Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Everyone deserves a second chance" + Amazing Cosmetics Concealer Review

Hey ladies! I wana greet y'all a fabulous new year!!! I hope this year is better than last year, even if I look back on 2010 and can not think of any year better than last year. I miss you all and I'm sad I can't update my blog as much as I want. Ugh.

December was rather a crazy month for me work wise because a lot of my co-workers (ones who has been working on my place for years) had their vacation for the holidays and therefore the newer ones like me had to fill in for their spots. Its all good because im richer now..haha jk. heck no, i got bills and loans to pay. yuck.

Today is my only day off for the week and I decided to go out and wander around. I went to Sephora and ended up getting 3 things..

Let's start off with these 2..

I got a sample of Purity Made Simple cleanser way back then and guess what, it broke me the next day of using it -_- So what made me buy it then? A friend of mine who had struggle for acne for years had tried this product and raved it so much, and after seeing her lately for the holidays I can't help but asked her what she's been using, and she said one word to me -- "philosophy". Her skin is a lot better now than ever, so I'd love to try this one more time. Plus, I'm running out of my current cleanser so why not try a different one. I don't give chances very often, but we'll see bout this one ;)

So finally, I got the full size of Hope in A Jar which I ABSOLUTELY love. I got 2 tube samples before that lasted for awhile (and I mean awhile) and love it so much! Its on the pricey side, but at least I know I found a moisturizer that will last me for awhile.

And on my way to the check out, of course Sephora got those lil goodies that you feel like buying but not really sure if you would use it or if you really need it? haha.. one product was just calling my name and thats the Benefit High Beam highlighter. I think I like the trial size packaging more than the full size it self.

Camera doesnt do justice at all

Its a shimmery, pinkish highlighter. Very Cute!

I didnt know I got over 1000 beauty insider points already! So I decided to trade in my points for this..

Unfortunately, I can only trade 1 at a time (boo!) I can choose between the Benefit package or the Pacifica set. I don't know much bout pacifica so I went for the Benefit one. I had Coralista before and for some reason find it very shimmery and sold it to a friend. But hey, like a said, "everyone deserves a second chance" maybe this time I'll find it appealing.

On the Spot: Amazing Cosmetics Concealer

Like I promised, I will do a review on this concealer. I gave it a time for me to see whether this will be a miss or a hit and I've finally come to a conclusion.

If you're a beauty junkie who likes to read blog and watch beauty gurus via youtube, you prolly have heard of this product.

What the product claims to do:

AmazingCosmetics' AmazingConcealer is the most amazing concealer available today. This highly pigmented, super-emollient, waterproof formula blends seamlessly into the skin, creating a flawless complexion that looks and feels natural. The AmazingConcealer is formulated to erase all skin imperfections: dark circles, broken capillaries, sun damage, blemishes, redness and more.

Ok first off, let me tell you how expensive this product is. Sephora offers 2 sizes, the regular size and the smaller size. The regular cost $42 (eeyup.. 42 bucks) and the smaller size (which is the one I got) is $29. A would pay $29 dollars for a full size concealer, but for a small tiny tube size? Uhm, I don't know bout that one.

The consistency of this product comes more on the runny,liquidy side rather a creamy substance which I think helps a lot from preventing the product to be caking when applied on face. A little goes a long way...this is very true, so I guess $29 bucks is not that bad for some of you since this will last you for a while, you just need a tiny dot and its good for both under eyes and might have some extra for some other areas need to be covered.

Coverage-wise, its a medium-full coverage. It did work well for me as far as covering my dark circles. What really impress me more is how it covered some under eye lines as well. NOTE: Sorry, I don't have a photo to back this up, I couldn't find my camera and this pissed the crap out of me >_< I'm not going to lie, it doesn't cover everything completely, but it helps cover most of it. What I like bout it is how it doesn't come off un-natural, like you can tell someone put something to make to cover their dark circles.Unfortunately, if you have lines under your eyes, theres a possibility that the product will "sink" in through the lines (just how you put eyeshadow on your lid and it creases) without any use of face primer. I suggest using face primer and use a finishing powder afterwards.

