Saturday, September 11, 2010

Angel/Devil Exchange Gift with a blogger babe :)

Hello Ladies! Ms. Linda hosted an exchange gift couple weeks ago and I love doing this kind of thang so why not join? :) All that participated are people I already know so woo-hoo.

Our names got drawn via, as soon as we got the person we going to buy gifts for, we have to decide whether we want to be an Angel or a Devil. After that, we have to leave a mark on our gift package and let the person we picked guess whether you are an angel or a devil.

My package came yesterday. Here's what it looks like..

The package is big and neatly wrapped! Is she angel? ;)

Red box with pink tissue on top of it! At this point I'm thinking "is she an angel or a devil?" perhaps innocent on the outside, naughty on the inside(?) :D

Look how cute she packaged every single gift, I just died!!!(lol carried away)

I'm surprised she got me 4 items from my wishlist! I'm sooo happy :))

And my secret angel is.. LINDA! Thank you so much babe, I love every single bits of it! =)))

Last but not least, some UPDATES about my life recently for those of you who care:

  • I've applied for a job on a long term care facility in my area couple days ago hoping to finally get a freakin job after 2 years of no work. They asked me to come back this monday for further paperworks and hopefully to hear the good news! Please God, I want to work as an RN now!
  • I'm planning to visit my BF in San Francisco next month! Official planning on this trip will start IF I got the job I applied for so that I know when are the dates I could be avaible :)
  • Perhaps a giveaway soon? My 1 year had passed already by like 2 months now lol but I'm still thinking about it.

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekends!


FTC: All the products shown above was given by a friend. I am no way endorsing these products.


  1. Do a giveaway girl! Mine past a couple months ago... hahaha! But I'm not hosting a giveaway for my blog anniversary.

    Dang woman. Lindah definitely packaged hers so neatly and pretty! I love the inside&outside ;] and hmm... maybe she is innocent on the outside and naughty on the inside. We'll find out when that girl finally comment on this blog post. teehee. I'm glad you got your gifts in a timely matter and love it!

  2. WOW!!! nice package!! love everything inside! :D I love the packaging! its so pretty!! :D

  3. Oh lucky you, you deserve it!!!


  4. YAY you got it! Did everything get there safely?! I know that elf thing came in the mail and the taupey color was powdery so I tried to cram as much insulation to reduce any shock so nothing will break! :) I had fun packaging this gift though but you totally nailed my angel on the outside and devil on the inside thing ^_^ Only thing is I wish I had time to write a little note for you :( oh well, another time! <3

  5. OH THAT'S GREAT NEWS ABOUT THE JOB!!! I'm so excited for you! You've gotta keep us update on that!! GOOD LUCK HON!! I think you'll do great!

    YAY for packages!! I totally saw Stephanie's blog about joining the swap on the last day and didn't get to sign up. T_T But you got some nice stuff along with CUTENESS PACKAGING!!

    Hopefully once you get the job - you can go visit the BF! ^_^ Have a great day!

  6. thats an awesome package! and wow the gift exchange is really amazing as well!

  7. Thanks for joining the giveaway! ^_^ Also thanks for tweeting it !!! *hugs*

  8. hi!
    nice blog
    maybe you'll pass by mine too if you have time and follow it?


  9. WOAH! XD What an awesome package!!
    It's so cute & so perfectly wrapped ^__^
    You lucky duck!

    & I hope you get the job!!
    I"ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  10. the package look great, there are a lot of stuff :)
    great exchange gift^^

  11. That package looks sooo good! I love that it is pink & black! Those are some great items :) Hope u enjoy using all of them!


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