Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Updated Skincare Routine + Lippie Haul (MAC + Boots)

Hello ladies! I just want to share a couple of stuff with you guys :)

Updated Skincare Routine

So, I've decided to change my skincare routine. For the record my skin type is Combination (leaning toward the Oily side)/Acne-Prone Sensitive. Ever since I got myself into makeup 2 years ago, my skin went crazy. I thought at first its because the makeup itself was causing me to breakout, little did I know its the fact that I used so many products to wash my face off to make sure my skin is completely, zero makeup on. When you washed your face that much, you are stripping your natural oil and alternating the pH level on your skin...thus,leading to skin irritation and therefore result to acne or breakout.

I didn't thought about it before because at some point I broke out really bad -_- My focus is to get rid of my acne... so what's the first initial action? Get products that fights/prevents acne/breakout production. I've used Clinique 3-step Skin Care, Pro-Activ, TBS seaweed line, Clinique Acne Solutions, AcneFree (recent one) etc. Some actually prevent me from breaking out, but if I miss a routine, just ONE routine say at night, the next day I'll have 2 pimples in my forehead. Others seems to be fine for a week, then afterwards I start to breakout again. Seriously, I almost gave up on finding the right skincare product. It seems like a lifelong battle for me to find the right product and the only way is to reach for professional help, which we all know will not come cheap.

After some brief research, I've decided to take a new approach. Its not really new... maybe its new for me in awhile... but its basically what I've been doing since before I got into makeup crazy..... "Less IS MORE". Used the mildest possible cleaner out there and always moisturize!

Revealing the new products...

Before Skincare Products

This doesn't include 2 makeup removers (wipes and liquid) and yes I used 2 of them along with my makeup remover cleanser. Harsh they are >_<

(That I will no longer purchase):

AcneFree Oil Free Purifying Cleanser, Renewing Toner, and Repair Toner (Drying & Irritating!)
Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Night Cleansing Pads (Drying and making my face red everywash)
TBS Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment (I have no idea what this do)
TBS Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream (OK..but not worth re-purchasing IMO)
Clinique Youth Surge Age Decelerating Moisturizer (OK but not moisturizing enough and ;eaves residue on face)

New Skincare Products :)

See any difference? Lesser and much milder products.


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser For all skin types
Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner
Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer
Neutrogen Fresh Foaming Cleanser (Makeup remover and cleanser in one! Been using this in a while. Will make a review on this in future!)
Origins Modern Friction Gentle Dermabrasion (Love this scrub! Been using this for years, my skin feels soft and clean every wash)
Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel (HG spot treatment!)

I haven't tried the first 3 products and just literally purchased them today so I can't really say how they work for me. But I've read/watched reviews about these products so I'm hoping they would work for me. I might use benzoyl peroxide once in awhile but definitely not everyday.

Of course having acne for sometime now lead to some awful post-blemishes/acne scars. I've never had such a bad post-acne pigmentation in my life :(

Prepare to witness my awful skin. PLEASE BE WARNED... ITS A REALLY GROSS SIGHT! If you're eating or have a sick stomach I suggest to LEAVE! lol.

*drum roll*

This is the worst and most "active" part of my face. My pores are hella big and disgusting! See the big one in the middle? I've had it for months. What made it worst I've had pimpleS developed in the SAME area for months, therefore its really scarred and beyond repaired at this point :((((

Here are the 2 products that I will start using to hopefully help me get rid of the hyperpigmentation from acne scarring. (HOLLA to my girl MANJU for recommending me Bio-Oil! Check her review post HERE about this product)I might start looking for a lightening soap or serum to aid with these scarring as well.

I don't know why I'm showing this to y'all, and I'm sorry if its gross. Point is I don't have a perfect skin and taking care of your skin is imperative. You don't want to end up with that huge ass scar in your face just because either you use too much products or completely neglect it. Find a good skincare product that works for you. If it didn't work the first time, don't give up.Remember, whatever skin type you have, ALWAYS moisturize!

Lipstick Haul

I went to CVS one time to just wander around and check if they got some great deal. And jackpot! They got some BOOTS merchandise, which I've never tried before and always been curious. What's more incredible is ALL of their merchandise is 90% off. YES... 90% off! Sweeet! I didn't intend to buy a lot (but I can if I want to); just grabbed some to try some ya know.

Here's what I got....

No7 4 Moisturizing lipsticks, No7 Cleanse & Clear Eye Make-up Remover, 2 No7 Ultimate Curl Mascara in Brown/Black, No7 Line & Define Lip Pencil in Nude.

These ranged from .66 cents to 1.99 I believed on each product.

(Without Flash) L to R: Divine, Chic, Pink Lemonade, Plum Beautiful

(With Flash) L to R: Divine, Chic, Pink Lemonade, Plum Beautiful

Swatches with Flash L to R: Chic, Divine, Pink Lemonade, Plum Beautiful
Top: Nude (liner)

Swatches without Flash L to R:Chic, Divine, Pink Lemonade, Plum Beautiful
Top: Nude (liner)

Lipsticks are really moisturizing and easy to apply. I don't think its that long lasting, but its OK. The lip liner is great! last long and its good for going for nude look. I haven't tried the makeup remover since I'm still using my Clinique and wipes. Anyhow, great deal!

