Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm ALIVE! (heavy pictures)

hello blogger world! Its been forever since I've written a post! I'm sooo sorry all! I've been hella busy with my life right now. I realized its already been a MONTH long since I havent posted anything! I feel really bad! So now I've decided to share at least some stuff with you guys.

Like I said on my last post, I'm going to share with you guys pictures from my BOO's visit! Some of you have been waiting for this and I'm really sorry to have you guys waited. I finally "dumped" my pictures from my digicam to the computer and uploaded them to multiply just 2 days ago!

I know this is not really an informative type of post, but I'm hoping to be able to catch up with posts and reads from you guys! I've been hella busy with life right now its ridiculous. I can't even keep up with my twitter peeps :( (hey I miss you gals!) So if you don't like random babblings and looking at pictures, you can simple "X" out the screen ;)

So I now share you guys some pics when my Boo came here to visit me last May. As some of you may or may not know, me and him are currently in a long distance relationship. Its hard... I mean really, really hard. I never had this kind of relationship and I tell you, it's pretty enduring. It takes a lot of effort. Being away from a love one is one of the most painful thing ever, but at the same time, the anticipation of being together physically builds up each day that passes by and it gives you that different kind of optimism and happiness. Its hard now, but one day its going to be great! :))

So he came in for 5 days! Longest he's been with me since we started this LD. All we did was eat, eat and more eat. haha SLOBS. Anyways, I'll let the pictures speak for itself :)

WARNING: Heavy pictures. If you don't like it,like I said, just X it out :)

First day we went to Kofusion for some organic asian fusion yummy goodnesss. Love the vibe in this place. That night was hella packed.

The ceiling lights changes color every 10 minutes :)

Yay for $1 dollar sushi! Yup... 1 dollar each. (Except the crunchy shrimp sushi roll in the back lol) Can't beat that price!

Next day we drove to Chicago. We got lost somewhere in the south side LOL. Plus, the weather was kinda chilly and it drizzled occasionally. But thank God we arrived just about in time for our reservation at The Signature Room, which this nice restaurant known for its spectacular view, located at John Hancock Observatory.

The famous John Hancock Observatory.

We going up to the 95th floor!

Lovely atmosphere. Unfortunately, the biggest bummer is that since it was chilly and foggy that day... guess what... yup.... we didn't get to enjoy the spectacular view :(( that was like one of the worst time you could possibly reserved for a nice restaurant... I mean that's one of the reason why people come in here all over the US for the view.

BUT... despite the lack of breath taking views, the food made it up for us. Food was AMAZING :)

Me lookin oh so dorky. haha. Notice the windows, see how its just pure white? :((

We got 2 main course (how slob can we get? my Bf and I are food freaks) This one called artic seared salmon in shrimp butter sauce. (I forgot the name of the chicken dish I have above)

Potato soup. Honestly, this was a disappointment for us.It was too bland.

Dark chocolate mousse in raspberry sauce. mmmm.

Finally, saw a building! haha

Then we just walked around by michigan avenue. Picture above is the Water Tower.

Ugly weather, beautiful city :))

Cloud Gate aka THE "Bean" at Millenium Park

Me being a tourist lol. Note: Earlier, I was wearing a skirt and high heels. I brought flats with me cuz I know we're going to do a lot of walking. note to self and to all of you.... never wear FLAT sandals when walking. Make sure you have CUSHION on ur flops. I didnt. BAD MOVE. So basically the whole time my feet was in pain throughout the time.

Me and my boo. what kind of pose am i doing wtf lol.

The fountain that shows the people of chicago. coolness.

Chicago at night. very lovely!

Of course, he got me some cute goodies! We stopped by LUSH (of course) and got 3 items, then we went to the disney store and he got me THUMPER from Bambi! So cuuute!

The LUSH whore in me. lol. I got butterball bathbomb, sultana of soap (my new favorite scent!) and bohemian (another new fave too!) Hey.. I did good this time, I only got 3 items lol

[image via google]

Then for his birthday, we went to eat at Bacaro for dinner.

By the window overlooking street. I couldnt get a good picture inside the restaurant because my camera won't do justice in low light environment. If i do flash, it wouldn't show as much too. Boo!

Again, the food was fantastic! Its funny because I liked my boo's food more than mine haha, but mine was good tho. His was just much much better (he got the ribeye steak which is btw, the best ribeye steak I've ever had so far). Oh well, its his birthday anyway.

Boo took this from his camera phone. His camphone can take better pics in low light than my digicam, how sad.

Appetizer: Burrata. Basically its pulled mozarella cheese according to the waitress. Its really good. The roasted slice scallions really go well with the cheese. yumm.

This is my main course. Its one of their special of the day, its pan seared trout with asparagus and cornbread in it. I dont know exactly the name. It was good.

Last but not least is dessert. I know it looks like meatloaf from afar (lol) but its dark chocolate mouse and ice cream with pistachios. Really good. Boo got Kilgus Creamery saffron creme brulee with blood oranges.. we swapped cuz I liked his more than mine haha.

Me and my boo. I looked like a skank here haha.

Thats it for now ladies! I know I need to do post more stuff. Im sooo behind. Just really need to get through this nursing board, gotta study more now! Thank you for all of your support!



  1. finally!
    an update for you!

    i miss seeing & reading your posts...there ya go again with those lovely food pics!

    too bad that it was foggy on the day that you went to the observatory,huh?
    but the food was good at least..hehe

    you & your bf are a cute couple!
    so happy for you for you seem really glowing with love & charm

    have a lovely sunday,hun!

  2. missed you and your post Joanna! I can see you had a lot of fun and yummy food too :D

  3. Looks like you had a good time dear, it's always great to see a loved one and eat well (nice on the $1 sushi!)

  4. Hey love! It's Ciara (from I got a new blog! These pictures are so cute!! I've always wanted to see "The Bean" in person! I'm glad that you and your bf got to spend some time together! : )

  5. Hey girl! Good to see you back in the blogosphere. :D You and your boo are so cute together. "All we did was eat, eat and more eat."....haha, love it! Good luck on the nursing board thing, hun :D


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