Saturday, March 6, 2010

RANT: Some failures out there

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Ok this is a long ass RANT post so if you're not into this kinda stuff, feel free to "X" out the window or something. Otherwise, let's proceed :)


This is somewhat inspired by Chomfifi blog post some time in the past about failure to deliver a giveaway prize to you; now, the thought resurfaced again and feel like sharing it with you guys..

I joined this giveaway back in September of 2009. ( I will not mention who this person is) I won second place and I was so excited about it! The person emailed me and told my prize won't come soon its going to be late since she doesn't have any money at that time and she was going to send it after her birthday, which God knows when. But its cool so I was like "Its ok dear, take your time. I aint in a hurry". Along those times, she was going thru some things and I was there helping her, giving her advice how to improve her business emailing back and forth etc. I was really being patient, then she emailed me and said she's sorry she hasn't mailed my item yet she will after probably thanksgiving so I'm "like no bigge hun, like I said take your time". Then... sometime December 2009, she message me and told me that she's goin to send her item that day and wants to confirm if my address before was still the same so I told yes its still the same and I asked her hows everything doin...

It's already March.... 6 months since the giveway was held. and until this day, no prize yet. Hmmm....

Let me tell y'all this... I'm NOT about the PRIZE here.... I'm all about how well can keep your words. I don't give a flying crap about the prize anymore, you tell me something you better keep your damn words. I've held giveaways/contests in the past and If I can't deliver my package as soon as possible or something came up, I make sure to contact the winner(s) to let them know what's goin on and kept them updated. I gave her advices and opinions regarding on how she can improve her business when I have no fcking background or experiences on that kind of shit. It just suck you can't keep your words at all. If you tell me from the get-go that you don't know for sure when you can send my prize, I'd freakin understand. I can wait 6 mons, 1 year, 2 years, 10 years etc. for it.. just don't give me 3 dates/period of time that you're goin to send this item only expect nothing. I can even wait forever..... JUST DON'T TELL ME SOMETHING YOU CAN'T KEEP, that's a MAJOR pet peeve. Or... at least freakin contact me whats going on! Is that really hard to do? It doesn't take 3 minutes of your time to let me know u got some bizznuts to take care of, I'll understand. No communication = FAIL.

Keep your prize honey, cuz the excitement is no longer there.


I do swap at Makeupalley but I stopped for awhile since being swaplifted by a sissy hoe. After several months, I finally felt like I'm up for the swapping game again. So I put some stuff 2 weeks ago or so. I have this one product that as soon as I put it up in there, I got so many messages from people wanting to swap for that item. Then this person came to offer a swap with me and she stated she have this item she had on my wishlist... and so I'm like DING DING DING.. annnd we got a winner! So I told her ok hun, can you take a picture of that item if you don't mind I just want to see how it looks like (I have pictures of all the items I have) and she said ok I'll take a picture of it in a minute. So I emailed the other offers (as courtesy of course) and told them "I'm sorry I didn't see anything that I can use for now, thanks for checking tho!" even tho some of them really got some nice stuff, but this girl's item (the one that I chose to swap with) had the item Ive been wanting for some time now. I logged in every day on MUA to check her item/profile to see if the picture was up and still wasnt there. So after 2 days, I messaged her and told her "Hey hun, I still don't see the picture. Please let me know if its up" after some hours she message me and said "Sorry, I didnt get a chance to take a picture but I already snagged the item when I was in Sephora"

uhm... what.the.fuck?

OK... that really bummed. So I messaged her.. here is our convo...

ME: oh that sucks. shoulda told me earlier cuz theres so much offer i turned down for ur pan and been waiting for ur reply. not really cool...

GIRL: Sorry you turned offers down but a swap wasn't worked out yet, you asked for a picture. Nothing is concrete until addresses are exchanged.

ME: well, first of all, YOU'RE the one who came up to me to ask for a swap, not me. I would understand if IM the one who came up to you asking for a swap first. I know addresses aren't exchange and nothing was finalized, but don't come up to someone wanting something, and the person agrees only to be turned them down by you when you're the one who come up to them and offer an exchange and the other person already turned down 5 offers. Sorry if I sound rude but I'm just telling you for your own good cuz I'm pretty sure anyone in my position would feel the same way. Just sayin. Im glad u snagged a product.

GIRL: Score! I'm just telling you for your own good, life sucks and life isn't fair. There is much more to get your panties in a wad about than swapping for used makeup. I'm sure you can message the people who were interested in your item and let them know that you are interested in swapping. I never tell anyone an item isn't available until addresses are exchanged and the swap is confirmed. Have a great night sheesh.

ME: Well crucify me for stating my opinion over a matter. So I can't say anything to you now and just because I wasnt happy with it means you gotta give me a lecture about life and theres more than just swapping makeup? How about take it as it is cuz like you said, life suck and unfair and yes, you can't please everyone and have them always on your side. I ain't even mad, just sayin what I feel. Its human nature. I'm very AWARE of the fact its not finalized yet, I'm just sayin you can't jus do that to people. Take a chill pill...

If I'm the one who came up to her and I wanted the item she has and told me that she already snagged that item she wanted, then I can't really complain about that. But if YOU'RE THE ONE who came up to me FIRST wanting to swap with me badly, well you better be damn committed on what you're about to take on. I turned down good offers, one girl even offer an extra 5 dollar for that item! I just love the lecture..."life is unfair", "more to life than just makeup".... everybody knows that genius, sounds like a lame excuse and trying to deflect the blame cuz you fucked up an offer. Pathetic... just downright pathetic. Yea you're right sissy hoe, theres more to life than makeup, therefore I aint goin to swap shit for awhile thanks to you cuz theres more than life to swapping make-up...*cough cough*...freakin USED make-up for Jesus sake...God knows what kind shit you got in there...

