Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yikes! MIA for awhile...

Hey ladies! Im still alive! Sorry for the lack of post. I've been doing so many things lately. Just got back from Chicago where my mom went thru her surgery successfully :) I didn't do any shopping at all and IM FREAKIN PROUD OF IT! Well, I only bought one item which is the MAC studio sculp concealer. All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE ( I want your love) That was lame. But seriously, NO MORE CAKING! I think I may found the perfect substitute for my Cargo Onebase. (And thank God I did since I don't know where else to get Cargo)

I'll start of with a review from one of the products I hauled from my latest post. (and I think I did mention saying I'd do a review on it on the next post. So here it is..)



I got this item from Sasa couple weeks ago. It was an accident getting this item. What I really wanted to get Silk Whitia Quick Moisture Whitening Mask. I don't know why on earth did I let myself check out without checking what item I put on the cart. Anyways, it was a happy accident.

What it claims to do:
Silk Whitia Collagen Moisturizing and Nourishing Eye Mask contains replenishing moistures for the eyes and reduces dry fine lines. The collagen and ginseng extract contained can effectively lock moisture and nourish the skin.

I gotta say, after a couple of use, I was pretty impress. I'm no eye mask expert, nor an overall mask expert, but this thing is quite effective.

The product itself looks like this Phantom of the Opera A-la mask. You take it out of the packaging and it's very well soaked on the formula. I honestly would prefer my mask not dripping wet when I take it out of the packaging, cuz in this case that's how it was. It's not a big deal, just preference wise I'd rather not have it that much fluid in it.

A lot of people say that this mask fits properly around their eyes. Uhm... I don't know about my eyes but this thing seems to be smaller for me. Check the picture below....

The mask is touching the outer cantus of my eye already. Here's what I do... before putting it on, I cut the side of the outer corner of the mask into this curve thing shape. I don't know how to explain it properly, basically making the eye patch slightly bigger to fit my eyes comfortable. Does that make sense? Anyways, I guess that's the only issue I got with this product.

What I really like about this is how refreshing it is and how moisturizing this product. It has that cooling sensation goin on with it. My biggest issue with my eyes is dark circles.. and although it didn't state on the description I think it can be as effective in reducing dark circles. What made it do so is the fact it has that firming property to it; not only does it moisturize the eye area alone but it also firms the skin around it, causing to reduce the appearance of fine lines and of course dark circles as it pulls the skin tighter. Not only THAT, if you have large pores near the under eye area, this can also aid in making them smaller!

Summarizing the review..

- Moisturizing/ Hydrating
- Refreshing (cooling sensation)
- Has firming properties
- Reduces fine lines, dark circles, and pores as well
- Mask very well soaked
- Covers a good amount of area around the eye
- Reasonable amount of price (Buy 1 get 1 free at Sasa)

- Not readily available (I don't know if you can get this anywhere in the US)
- May not fit your eyes and need some adjusting to it

Overall, I give it a 8/10. If I'm really that concern with dark circles and fine lines, I'd use other products in adjuct to this, but this alone I think would not make it completely disappear. It just basically reduce the look of it, and needs couple of uses to to see some difference.



Steph C., also known as Ms. Buggiebean, surprised me with some love package! Here's what I got from her...

Thanks to Steph since I may have found the BEST drugstore lipstick I've ever tried, possibly one of the best lipsticks I've ever tried. I LOVE THE SHADE! It's Rimmel's Moisture Renew in SPOTLIGHT BEIGE. I've been seriously using this almost everyday.

Thanks Stephie baby! Show her some love by visiting her blog HERE!

The BOOOOO send me some post-valentines day goodies! So unexpected! I think he's trying to make me into a San Francisco girl lol. Soon my love, very soon :))


The HK marshmallow is the SHIZZ. I finished it within 45 minutes. lol. Thanks boooooooooooo. I'll see you in 2 weeks! :))

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend! I'll try to catch on some blog posts!


Disclaimer: Items listed on this post are purchased by my own money, given by a friend and my boyfriend. I'm not affiliated with any of the brand listed above. Opinions are solely mine and was not paid to promote any items above.


  1. I think I have the Sila Whita Whitening masks you wanted to buy :P I can send you one if you want :)

    I love the I heart SF tee :) reminds me of home....

  2. awwww thanks for the mask review!

    awesome love packages!!! miss you!

  3. you forgot to mention what shade it was! but I already know b/c I love it too!!

    i love looking at mask pics. thanks for sharing :)

    your boo is so sweet. can you imagine him going around and buying hello kitty marshmallows? lol.

  4. thanks for the review! i'll look out for it :)
    awesome love packages! your boo is really sweet to send you those goodies :D

  5. Yay to love packs! You look like a sexy crime fighter with that eye mask on...hee hee :D Thanks for the review, lovey!

  6. thanks for the great review Hun :D I still havent tried that mask yet but I will def use when I have me time again :D

    ohh what a lovely love packages!! your boo is so sweet hehe :D


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