As far as lasting long, unfortunately this don't last more than 8 hours for me, I go home from work and look at the mirror and I see my panda eyes once again : ( Like I have the time to groom myself in my freakin busy workplace. Maybe if you're not as oily as I am this will last you a lot longer. Another thing that can be a hassle about this product is choosing the right tone. When I first got bought this product, the SA suggested the shade light golden which is ridiculously super light on me. I'm a MC40-42 for goodness sake, that won't work for me. So I went back and chose another color and the shade tan seems to suit me better. but heres the thing, indoors the lighting and all that matches perfectly with the shade i got. BUT when I go outside, I would look at my rear view mirror and can see some orange undertone to it. Why is it like that?! And no, its not every single time. Maybe its just how I applied it perhaps, but this is one of the things that left me puzzled until this point.


-medium-full coverage
- covers dark circles and lines really good
- doesn't cake
- a little goes a long,long way
- comes off looking natural
-comes with variety of shades


-freakin expensive
-choosing the right tone can be a hassle
-doesn't last the whole day
-could sink in through under eye lines

Overall, I think it does it job. But unfortunately, I expected more from this so therefore I'm not completely jumping off my seat telling everyone this is the best product ever. Its not bad at all, but I'm not sure if its worth your money. I'm glad tho that I tried it. But at this point, I'm kinda "bleh" if I would buy it again or not. I'd still recommend buying this, maybe it will work wonderfully for other people.

This is my birthday month you guys, I'm thinking of doing a big giveaway! I need your feedback on 2 things....

1) What's the best way to spend your birhtday? (Please, I don't want throw a party with friends because I've done that over the years and its nothing too special. I love my friends and all but I want something different)


2) What do you want me to give out to my next giveaway? (Can be anything. Don't say a laptop, or a car, or anything like that! I'm not that ballin lol)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


FTC disclaimer: All products featured on this blog post are purchased by my own money. No product or compensation was involve. This is my honest review.


  1. Happy new year,sweetie!

    i have heard of that concealer already but knowing that its no available here in the Phils, there's no way i'd be able to try that. well, now that i read your post, i guess it's not something worth drooling over anymore. i guess it's a pretty nice concealer but the price will be a major setback...

    good luck to the purity cleanser. hope that it would somehow work on you!

  2. I too hope the Purity cleanser works for you. You've made me curious about the hope in a jar. I've been looking for a new moisturizer. And dang girl I didn't know they had prizes for 1000 points haha. I think I even remember seeing that blush on your blogsale lol!

  3. If you were balling then I would of asked for a new brand dream house of mine! hahaha. Happy New Years dear!!! I'm glad 2010 was good to you, it wasn't for me so I'm happy a new year is starting but it's not totally new until Chinese New Years come. lol. I never like the purity cleanser but I've only had a sample. It didn't seem to do anything for me personally.

    For your birthday, you should travel somewhere with your boo! Parties get boring but exploring and eating out can still be fun. If you can't leave then maybe see where you can explore in the state you are in... somewhere you've never been before! Oh yeah, wear sparkling heels and glam yourself up babe! For your next giveaway... you should include some face mask =]

  4. MUAHHAHAA! I enjoyed your statement about you "not ballin'".
    Anyway, I would suggest having a day to yourself, or with your bf...sipping on coffee/hot chocolate...and reading a book... for the giveaway, maybe a hand-pinked set of pink/your favorite color items? That way it would be extra special!


    <33 Rena

  5. Wow, 1000 points??!! I haven't even reached 350 yet! Haha! :)

  6. I'm still saving my points, I think I have like 900. Yay for us point hoarders!! HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVE! I'm so happy that we've spoken and gotten to know each other. You always know that if you ever need an ear to listen to your issues I'm here!

    I have amazing concealer and it is super expensive ugh. I don't even use it that much. High beam will look amazing on you, I know it! I love Coralista it smells wonderful.

    For your birthday I say go somewhere for the weekend with u and your beau, it doesn't even have to be expensive. Or have a movie day of all the movies you want to see! Spend the day lounging and just enjoy yourself =)

  7. cool items you got with your points. I think I have half the amount of points. I can't wait to get something!
    Love your blog by the way :)

  8. Happy upcoming, doll! Love your Sephora haul. =D I've been hearing about that Amazing concealer. I need to try it for my panda eyes. @_@

  9. Great haul and review!! I have a sample of the concealer and it seems to cover my dark circles pretty well. But I will have to layer it several times

  10. great haul and thanks for the review on the Amazing Cosmetics concealer. i've been tempted to try it out myself but think i'll pass now that i know it'll sink into fine lines. and i hope the purity works for you!

  11. Happy New Year Joana! The concealer sounds great but too bad it doesn't last long..


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