Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend with Bestie Miles

Hello ladies! Last weekend is the only weekend off I have for the rest of what better way to enjoy it than with one of your bestest friends? :)

Its our birthday month so we decided at the last minute to get out of town and go somewhere else.
We love Chicago so we went there :)

We left friday afternoon and came back saturday night. Its only an overnight getaway but we made the most out of it at least. By the time she passes her NCLEX, we'll be ballin to a better,longer vacation/getaway :)

Miles have never done ice skating before, so obviously it was the highlight of her trip lol. It was my second time around and thank God all you about to see are pictures and not a video as we both suck balls lmao.


We arrived kinda late already!

We went to Giordano's for some italian chow down...

And of course, its not a true Chicago experience without trying the famous deep dish! This one the smallest one in the menu, look how freakin big that is!!!

We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel and Tower. I didnt book until we were actually in Chi-town lol. It was between Hyatt Regency, Swissotel, and Sheraton. I super love Sheraton's comfy bed so that was the deciding factor.

McCormick Tribune Plaza Ice Rink (by Millenium Park) Its bout to go down...

After 20 mins of waiting, finally we're on ice!

Miles you're such a kid haha. Speaking of kid, that lil boy in the background is about to fall in his butt. HAHA. Priceless shot.

4 years of friendship and counting :)

Miles chillin at Coach with there comfy sofa.

Waiting for the SA

The Damages -_-

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week! Stay warm!


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  1. HAHA! I can already picture in my head how the kid is gonna fall on his butt. and just thinking about it makes me laugh.

    I love looking at food posts. and its great to have a bestie. Cherish each other. and Happy Birthday (belated or coming up.)

  2. Wow, the pizza looks really yummy! can't wait to see what you got in chicago! :)

  3. Wee foodies! I'm drooling.. they look so tasty.
    I just followed you by the way.
    I hope you follow me back... have a lovely day!

  4. omg that thing tht looks like a huge pizza (whats a deep dish? o.o) looks so yummy! LOL @ the pic o the boy hahah.. I hate skating.. I can never figure out how NOT to fall =_=

  5. Great to see you had an awesome weekend! And ooh I spy some nice brands on those bags. ;) Oh man if only we had deep dish pizza here...

  6. awwww... you are so cute!!! I love that little beret/hat on u!! I wish I can pull off something like that!

    I've always been so curious about Chicago... my bf stayed there for a few years & I've been buggin him about takin me there... haha... hopefully get to see Chi town soon...

    btw, new follower here!! fellow Filipina!! wussup wussup!!! yeahhh Filipino pride!! hahaha... sorry I got all hyfee!! anyhoo, love your blog... hope you can check mine out when u get the chance... thanks! =) hope to see u around

  7. All those food pictures are making me hungry! delicious! don't know what's more savory though - the food or pretty pretty shopping bags! :)

  8. oooh that pizza! I can't believe that I've been to chicago so many times and ive never tried their deep dish pizza! i gotta try that the next time i visit...


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