Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jbreezy left her heart in San Francisco again :)

Yeaayuh..Finally!Time to post some pics up from my trip to San Francisco. Like I stated from my last post, I went to visit Boo in beautiful San Fran for a week. We decided at the last minute to go to Vegas as well because,well, we're cool just like that ^^ lol. I love San Francisco, I can't wait to move of now, gotta make money,save up, since living in the bay is not cheap at all!

Warning: Heavy Pics and Food Porn ahead. You know me :)

I love being on plane.

They're showing Toy story 3! Cute :))

First Food- Crepe. Been craving for Crepe a-go-go in a freakin long time! Got Chicken with spinach,sun dried tomato, feta cheese, and mushrooms. mmhmm.

After our afternoon snackers, we went to the Aquarium Of The Bay. Boo tryna be a videographer.


SF GIANTS YEAYUH!! That night they clinched for NL West division champs!!!

Of course we match :)

Vegas on day 2 vacay!

We stayed at the Vdara,the new swanky hotel by city center!OMG, its the shizz!

Boo said its the best bed ever. I agree :)

And the best part?? We got the a BANGING VIEW of the Bellagio fountain!!BALLIN.

Back to the Bay..Me and Boo walked by embarcadero at night. I fcking love the Bay Bridge at night! Very romantic.

Of course, I gotta have my 2x2 from IN and OUT burger :) Like what boo said "If krabby patty exist, it will taste just like this :D"

Trip down to Fisherman's wharf for some seafood grub :)

Fresh fried calamari and oysters...foodgasm at its finest!!!

At the famous Boudin, where sourdough bread was born :)

The Giants fever is everywhere!!!

Boo took me to Scoma's for dinner, where he's gona let me taste my very first cioppino.

Cioppino. Freakin delish! I love the rich tomato broth. mmmm

Union Square at Night.

Boo took me to Twin Peaks, which has the Best FCKING VIEW EVER!I wished I could capture the beauty of the view...its seriously breath-taking!

We went to AT&T park to watch the game by the dock area (its free,but hella people gotta go early there!)

Everyones going crazay

Hella People

Giants won 2 straight home games on WS!!!

After the game went to Warakubune

Yaay for sushi boats!!

I love SF...I'm looking forward to coming back and hopefully living there for good :) It already felt like my second home. (well third, chicago is second lolz)

I'll see you guys soon again. I need to be productive of my posts. I'm really really sorry everyone!



  1. Looks like you had a great time there! :)

  2. Finally a new post but I know, you've been hella busyyy! The view from your hotel room is breath taking!*drool* calamari and whoa, at the crocodile bread!! that's so cool.

  3. Nice photos! Loved the in n' out pic the most. Lol. I'm glad u had fun! :))

  4. wow!! it looks so much fun!! and the view is breathe taking! I love it!! I wanna go up north soon ^_^

  5. OH WOW !!!! your food looks so yummy!!!

    so glad you got some time to spend with him! ^_^ VERY NICE hotel room!!!

  6. awwww glad you had a great time jB! i'm jealous for so many reasons... reasons mainly involving food (IN & OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and your vegas trip with your ballllin' view! the last time i was at vegas, i stayed at the ghetto-est hotel possible. NEVER AGAIN!!! >,<

  7. Yay for fun trip! Food looks so delish~

  8. Wow! What a great trip! I truly enjoyed all the pics here! The food looks soooo good! Mmm I'm craving a burger now thanks to you! :)


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