason why I bought one is because a) I want to own a pair of prescription colored contact lenses (I've only used clear ones before) b) I don't want to keep busting my money on disposable contact lenses (My doctor doesn't want to prescribed a colored,extended contact lenses because my eyes dry easily. She really insist me to sticking to daily disposable ones..blah)

I wanted the most natural looking as much as possible. I don't want something that's hella crazy colors, hella big making me look like a creepy ass anime doll. (Sorry... I'm not trying to offend those who used these kinds of contact lenses. I'm just saying I don't think I can pull a look with those..some may,but definitely not seeing myself as one)

I was lucky enough to find a color that looks natural AND have the same grade/power of lenses I wear. (It was the last pair too I think)

Here's what I got..

Yay for the Piggy lenses :))


I will try to make this as brief as possible. Instead of PROS and CONS, I'll put up criteria and rate them from a scale of 1-10. :)

What I got: Geo Lenses Tri Color Brown (w/ Prescription)

Lenses lifespan: 1 year

Color: 10/10 (varies by purpose)- If you want a natural looking lenses, this is for you. I like how its not extremely light. It doesn't have that overly dramatic effect yet it does make a difference in the eye color which I like; subtle but not so subtle. Looks really nice outdoor :)

Comfort: 7/10- Ok, for a person whose only prescribed with disposable lenses and now using an extended wear one.. a 7/10 on the comfort criteria is pretty good. Ive used a disposable colored contact lenses before and it was irritating to my eyes (another reason why I'm hesitant buying these kind of lenses before) I was able to wear this for 5 hours without feeling the dryness (I've used a drop one time after 3 hours but at that was pretty mandatory for me. But at that time, it wasn't dry or irritating at all) I don't know if this next thing I'm about to say falls under this category but what quite bother me about these lenses is the fact that it seems like it moves around easily. The good thing tho is it comes back right in the middle where it suppose to be without even having to bother to manually move your lenses with your finger. This only seem to apply when I go move around and what I meant by it is when I'm turning my head and all that jazz. When I was driving it doesn't seem to move at all. Some of you are prolly used to this but then these are prescription lenses, so yea go figure. I had some blurry moments (2 or 3 within a 5 hr span) but its not that bothersome to me.

Enlarging effect: 7/10?- Ok I honestly don't know how I can grade this cuz I'm no contact lense expert. Bottomline, I don't think you would get a lot out of this contact lenses if you want that enlarging effect. There IS a difference, but not so noticeable. This is mainly for achieving a different, natural color.

Here's some pictures on me...

Geo Tri Color Brown

Notice the size difference.


Overall, I'm happy with my purchase. I'm thinking of ordering more in the future, maybe trying out some colors?

Want these? Visit Geo Eye Candy by clicking HERE

That's it ladies! Hope to do a review post soon!



  1. oh ive always wanted to try out geo lenses, they look really pretty and really cute haul you have there <3

  2. envious on ya color lens! i have astig >.<
    luv the heart hair band!

    xoxo elle

  3. Zoe is really sweet! those goodies she got for you look awesome. and i want to try some eye masks! my eyes need them badly now :D

  4. nice haul and such a sweet package from Zoe<3 :D

  5. well it finally came in- yay! did you get that tweet about the soft curlers I sent you long ago. they have them on ebay for cheaper than sasa.

    i think the lenses look pretty on you!

  6. NICE COLOR LENS!! where did you buy yours at? i bought my first pair about 2mths or so ago - and i like mine - i got the GEO gray lens - i love them b/c they're not noticeable but still give a slight dolly look...nothing crazy like you said. But i just ordered another pair that is a bright blue and is a tad bit larger - so hopefully - i'll be able to look normal still with them. LOL

    you've definitely got some awesome goodies!! and that envelope is just tooooo cute!!!

  7. im kind of intrigued by that hair sheet thigie! what on earth is it? does it straighten your hair? i think i've seen something like it in daiso

  8. I love your haul! and I love your lens! I haven't open my geo tri browns yet -_- been extra busy lately!

  9. Ooh girl, I love the natural pop these lenses give your eyes! Super pretty color :D I heart your haul!

  10. cute package from zoe, the color for the geo lens you got looks great on you, natural enough but makes your eyes look so cute and flirty, not that you need anymore more cutness to you anyways ;)

  11. nice haul! i love everything you got! you look so good with those lens on, they're very natural and pretty on you! i want to try out some eye masks now too ever sine Eki reviewed them. my eye bags could definitely use some help! xx

  12. girl, your gonna have so much fun with all this stuff!!!enjoy girl!! xoxo!

  13. I want that bubble mailer! haha :) .. the 217 brush is one of my favs! I actually wanna get like 2 more.. the current one I have for eyeshadow, one for paint pots/cream shadows, and one for concealer ^_^ I still haven't tried out brush cleanser yet from mac but it's so affordable I don't know why I haven't >_< I haven't tried that eye mask out yet that eki sent but I will have to soon. It looks like everyone is raving about it! :D

    As for fleshpot, I know it wasn't going to suit my skintone but I just wanted closure :) hahaha! I shall see if I should keep it or if I'm going to sell it...

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Thanks Bellas for stopping by!!! I'll get back at you as soon as I can. xoxo