Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dark Effing Circles.. What to do?!

Hello ladies! Soo... been working and stressing out these past few days (or weeks) and I realized how "big" my dark circles have been.


I look soo haggard. Well, I AM haggard. So now I bought this product that was made famous by some a YT guru...

[image from]

I will make a review on this product soon, I'm sure there are a million reviews on this tiny thing. It comes in 2 sizes.. a small and the regular one. This one cost $28 dollars... YES 28 bucks. So yeah, it better work. I'm that desperate.

I hope to make more posts. Sorry for the lack of posts, I will put up more for you ladies. And watch for a giveaway coming soon. Not too soon, but sometime January.. Biggest Giveaway I'll ever have! ;)


FTC disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the brand(s) shown on this post. No monetary or product compensation was involve.


  1. <3 <3 Things will mellow out soon. I will say though your package totally brightened up my day!! I hope we can meet one day too, I think we will have a lot of fun!

  2. hope the search for a perfect concealer and a perfect eye cream will be over soon :D!

  3. I think Michelle Phan and Bubz made that concealer 'famous' :'3 I never had problems with dark circles.. Concealer always looks HORRIBLE on me, so yeah.. I don't wear it. Hope u find something that works for you tho : D

  4. I have panda eyes too @_@ so if this works for you, I am checking it out!

  5. I'm still in search for a concealer that actually works on my panda eyes -_-

  6. omg, please do let us know if this concealer works. i have pretty haggard undereye circles myself and need something that will do the trick!

  7. Hope you're doing well dear and oh yes anything to get rid of dark circles!

  8. I'm still in search for a good eye cream for my dark circles too! Hope this one works for you :)


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