Monday, April 12, 2010

FOTD Featuring drugstore items + love packages + formspring

Holla ladies! Did a FOTD using nothing but drugstore products!I love me some drugstore products, they're cheaper and readily available to your local drugstore joint (hence drugstore,duh) But yeah without further's the look...

Yikes for no concealer at all! I am also bummed since I've taken more pictures from my webcam yet it only saved 3 pictures! BOOO!

Products Used

Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow in Copper Canyon
 (white only, as eye base)
Loreal HIP concentrated shadow duo in Rascal and Adventurous
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara in Very Black
Jordana Easyliner For Eye in Black
E.L.F Studio Lip Stain in Heartbreaker
EOS Lip Balm
Kissywear Eyeshadow in Natural (Not a drugstore product, but has a drugstore price!)
Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation in Medium

1) Loreal HIP in Rascal (Thanks Sara!!) 2) Loreal HIP in Adventurous 3)Kissywear in Natural 4) Revlon Cream Shadow.

Love Swap From Manju Girl, Easter Surprise from Steph and some haul

Manju Girl and I did some swappin and I'm allll stoke when I got her package!!!

; )))

mmmmmmhmmmm.... those are all for meee! SHE LOVES ME :)

SHE GOT ME MORE TAMTAMS!!! I LOVE THESE SH*T! And of course, by the time you readin this, the snacks are looong way gone and outta my system already.

Thank you for swap WOMAN! Till next timeee! I heart you xoxo

Last saturday I went shopping with my relatives. I don't feel like shopping but eehh, I gave in.

Haha..Stephie's package is included in the photo. It came saturday as well and it was totally unexpected!

Lol... She got me some sponge rolls!!! WOOOT!! I was talking to her about wanting to get these from sasa but when I ordered way back in March it was sold out :( I was surprised she got me something similar and I always wanted to try these out!

Thank you Steph for being such a wonderful friend!!! xoxo

(visit her jewelry site at ... support handmade!)

RUE 21. I like RUE 21. I'm not really a big fan of the store in our outlet before...until they did a store makeover.... bigger store = more spacious! I don't know bout y'all but I tend to be claustrophobic on some clothing stores...thats why sometimes I indulge myself on online shopping because seeing SALE racks with clothes all over the place gives me migraine every time..I can't take it! I like the convenience of online shopping, its easier for me to narrow clothes down..and no whiny ass bitches complaining about not having the size they want. (At least the HS bitches ones)

I got 3 things-- Cute purple polo, leggings for 5 bucks, and a gold a-la gladiator flops.

BASS. I've never shop at this shoe store...I don't even know its a shoe store. It's one of those stores you think only your moms or pops would care to walk by lol. What surprise me is how expensive their slippers and shoes are! But they got this B1G2 free sale thing going on. Granny bought a shoe, gave one of the 2 frees to me.

Would you believe these slippers cost $74? Thats like 7 flip flops from Wet Seal...14 from Old Navy. At least I got it for free..but I aint buying it for itself.

Bath and Body Works. The only thing I buy from this store is their hand foaming wash.I get soo many bath and body lotions/gels/sprays for Christmas/birthday, I may have a lifetime supply in my closet no shit. But they got this clearance thing going on, so again, can't resist.

Triple moisture body cream in "Dancing Waters" (Smells hella good) and an eye cover because I'm such a nightowl, I don't sleep till my sister gets up for school lol. I got these 2 things for under....*drum roll*.... 5 dollaa.


Btw, I'm putting up my formspring again. I took it out cuz I heard/read this rumor bout formspring being a phishing spam site, but not true at all. So for any questions, beauty or just about anything.... visit
my formspring at or you can fill up the formspring widget on the side bar for your questions ;)

Happy Monday!!!


Disclaimer: All the products featured on this post was purchased by my own money. I do not work for any of the brands/companies mentioned above. No monetary compensation was involve. These are my honest and true opionions.


  1. great haul! LOVE THE GOODIES!!! :)

  2. Tamtams? Haven't tried it but it looks yummy! I am sure I'll like it base on packaging! :)

    love the eye makeup you look gorgeous! Love your hauls too! Can't wait to see more of your looks

  3. Wow, you got a ton of great stuff Joanna! Plus you look great :)

  4. so many goodies! yay!
    you looks pretty! I like your fotd's!

  5. wow!
    that's a lot of goodies for you!
    you deserve everything because you really are 1 of the sweetest blogger ever

    You look hot,hun!
    love the's been a while since i actually did an eye make-up & you inspired me with this one!

    hope you are doing great!

    i already received the package that you sent me. Thank you so much. I love everything! but best of all is the's soooooo cute! plus it smells good too...

  6. looking gorgeous as always dearie <3
    n Ohhhhhhhhhh love the new blog look! you use the Revlon Illuminance as base? i have the palette, but it never seems to work for me. maybe i havent been using it properly, dunno.
    i hope you liked everything :) i know i did love everything i gotfrom you
    love you!

  7. Really pretty FOTD!

    Anyways, visit my blog too if you want :)


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