My friend Stephanie was kind enough to do a CP order for me. Like some of you might know, I don't have any MAC stores around and if I want to get my hands on their items I gotta order them online or have to drive 2 hours to Chicago.

I got 3 MAC lippies! I really wanted these lippies and the reason why I have to CP is because 2 of the lippies are out of stock at the MAC website.

Steph throw in some extras (you shouldn't have!) and I'm excited to try them out! Thanks Stephie!

With Flash L to R: Modesty, Hug Me, Cosmo

Without Flash L to R: Modesty, Hug Me, Cosmo

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of swatches, but will in future!

Have you tried any of the products in this post? What do you think about them?

Enjoy the rest of your weekdays ladies!



  1. wow total change in your skincare system! goodluck!!!!

  2. i have the same problem like yours! have been breaking out real bad for the past few months. some of the acne reduce, but the next day more acne come, really frustrated. but now have been using the Clinique anti blemish solution for a few weeks, i do notice the change, my skin is getting better, no more big red blemish but lot of awful scars. guess the less is more saying really works :) thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. i love cetaphil !!! works wonders on my eczema!

  4. Cheers to the "less is more" method! This has been serving me well since I began on it. Love your new milder, lesser routine. =D Cetaphil didn't work for me but I hope it does for you. And holy cow! 90% off all those goodies? Niiice! How sweet of Steph to CP all those MAC lippies for you.

  5. we love cetaphil....hubby got a bad case of acne...& all his dermatologists recommend that definitely we can't live without it...and what?90% off...I have to go to CVS..

  6. rice krispie treats???lollllll :)
    whoaaa boots stuff is so cheap over there. have you tried the NO 7 High Shine Lip Gloss? it's <3 ! so pigmented and long lasting!
    i hope bio oil works for you too honeybee!it's got vit. e in it, so it'll take care of the scarring. and have you tried aspirin mask?
    i've never used cetaphil, but i'm using neutrogena facewash too, the deep clean gel one.
    just keep taking care like this and drink loads of water and your skin will be looking perfect in no time
    love love

  7. My skin has been pretty crazy over the years and some dermatologist products made it worse! Waste of money I tell ya.

    I've used Cetaphil and Clean and Care or Garnier Cream cleanser and those have been good. I'm also thinking of the Clarisonic Plus later this year.

    BTW love Cosmos! Your Boots haul is pretty awesome too!

  8. Hope the new skincare routine will work for you too! I'm having an 'active' area on my forehead too and I really hate it. And I am now left with so many scars. Let us know how the scar treatments work.

    & great lipstick haul!! I wish Canadian drugstores had such good deals =[ But lovely colours!! (: ♥

  9. i tried bio oil for a minor burn on my hand. I got it from a touching a heating lamp while trying to grab some chicken. sad I know! lol. but the metal touched the area below the thumb and first finger crease on top of my hand. The burn tried to puff up but I put a bandaid or tape or something on it to keep it from "bloating." then after a while I took off the bandaid and starting applying the bio oil. eventually the scar faded away! yay! it faded faster than when I didn't treat other burns right away. any way i know you have acne scars and that's different but I hope it helps! i know that tazorac helped but makes you seriously flakey and peeling- extreme and expensive. :( bravo to you for showing your pimples! :)

  10. Definitely jackpot at the drug store. It's better than a dollar store! lol. I've heard about bio oil but I don't know if I should try it. It's on and off. I have scars and I know I will from those freakin rashes (that still haven't gone away! erghh) so no more bikinis for me =[ Let me know how it is for you later! I need to be 100% convince before buying it. Plus, still got the rashes so I don't think I can use it right now.

    You're brave to show your pimples but that's okay! Just remember, there's people out there who have it much worst than you. I'm sure it'll eventually go away...

  11. OMG, I'm envious of all your lippies! XD And I can't believe that you got those top ones for under less than $2~!! I love all the colors, just like colors I'd used ;)

  12. Idk why, but I'm not able to comment on your 'rant' post :( So I'll just post it here. I know that you'll be reading it since you have all your comments moderated

    Dang, I'm sorry that you've had such bad luck =/ Some people really just are messed up like that. And no worries, you don't sound like a "whiny ass baby" as you put it, NOT AT ALL! You deserve to be able to rant and get mad all you want. I would too! For sure!

    And I just cannot believe the nerve of the girl who you were supposed to swap with to tell you those things! >=O As I read I was thinking - WTF!?

    People like the ones you just described are the reason for why I ALWAYS have my guard up. I'm scared to swap with people unless I know them. That's one of the MAIN reasons why I haven't put up a blog sale (though I have like a billion things I wanna put up).
    & Ugh and those dummies who hold giveaways and don't follow through just piss me off! I seriously think that so many people are holding giveaways to just gain more followers. So once they get them, they don't feel the need to deliver the goods in the end. Omg, I could go on and on about how irritated people get me. It's insane.

    But hun, just rant and rant all you want. It's okay - we'll be here for you <3

  13. Very useful, informative and organised blog entry! I am a follower of course!

  14. Less is DEFINITELY More! Just last year I had the worst breakout ever and I realized it was all because of my continuous use of different products on my face. I went to the doc and he recommended that I give my skin a rest and just use a gentle cleanser w/c is Cetaphil too. It worked wonders for me.

    Thanx for this info, Im thankful I stumbled on your blog.

    TC alwayz! =)


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