Sorry for the long ass rant. Bottomline....I'm really a nice person. LOL.

Sorry if I sound like a whiny ass baby. But those who are close to me really know that I'm pretty blunt and straightforward, and I don't take shit from anybody. I'm a trustworthy,understanding person, and if you're my friend then I got yo back no matter what, I'm that loyal. I've fought for my friends; someone talk shit to them.. I talk a shitload back. But I got pet peeves too such as ones that are mention on top. Keep your damn words bitches, if you can't then you will have a hard time earning peoples trust.



  1. You don't sound like a whiny ass baby at all!~You have the right to be a little piss in these situation cuz it seems like the faults are really on the other people. ^^ Cheer up. Don't let these kinds of things dampen your day.

  2. Hi hun..I know how u feel about the giveaway because I alos had the same experience as u once but can't do nothing about it and just let it go T T...and for the swap thing I'd really be mad if it happened to me but again since it's the cyber world these kind of things happen by the way did u ever get nasty comments?I got 1 once and omg it was really a dirty one and it even felt more worse than the giveaway experience so it take it easy and cheer up^^

  3. you make me real curious as to what golden item you were trying to swap, lol. I think I have like under 10 tokens or something so I'm not that experienced with the swapping but I know people out there are inconsiderate and shady. Sorry you had to encounter one of these people!
    I know what you mean about the contest fail too. I won one for a Clarisonic brush. Not gonna lie- I still really want it, lol. But the girl only asked for my address and then NEVER got back to me. She said it would be sent out from the company but that was back in November I think. She could have at least replied to me that her contest was not gonna pull through b/c maybe the company sponsoring it was a scam. That's my theory anyway. Plus she never updated her blog or twitter afterwards. fishy...

    I still think you're a nice person btw!

  4. Girl I feel you... I've never had to go through anything like this (luckily) but just reading about other people's experiences makes my blood boil! Idk why some people are so rude, ignorant, and dishonest. I agree, if there's ever a holdup with something I need to send to someone, I let them know right away. Some people are just... UGH. Too much for words! I still think you're a nice person! (: I know I would be one angry ass bitch too if anyone pulled this ish with me!

  5. OH man! I got the same shit with a giveaway prize...
    This girl said she shipped it (yah) and it never arrived.. Damn she even couldn't say the DATE!!

    And about swapping.. I am so afraid of it y.y

  6. i din't even know there is such thing as a contest scam! coz wats the deal about doing a fake giveaway??? wats the point rite???
    that gal in ur MUA is such a hypocrite, coz that web is all about swapping makeup and cosmetics (hence the website name duh!) so wats she doing in MUA??? lol
    yeah there's lots of weird people out there and they are not making the web/blog world a happy place grrr
    but luckily there are really nice and sincere bloggers out there who is doing all this for fun and i am all for it! xoxo elle

  7. Girl, sorry that you encountered those two f-ed up people. That's just wrong and I would have felt the same way about makeup girl.

    Nevertheless, we know you'll still continue being your good self and others will hopefully be the same! Have a good weekend dear!

  8. Oh my goodness! That first rant was like, "well, ok... that would upset me too if I were in your shoes" but that second rant actually did piss me off too and I wasn't even in the situation! I can't stand ignorant, rude people. SHEESH!

    lol At least your stood your ground :)

  9. damn, her attitude really sucks. i never tried MUA swaps. and i dont really think i will now. -_-

    btw, talking about swaps, i bought your stuff and it'll be in the post tomorrow morning :D

    but get back to me ASAP with your MUA wishlist okay, coz i'll be dropping by the mall before the postoffice. i can try get you something off the list. quick quick

  10. GIRL TRUST ME! I won a contest and never received my prize EVER! Only claims that it was sent and blah blah blah. All these sob stories = you ain't getting shit! I have no problem putting this person on blast, she's lucky I didn't though. lol

    So many dishonest people in the world, which I absolutely hate!

  11. Hey lady! This post right here is the TRUTH! On both accounts that's messed up. Why would you do that to say someone?! That's a fudged up move. I'm sorry that happened love! =/ It would help if people are straight forward and honest. I mean why hold contests or agree to swap something if you don't want to comply with the rules? Even if it's not stated, there's rules, ya know? It's like....girl code! Haha!

    I've been doing good love! I know, I miss blogging on here. It's like a community of awesome people, so I'm going to try to make sure that I update here at least twice a week (fingers crossed!). And yes you are following me on Tumblr! I am following you as well!! =) How have you been? Hope you are well!!

  12. Sorry to hear all that, it's just not cool at all to promise something she can't keep. at least you're not losing anything.
    and that girl on MUA is really not nice. asked for a swap and then tell you such things.

  13. hey girl! The contest thing sucks. Buy the prize before the contest... that usually is how its done....

    I get so tired of crazy swappers! It takes alot of patience sometimes to deal with those ladies!


    Im in process of responding to your email.. I have so much to say and not enough time to type it out this weekend, lol!! I will talk to you soon!

  14. AMEN.

    Geez, I guess people don't give a shit anymore about their reps. I always make a point to send my giveaway prizes out as soon as I can after getting the winner's address. It's the right thing to do!! Your swap story is one reason why I have yet to do a swap with strangers. Some girls are just downright scandalous. :\

  15. aw there are some lovely girls out there and then there are the shady ones. sorry you had to encounter the latter =S


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