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On The Spot: SkinMd Natural Shielding Lotion + Sunscreen SPF 15 (long review)

Hello ladies! It's review time and for this post I'm going to be reviewing SkinMD's shielding lotion + sunscreen spf 15.

This has been an overlong due post. I intended to make a review post about this a month ago but the past 2 months has been really hectic for me.

Warning: It's going to be a long post, so if you just want to get into the bottom of it, just scroll all the way down to the PROS and CONS. I suggest though that you read everything as I want to share with you guys my experience with this product :)

If you're a blogger, I'm 90% sure you have heard about SkinMD and most likely have read one of those review post or giveaway contests ;) Since I've read so much about it (and most of them were good reviews) I decided "hey, why not give it a try?". I didn't took a chance on giveaways since that's like one in a million chance of winning, so I went to their website and see if I could get sample packets. I filled out a form asking for a sample.. 3-4 weeks later after I filled out a form, I got a package from them and to my surprise, they gave me a full bottle of the shielding lotion with spf-15!! I wasn't expecting that, along with it came 3 small packet as well. I was thrilled.

Since a lot of bloggers have already reviewed on the original shielding lotion, I decided to get the shielding lotion WITH SPF 15. Before I get started, I want to let you guys know that I've never tried the full size bottle of the original one before, therefore I can't make so much comparisons. However, they did provide one small packet sample of the original shielding lotion and in my opinion the only difference is a) the consistency is different (Orignal shielding lotion- more milky, semi-opaque consistency. Shielding lotion + SPF15- creamier,opaque, thicker-than-sunscreen consistency.) and b) mild sunscreen scent present on the shielding lotion+spf 15 (original lotion none of course)

Here's what the bottle looks like:




rubbed into skin


product completely absorbed seconds later

What is a shielding lotion anyway? A shielding lotion is not like any other lotion. Think of it as an "invisible glove"; shielding lotion, just from the name itself, is a type of lotion that shields or protect the skin from everyday external irritants.These irritants includes dirt, chemicals from using soap/shampoos/lotions, dust, radiation, repetitive hand-washing etc. Irritants can do so much harm on our skin such as strip out the skin's natural moisture, causing skin breakdown leading to invasion of bacteria in an open skin lesion resulting to infections and such.

Ever wonder why sometimes even after we used so much lotions or so called "moisturizers", we realized sometimes it gets drier and drier every after use? That's because our skin can get used to these chemicals to the point that our own body stopped reproducing its own natural moisturizers and just purely depend on the lotion or chemicals we're puttin on our body. That's why sometimes when we do not use any lotions after been using it for quite awhile, we started noticing how come it's much drier than it was before... that's because the lotion you are using isn't really working on the inside but just rather on the surface. Shielding lotion works on the inside and not only that, it will help promote your own body's moisturizer. Basically you are getting more than what you asked for in this type of lotion.

What SKINMD claims about this product:

"Protect your skin from the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays with Skin MD Natural + SPF 15, the ultimate natural dry skin lotion with sun protection."

"Active sunscreens combined with nourishing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Arnica, Comfrey, Chamomile, and Yarrow provide sun protection while helping to lock in natural moisture for healthy and vibrant skin."

"Skin MD Natural is a natural lotion free of parabens, fragrances, colorants, mineral oil, propylene glycol and many other potentially harmful and irritating chemicals. As a dry skin lotion, it provides non-toxic, hypo-allergenic skin care containing the highest quality ingredients so your skin is nourished and moisturized."

These are just some of the claims but if you want more information you can go check their website which they have a more detailed, straight-forward information about their product.

My thoughts:

Since I have a really,really dry skin, I got to admit I was a little bit on the skeptic side before trying this product. After almost 2 months of using this product, I was quite surprise to say I'm very impressed by it. Not that I've doubted this product before using; you see, if you have really dry skin (as in REALLY DRY SKIN) sometimes you just put up with whatever lotion you've been using and try to be consistent with it and maybe one day,magically your skin will be moisturized and smooth like some people.Mind you, in order for you to see results, you must give this product some time to take into effect. Just like any skincare product, you can't expect an overnight result and that's why I waited for some time in order for me to make a judgment.

