Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sephora Grand Opening (and my unfortunate story)

Hello ladies! Friday, July 16th 2010 is one of the most anticipated event of the year for me. Sephora has finally touchdown to Central Illinois! Good Lord. Who would've thought this day would come? No more Chicago trips and shipping fees for buying stuff on Sephora! Good bye 3 hour drive, hello 7 mins!

Since it's a "Grand" opening, they gotta make it all interesting. I got the email notice about the opening weeks ago and in the email it said they're giving out 100 gift cards to the first 100 customer to line up. Another specificity is that a) you gotta be 16 years old or older b) you can't hold a spot for someone whose not in the line. Clear isnt it? OK.


So my sister and I thought we'd leave around 8 a.m. since the mall opens at 10. We thought that's pretty early already.. I mean I don't live in Chicago or any big city where people are gona rush off inside tryna butt in the line like it's black friday.and I thought "who cares about Sephora in Champaign? It's a freakin small citaay!"

Got there exactly 8:24 am (after dropping my mom at the dentist) This is the scene...


The line goes around the corner of Abercrombie. We're by the end of the first line on the right; as soon as we got there, the second line on the left started filling up really fast, like in 10 mins! Crazy!, after an hour and a half being in the line, they finally started giving out tickets to the first 100 person to line up. The lady behind me counted offered to count for us to see whether we made it in the 100th spot. She counted (excluding the kids) and she said we're the 97th and 98th person leaving her and another old lady being the 99th and 100th. We felt good about it at first...... UNTIL 3 PEOPLE SNEAKED IN THE LINE WITH THEIR FRIENDS. Ok, the guard saw 2 out of those 3 people who butt in and asked them to go back at the line since its not fair to us waited there forever. BUT THEN, theres this black dude who started defending the 2 girls as them being there for awhile and "they just went somewhere to get some food", the guard said fine and just left as quickly as he can. Can you say WHAT THE FUCK?! We wanted to tell the guard that aint fair but he just fleet off really quick. This left us extremely disappointed.

Now here comes the most depressing, disappointing, aggravating, hair-pulling moment of the day.... they started passing the ticket to the first 100 person, hoping to get one. As they gave the person in front of me her ticket, my heart is skipping getting all excited.... but the moment didn't last long until I saw the lady's ticket with the number "100"" all bold in front of it. Then the guy gave me this"I'm sorry, you're the unfortunate one" look and left. Yes, I'm the 101th person... which means I didn't get a freakin card. See, I wouldn't be sooo upset if maybe I'm the 200th person or the 120th person for the least because my chance is not too high and its much highly acceptable. But 101th??! YOU kidding me??? OUCH.

Anyways, that didn't stop me from ruining my day. So 10 am came and Sephora has officially opened in our mall. I thought finally I can go in and check the place out. BUT... they wouldn't let everyone come in all the same time because it would be chaos. So yeah, waited another 1 hour in the freakin line.

So near yet so far. My feet was aching badly!

Then at last I got inside and Oh em gee, it was a freakin jungle I swear.

Inside sephora

Unfortunately, they didn't want any photos to be taken and its hard to sneak up a photo especially having 100 people inside the store. But I'm impressed tho, the store was actually pretty big than I thought. What's more impressing is how much people here in Chambana,IL are into Sephora. Champaign is a small ass town I tell you, so to see this many people looking forward to Sephora's opening is quite amazing I must say. There is more than 200 people who came on this opening alone for the first 2 hours.

Beauty Insiders get the free tote. :)

I promised myself not to buy so much, cuz a) I'm broke b)Been on the line for almost 3 hours and I just wanna get out of there as quickly as I can. It was a jungle! I got 2 items.

Hand cream and some Ojon Rub Out Dry Shampoo

I first heard Ojon from Stephanie of Julu Jewelry. She didn't like the smell of this one but according to her it works! I didn't have any problem with the smell, maybe I was smelling something different? LOL. the Hand cream from L'occitane smells hella good! Spend only $22 on both of these! Bargain bargain bargain! (Nah, I'm mostly just broke lol)

That's it for now. Oh btw, You guys I'm such a bad blogger that I forgot... my BLOGSARY WAS 8 DAYS AGO!!! lol. Happy Blogsary to me I guess! I don't know yet if I should do a contest/giveaway. (I really wanted to, but I'm hella busy at the moment and not to mention got no dinero to spend much :[ )

Anyways, WHAT HAVE Y'ALL BEEN UP TO THIS SUMMER?! Talk to you all later!


FTC disclaimer: All items listed above are brought by my own money. No money compensation was involve. Opinions are completely honest and true.


  1. Aww, so sorry to hear about the line. That's really unfair to let those girls cut the line...

  2. Happy Blogsary!!!!!

    And man I would've been hella pissed too!!! That happened to me when I went to go to Colbert, they gave the lady in front of us the last ticket and I was like NOOOOOO. Damn those stupid girls =\

  3. Gosh! That story sounds EXACTLY like mine when FOREVER21 opened...the sucky thing was that the line went around an case of stairs therefore three people cut and I was number 202! Frickin people! It was my turn to enter the store and the lady just said, "That's it for the giftcards!" I was there for an hour or two..but I think the first people were there for 3 or 4 hours min. Plus, my hubby said that I went too early and we'd look like when we got there there were only 20 people standing; however, as we got closer more people stood up and gosh...I wasn't excited at all...

    <33 Rena

  4. awwwww that sucks -- sorry honey! but glad you still found something for yourself in that chaos!

  5.! That sucks!!! I agree, completely unfair!! But glad that you don't have to drive hours and pay shipping when you want to shop at Sephora!!

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  7. Happy Blogsary!! Dang what happened stinks. Sorry, hun. At least you were able to shop. Yay to no more 3 hour drives!

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  9. ur post is soooo amazingly exciting! i read word for word, eyes glue to my screen inches away and nail biting! i even drag my SO to see your pics!
    so sad that it happened to u! i also felt sad reading it! i told SO, if there is such event, u better come wif me and be my bouncer! just throw punch at anyone who jumps q! dont worry, good luck will definitly comes after bad things happen, im sure of it hugssss

    xoxo elle

  10. omg what an awful story. being 101th person? life sucks sometimes. hah I don't care if you go for food then come back, you're gone you're gone! Same as going to the bathroom, when you're gone, you're out of the line. I'd totally argue to the end!

  11. babe, you're crazy for waiting that long! The Coach store at the outlet always have lines but it's usually not that long of a wait. That's not fair with what the guard did! tsk tsk... and OUCH on being the 101th person =T so close yet so far...

  12. 101 are you kidding! I am sooo sorry! Happy blogoversary and happy Sephora shopping!!!


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