Saturday, April 17, 2010

How I Use My MAC Brush Cleanser (and how to use the most out of it)

Hello ladies! I believe a month ago I did the haul post where I bought the 217 brush and MAC Brush Cleanser, and today just want to share with you guys how I use it, and quite possibly, the right way of using it.

Whenever I bought an item I've never used before, I always make sure I read the instruction label. The MAC Brush Cleanser is one of those products where I skipped the instruction label...not only because I have seen how MAC MUAs used it in the past but more importantly, the steps on instruction label is quite not the most effective method of cleaning your brush as you thought it would be.

You probably don't know what the heck I'm talking about but anyways, to those of you who would like to purchase this in the future and to those of you who already own this item yet you feel you're not getting the most out of along...

So first off, let me tell you what bothers me about this product....and that is the push down cap/nozzle. First time I squeezed the thing from bottle I felt like I used 1/4 of it already, I feel like having this cap will waste so much of the product and next thing you know, my bottle is already finished.

Anyways, what did I do to solve this problem...

1) Take one of these empty sprays (Bath and Body Works Spray/Mist what have you work as well!)
2) Cut the end part of the tube (If its too long for your bottle)

3) Replace annoying cap with the Spray Pump

Viola!!! Now you just extend your brush cleanser life span to 2 more months.

So now, how do you use it? If you read the instructions it will tell ya that you need to dampen or wet your brush and pour this product onto your brush or some shit like that. Ahem.... WRONG. Don't follow that crap cuz I tell ya... IT AINT GONA WORK. It will...probably after 3 hrs of non-stop scrubbing. But we want the easy way.

Here's what you need..I got my MAC Brush Cleanser of course, some paper towel, and of course the brushes that needs to be clean.

**Again, keep in mind the brush has to be in its dry,dirty form**

What I do is take 1 paper towel and fold it twice to achieve that square form/shape. I take my brush cleanser and spray it to my towel twice. (you can spray more than that if you want, but once or twice is good)

I take my brush, and this one is just totally my thing, I go spray it again once (or twice), and have it sit for a good 3 seconds or so.

After the medium has set in, go ahead and scrub the dirty brush onto the towel where you sprayed the medium at. You can immediately see the color wearing off from the brush. Keep doing this until you feel like the brush is completely out of color.

**It seems like I'm doing the scrubbing with just one hand on the picture above, but I'm just doing it for picture purposes only. You know you gotta hold the towel with your other hand in real life mmmkaay......just saying :)**

See how clean that is? Its almost like new! And this is done like under 30 seconds.

Let's do another brush...

Flipped the towel to the other side. Again, spray the towel and the brush with the medium and let it sit for a couple of seconds.

scrub scrub scrub

I use the dry part of the towel to check if the color is completely off, and to wipe off excess liquid.

Squeaky Clean Brushes!

What I love about this brush cleanser is since it has alcohol, it dries pretty quick. No waiting for hours to use your brushes! And the medium itself has some good anti disinfectant properties that kills germs/bacterias in your brush.. so you don't just feel like its taking out the color but its really cleaning the brush.

Did I substitute the MAC Brush cleanser from the typical water + baby shampoo cleaning method for brushes? No. I still think that's the best way of deep cleaning your brushes. I use the brush cleanser as my "spot" brush cleanser and on those days were I'm practically lazy. Of course, you can use both method at the same time :)

On the other news.... LOVE PACKAGES!

Yes! I received some love mail from some lovely people!

Unexpected love mail from the sweet Linda. I can't wait to try these out! And the Pixy Stix are quite addicting!

Thanks babe, you really didn't have to!! xoxo

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Thank you Edna, I'll get back at you one day! xoxo

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Disclaimer: Products listed above are either bought by my own money and/or was given to me as a gift from my fellow blogger friends. No money compensation was involve.Opinions are completely honest and true.


  1. Man, I want pumps/wedges! I've been crossing my fingers to get my hands on that! lol.

    Interesting on the mac cleanser thing. haha. I get so lazy to clean the brushes.... makes me don't want to wear any (I do sometimes, of course).

    You're welcome with the random love package! hehe.

  2. lol it cracked me up when you called it the annoying cap xD

  3. Thanks for this post, very helpful! I have never tried the MAC brush cleaner before, but if I do, now I know how to make the most of it :D Super awesome love packages too, Edna's cards are cuuute!

  4. I like the way you using MAC brush cleaner! Seems like it more easier way

  5. Thanks for the tips. You just remind me to clean my dirty brush now :D. That's so sweet of them, lovely package :)

  6. Yes I have this too! Thanks for the spray head recommendation. I usually dunk my eyeshadow brush in this, wash in water, and dunk in a second helping. Man I was using a lot of cleanser but it really cleaned out my brushes. I'm totally trying out baby shampoo and water too!

  7. great idea girl! i like this tip!

  8. OOh, love packages are the shizzle!! And that is a much more effective way of cleaning brushes rather than using that "annoying" cap. I have been looking into buying the brush cleaner from mac. I have one that makes me cough every time I spray it. I know, weird.

  9. interesting cleansing technique! And lovely packages you received, I do love those beauty diary masks too :D

  10. Yay to love packs! I'm currently using Sephora brush cleaner but am totally going to try your method. Thanks! =D

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    Have fun!!!

  12. Thanks for the review! I'm looking for a spot cleaner for my brushes! So this looks like a good product! And I talked about the wet & wild creme eyeliner in my april favorites! I think it works pretty good! Let me know how it does for you!!


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