To prove how effective this product is, I have a dry patch area around my right ankle; that area is so dry that my skin would peel back and would create tiny skin openings and at times they would result into a wound (yes that bad). The only way for me to keep this from drying is to moisturized that area everyday with a lotion. The area is already been scarred with small wound openings before, its like it has never healed completely (and of course this makes me self conscious most of the time especially in the summer :[ ) I started using the Skin MD on that area...let me tell you, since using this product... my skin around the ankle has been intact and its been weeks now since I don't have any peeling in that area! It has been incredible, almost shocked to be honest, that my skin around that area is significantly less drier than before as well as its moisturized. I don't use this product every single day (i'd say every 1-2 day,twice a day) so that's what's impressed me as does work in a long-term, permanent way. I wish I had taken a before/after pics to validate this but this :(

This product absorbs really quick, which is a major plus for me.I used this as a moisturizer (at first I was hesitant, I don't like putting stuff on my face because I might break down) and its amazing. Not only does it absorb quick, I realized it has that my face has this smooth surface to it after its completely absorbed, therefore putting foundation is easier to blend. A little goes a long way too! It does have a sunscreen scent but its mild. The lotion is very lightweight, no heavy, greasy feeling which is a definite plus for me; the greasy feeling is one of the reason why sometimes I can't keep up using lotion every single day,especially in the summer where its soo humid and the idea of putting lotion/sunscreen in your skin and you are sweating sticky at the same time cringes me. Using this product almost felt like you are not using any lotion because it goes underneath your surface skin while maintaining moisture and healthy looking.

Now for some far as making your skin soft,honestly I don't see any significant difference. I noticed though that right after you apply it and its completely absorbed, the surface of my skin is a little bit smooth but that won't last very long. The full size bottle is 4 oz (118 ml) and cost $25 (regular shielding lotion is $18).. I don't know bout y'all but thats pretty pricey to me. 4 oz bottles usually are travel/sample sizes, but this is the FULL size bottle. Availability may be an issue. This item is not readily available on your local drugstore, mall, walmart etc. You can go to their website and do the store/product locator. I put mind and I got 3 locations and all of them are in a dermatologist office lol.

Here's a more simplified take on the product: (overall take)


Mostly natural ingredients used
Has SPF+15 that has a broad spectrum
Quickly absorbs
Mild sunscreen scent
A little comes a long way!
Easy push-down cap


Limited Availability
Short term softness/smoothness effect (at least for me)

Overall, its a great product. I highly recommend this for anyone who has extremely dry skin, and I also would like to recommend this to those who suffer skin condition such as psoriasis and eczema. Take a chance on this product, use this consistent, be patient and it will give you good results. Right now I'm loving this as a face moisturizer and of course, keeping the "brat" around my right ankle area moisturized and healthy.

Oh my I didn't realized this turned out to be like a novel haha. If you guys have any questions let me know in the comments.

I'll check on you guys later! Take care!


FTC Disclaimer: SkinMD provided me this product for review purposes. No monetary compensation was involve. All opinions expressed in this post is completely honest and is based from experience.


  1. I've been curious about SkinMD sunscreen, so thanks for the review! It's great that it works on you but 4 oz for $25 is a little too pricey for me too...

  2. This product is definitely pricey, but it's really a askin savior for me, especially in the winter!

  3. I've heard great things about this product, but yeah I agree the price is a bit up there. but if it does help then I'd definitely pay it!

  4. I have the original but I'm quite interested in the one with SPF since I want to wear it during the day as well.

  5. Got to try this! Thanks for the post :D

  6. Nice review, hun! I think I may be one of the few chicks who still hasn't tried this yet...haha! Miss you <3

  7. yay! I've been wanting to try the one with SPF for so long. I like the original one too =] I buy it from local stores, it's cheaper there than buying it online but they never have the one with spf to try out... lucky you, you got a free bottle to try out =]


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