Friday, April 2, 2010

March Hits

So I've decided to finally join the bandwagon of monthly faves. Im so newbie to this and I would only showcase the things that I mostly used for the month that I really really love..not necessary a recent buy or something I bought on that said month.

I present the products....

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

I don't know where to start on this. If you guys read my blog, you know that I recently changed my skincare routine 360 degrees. (CLICK HERE to read blog post) To all acne-prone,senstive skin ladies (and gents) out there... if you are looking for a gentle cleanser, hands down, this is the gentlest cleanser EVER. Those who have acne-prone,sensitive skin who kept dwelling on harsh acne products...guuuurrll, drop those shit cuz the reason you breakin out cuz u kept putting harsh stuff on yo face.

Seriously, ever since sticking to this cleanser.. I've gone from having breakouts every 2 days to 3-4 imples a month. I know 3 pimples a month seems a lot from some, but considering 2 of those peoples were possibly human error (I slept one time without washing my face with makeup and shit lol, woke up with 2 giant zits on my forehead. go figure) its really a great and i mean GREAT improvement. I'm sticking on this routine for awhile.

MAC 217 brush

I'm glad I took peoples advise in getting this brush. Im in love with it! Multipurpose indeed! At first I was having a hard time trying to use this brush, but then once you kept using it, you just find your own way of using it, and its very effective on doing what its suppose to do. This is more of a blending brush for me... extremely soft bristles, no more poking on eyelids! :)

MAC Eyeshadow in Ochre Style (left) and MAC Eyeshadow in Woodwinked (Right)

MAC e/s in Ochre Style

This was given to me by a fellow lovely blogger Sara (check her amazing blog here) I really didn't picked it up as much until this month when I'm usually to go for neutral browns and pinks now that the weather is more warmer. I LOVE IT! Its my depth/hollow color, it matches any other frost/shimmer brown e/s I have!

MAC e/s Woodwinked

This is my second pro pan. I will love this e/s forever. It goes very well with Ochre Style (and Rubenesque paint pot, which I should prolly put as well in here!) If I can only have one frost brown eyeshadow in my life, it would be this one!

Display: Woodwinked (left), Ochre Style (right)

With Flash: Woodwinked, Ochre Style

Sonia Kashuk Bent Eye liner Brush

I don't use my gel liner as much until I bought this brush and I was instantly hooked. To those of you wanted to try gel liner but is afraid of not getting the perfect strokes, this is a perfect brush to start. Its bent for easy precision lining.

Used Sonia Kashuk Bent liner brush with Clinique's Brush On Cream Liner. I know it's pretty sloppy, I coulda made it more cleaner.

**Tip: for a more precised or thinner strokes/lines... wet your brush, squeeze excess fluid, dip brush into cream liner and stroke the brush in the back of your hand a couple of times until you achieved the desired stroke.

Clinique Brush On Cream Liner in True Black

Since I had the brush, been using this more often than ever. When I bought this item, I thought its one of those products that will collect dusk in my makeup storage. Now, I'm actually using the product! Holy cow!

LOL... I get happy when I see a product and it's almost halfway done. Don't you guys feel the same way?

(DISPLAY) From left to right: Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick in Spotlight Beige, MAC lippie in Modesty, EOS lip balm in I forgot (lol)

(With Flash) L to R: Spotlight Beige, Modesty, EOS lip balm

Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick (Spotlight Beige)

I got this lipstick from Steph and I'm seriously been using this lipstick every day. Its soo moisturizing and pigmented! The packaging is so pretty (cuz its purple lol) Great nude color!

MAC Lipstick (Modesty)

This was recommended by another Steph (Julu) when I was looking for a good MAC lippie. (She even CP this for me. Thanks again dear!) Another great nude color for me! This is my go-to lipstick.

EOS Lip Balm

Since my lip isnt as chap as it was during winter (Carmex on winter, any lip balm would do on warmer season lol) I started using a more solid lip balm. I love this shit. I usually don't take this out because of its size, but I seriously use this all day all night. Addicting. Click Here to check my review on it.

Hope you girls enjoy your weekend. Happy Easter!!!

[source: MLB blog via google image]


Disclaimer: All the products listed above are purchased by my very own money with an exception of one eyeshadow which was given to me by my friend. I was not paid to advertise them. And yes, those were honest opinions.


  1. I'm so glad that you love that lipstick! Rimmel is probably my fave drugstore brand lipstick, it never dries out my lips ^^

  2. I can never pull off nude lipstick :(.
    BTW, those mac shadows are BEAUTIFUL. I'm a huge fan of neutral tons for my eyes (can't pull off brights...), I'm gonna try looking into some MACs...

  3. wow! seems like you using that lipbalm a lot

  4. Thank you for sharing your March loves =D I just got my first Rimmel lippie...hehe. Can't wait to try it!

  5. Fantastic favorites!

    I LOVE WOODWINKED! It's the perfect everyday eyeshadow.

    I want that Rimmel Lipstick. I had a coupon for it at Target, but they don't have that shade. BOOOO! :(

  6. you made me more intrigued with the EOS Lip balm!!!! And yay for including MAC217, its the best I swear!!!

  7. I want the EOS lip balm now. Michelle Phan also seems to love it. Plus its cheap and that packaging is SO adorable! One Q though: where do you buy this?

  8. i am planning to buy some skin care for my bf and i want to include this cetaphil. thanks for recommending this.

  9. I absolutely can't wait for EOS Lip Balms to be available in Canada! They only ship to USA as of now -_-

  10. hope you had a great easter weekend! The shimmering eye shadows are nice. I've heard of cetaphil haven't tried it yet though, but thanks for your review I will keep my eyes on the look out next time when I need to buy another cleanser!

  11. you just convinced me to get the sonia kashuk bent eye liner brush. thanks for this post.

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