Monday, October 4, 2010

On The Spot: The Face Shop Purifying Egg White Mask + New Hairdo! (and some random babbling of course)

Hello ladies! I know, I know. I lack once again in the blogging department :( But that's because I started working already! :) Yes ladies, I got a job already woot woot! A person I know works as an assistant director of nursing in a long term care facility and she asked me if I want to work with them for a meantime (she knows I don't plan on staying for too long here in Illinois; she knows I want to move to California anytime soon) and I said why not?I got hired within 5 days from applying. Then the day after I found I got hired, my orientation started already. I'm on my 4th and last week of orientation and I'll be on my own after.

I gotta tell ya, it was overwhelming. I didn't know how hard it is to be a nurse in a long term care facility, i thought it would be much, much, easier since your routine is pretty much almost the same anyways everyday compared to the hospital. But I was completely I know how it is and its definitely not that easy. I know I will get a hang of it one day but definitely not too soon lol. I enjoy my co-workers though, I really love them they're very supportive..with some exemption of,you know, some people who think they run the place. (yeah. ..theres always one person (or more) in your workplace where everyone just don't freakin like)

So yea, we'll see how it goes from here. Overall I'm very happy at this point, I couldn't ask for anything else in my life and I feel like God is finally putting everything together for me. Also, I am going to see the boo again by the end of october! Booked the plane tickets already, but I have to still look for a hotel to stay in SF and Vegas, restaurant to chow down, & places to check out. Yipeeee yayoooo *does the happy feet dance*

Ok, on to my review :)

The Face Shop Purifying Egg White Pack

So I got this Purifying Egg White Mask waaay back then when I visited Chicago somewhere in November 2009 (yes almost a year now!) But I didn't start using it until somewhere around late spring this year when the weather started to warm up. Let's take a look at the product.

What it claims to do:

"Deep cleansing peel-off mask eliminates impurities and accumulated oil from the pores promoting cell renewal. It firms up the skin and minimizes pores effectively. Spread an adequate amount onto cleansed face and wait for 15mins until dry, peel mask off from bottom up"

Basically its an egg white mask, only with a brand name on it. If you haven't tried an egg white mask using, well, an egg white of course then maybe you should give it a try especially if you have oily skin like moi; it firms your skin quickly causing the pores to constrict, therefore less "oil-age" and shine.

As you can see, the product looks milky and let me tell you already, this product is HELLA thick. When I say thick, I mean REALLY thick. I have to squeeze the tube with a tad more effort because the product won't easily come out of the container just like that.

And since this product is really thick and sticky, applying and blending to the skin can be such pain in the behind since it's hard to even it out all over your face.I find myself using more of the product more than I'm suppose to, even if you got a big chunk already out of the tube at the first application but the fact it won't properly blend out and that it sticks basically to your skin already, got no choice but to get more just to cover some spot that you left out..hope that makes sense.

This product has a "soap-y" kind of scent which may be too strong for some people. Personally I like it, but there were times when I just find it too strong and there were times I find it just OK. I used this product at least once a week during the summer when I'm mostly oily. Honestly,it didn't really do anything for me on the long run. Yes, it firms your skin when you put on the mask and let it sit there until the mask dries, but really, I don't see any difference after. My face feel fresh tho after I use this mask, but then I feel the same way with any other masks lol. My pores didn't shrink, my face is still oily.

Now here's my ugly bare skin. I must warn you, my skin is far from perfection. If you don't have a problem with that then proceed at your own risk..

The bare skin

With the product applied all over. Wait until product dries, you can tell. (All have have to do is try to smile,if you feel some resistance then its ready to be peeled)

Peel time!

Matte finish!

Overall, this product just didn't work for me. Although I must say for some reason, I'm not completely disappointed. Now as far as difference between this versus the regular egg white mask... there is none. To be honest, I prefer using the fresh egg white over this because its easier to blend and that I don't have to use a whole lot! Plus, this product has alcohol in it so those of you who have dry skin might find this rather drying and irritating.

Will I purchase this again? Naah

Rate it! 2/5

Last but not least, I want to share with you guys my new hairdo. I got some front fringes! :)) I'm loving it! Sometimes tho not gona lie its such as hassle especially when im working, but its a new look for me and I'm diggin it!

The Dork in Me *bows*

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekends!


FTC disclaimer: Product(s) shown on this post are purchased by my own money. No product or money compensation was involve. Opinions were honest and are based on experience.


  1. i heard of their egg mask for hair which reminds me of my awful experience years ago when i heard in the olden days ppls actually uses egg white to nourish their hair, but i forgotten about the temp of water, thus using hot water! so you can imagine how i look after the shampooo

    me too, i'm starting to love bangs for unexplained reason... in the past i really hate it as it irritate my eyes but now i love it

  2. Yay for blogging again! Hopefully work will let you come back here more often cause we miss ya!

    I do love your bangs. I hope you keep them for a while!! <3

  3. I'm still liking your new do. My mom always said something about putting egg whites on her face. I don't think we bother b/c we love to eat them too much!

  4. Congrats on finding a job!! =) I am looking for a new face mask; I have oily skin as well. Currently I have been using this Mint Jeulup (?!) mask and it's been okay. But my acne has been getting worse, so I am going to have to try something else! Hope you are doing well! =)

  5. I've never heard of that - but thanks for the review.

    I HEART YOUR NEW HAIRDO!! love it!

  6. Love the new 'do, babe! I'm big on bangs/fringes too. And a big YAY to hearing about your life being on the up and up! :D Thanks for giving us the 411 on that mask. Not gonna try it!

  7. CONGRATS on the job hun~! :D I'm so happy for you <3
    & I know I sound like such a pervert, but the picture of the mask in your fingers looked like.... stuff that comes out of the opposite sex. LOL If that was me I probably would've been thinking that I was spreading male bodily fluids on my face. HAHAHAHA. Sorry if it was TMI for you. Lol!!

  8. You're so cute! ^^ Interesting product!! :D You have great skin :)

  9. Hi friend!! Congrats on the new job! Your new bangs are adorable!! xoxoxo!


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