Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SF is Love

hello ladies! I miss you all. Sorry for the long no post. That's because I was in SF last this week to spend vday with my love ; )

Like I mentioned on my previous post, it was rather a last minute decision to go to the city by the bay. I have 5 days off (yes FIVE. lovely!) and I figured why just not go for a vacay then?

I just want to share my experience with you all ; ) I had a blast, despite the fact it was raining for the most part..I was surprised tho that we did get some sun on some days (especially thursday, no rain whatsover!)

WARNING: Heavy pics with major FOOD PORN ahead.If you don't like reading about traveling and food porn, stuff like that then you are more than welcome to "x" the window anytime.

On my way to DFW airport (freakin huge btw!) Our flight is empty lol.

My BF surprised me with roses when he picked me up at SFO :))

We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel (Howard Street one) Love this hotel, its so modern and chic.

Front desk person gave me a pink rose for valentines day!

Nice, big ass comfy bed. Pure fluffiness heaven.

Our bathroom has a view of the SF skyline. Sweetness it is :)

Instead of going to a fancy dinner for Valentines Day, we headed to the Shabu House instead. Seriously the best shabu place in the bay area! You gotta get the spicy miso broth, its heaven! Shabu for valentines day is great because you share food with your lovey dovey, you don't have to go for some fancy, expensive stuff ;)

(bad lighting obviously lol)

Afterwards we decided to satisfy our sweet tooth by heading to Ghirardelli Square and have something something. We were surprised it was still open that late!

They have this 5-step process thingie majigs in making their chocolates.

What we got, Presidio Passion Sundae!! Daaamn.. its soooo good!!! I just have this thing for strawberries and chocolate, this is delightful! I love ghirardelli chocolates! :)))

Day 2 is on! We were just strolling around downtown, taking advantage of the weather before it pours at any moment at that time.

Hi :)

At the Union Square : ))

Driving by Pier 39 :) We're heading to the wharf!

THE Wharf : ))

Love these seafood grub-to-go

If this doesn't make you drool, something's severely wrong with you.

After all that stuff, we came back to our hotel and saw this in our bed....

<3<3<3<3<3 style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Thanks baby boo!! <3>

Later that night, our shabu cravings hit us once again and decided to have another one!!

At G-Cube Cafe.

Kobe Beef heaven.

Shabu is really good, but not as great as the Shabu House in my opinion. Love how we don't have to wait for an hour and a half to be seated. And they have a karaoke room!

Day 3 started! We went back again to Ghirardelli Square to try another ice cream when a store caught my attention

It's Kara's Cupcakes!!!

What an Eye candy!

Took some home of course

The chocolate velvet on the far right got disfigured D: Otherwise, the cupcakes are soo delectable!!! Kara's Karrot (carrot cake) and The Chocolate velvet are my 2 faves! Yummmmy ^^

Since my schwesta love to bake, I got her this brownie kit from,where else, but Ghirardelli. :)

In the afternoon we decided to go inside the Ferry Building. The building is like built in 1890's!!!

Inside the Ferry Building. I love it here because I'm a fan of small boutiques that sells really nice items from organic food to handmade decors, and this place is pretty much what it's all about now.

In a mood for some gelato! Even if its 40 degrees outside! (well, if you live in Illinois, thats pretty much summer for you in the winter) This is Ciao Bella.


Pomegranate Gelato! It was good..not too sweet. But I wished it was a lil bit tart-er.

Came outside the building its already "blue hour". I love the bay bridge, it has that romantic feel to it. Beautiful to walk around or jog at night. How I wish I can move to SF right away!!

Ladies and gents... for dinner we have IN n Out Burger. 2x2 with my animal fries. If krabby patty ever existed, it will taste something like this!!! I will never leave California without having In N Out that is a rule from now on.

Now, I was suppose to leave on thursday already but it started raining really hard in SF and my flight got changed 2x. I told myself if my third flight still gets delayed there is no way on earth I can make it back to Champaign since the last flight they get is at 9:40 pm and I gotta make sure my connecting flight will make before my Champaign flight leaves.

And whaddya know, it did got delayed. But in a good way of course! I got to stay for another day! Thank God I was off friday too, and didn't have to pay anything for the flight change.

We stopped by Eggettes to get light brunch. The funny looking thing on the upper right side is the "eggette", which I believe is a leftover batter of something (pancake perhaps?) that turned into this snack. Its good tho, but you gotta make sure its still hot and fresh, otherwise it wont be as good. Then we got some crispy chicken (below of pic).. delish! And yes, thats taro milk tea on the left side.

Later that night, me and boo finally decided we are going to end this trip with an exclamation mark.. by finally eating at The House of Prime Ribs.

We've always been wanting to go to this place since watching Anthony Bourdain's SF episode.Finally the day has arrived! :)

FOTD (As in face of THAT I made the picture a little bit lighter so you can see the makeup but once again, camera don't do justice.

Got my ruffled skirt dress at F21 (I think) and My bowed cardigan at Charlotte Russe. Cute combo ^^

THE place :)

I love Amaretto. Its such a lady's drink ;)

The House Salad. I like it. My Boo loved it.

Corn Bread. They were passing these around. Its suppose to look like a corn cob.. but it looked more like a turd. lol. I kid I kid.

A Carnivore's DREAM come TRUE! The meat was impeccable.

DAAYUM look at that size. I got the HOPR cut, the BF got the biggest cut which is the King Henry. I love mine medium rare,tho the picture made it look like its rare but its not trust me.People who eat steak well-done are missing a lot of flavor. You gotta try medium at least!!!

It was a great experience. What really made it good is the service, everyone is very professional. Though we had to wait for a brutal 2.5 hours (if you are wearing 4 inch heels with the bar/lounge area full of people with nowhere to seat,trust me.. it is B-R-U-T-A-L) but its definitely worth it. If you plan on visiting this place, do reservations like DAYS ahead. Even people who reserved don't get seated on time.

I'm in love with San Francisco, everything is just amazing.. food, scenery, people, EVERYTHING. This is my kind of city. It has that NY meet Southern California vibe to it. I can't wait to move in there, as of now just saving money since I know how expensive it is to live in the bay area lol.

And of course I'm going to miss the Boo :((( Sigh, its soo hard being away from your love one...but its all temporary. I'll see you again Boo in 2 months. Seattle or NY perhaps? :)

MY GIVEAWAY ENDS TODAY!!! But you can still join until 11:59pm tonight central time!! Hurry Hurry Hurry!!! Thank you everyone for joining my giveaway!

So how's everyones Valentines Day? What y'all did?

Enjoy the rest of the weekened ladies!!



  1. we stayed home for valentines day :)
    aaah i miss in&out burgers! :9

  2. Wow seems like you had a really nice trip .The sundae looks yummy :)

  3. aw ldr is quite hard! wishing ur determination will be an inspiration to everyone!

    xoxo elle

  4. The food looks amazing. I'm jealous. Last time I went to San Francisco was 5 years ago, and all we ate was clam chowder. But that was a beautiful valentines week. Your boyfriend is sweet, and you are a food addict just like me :)

  5. I forgot to answer your question in the end but my v day was okay. I ate with my sis, sis in law and nephew at an italian restaurant and then off to chocolat where we ate gelato.

  6. aww, you will see your boo soon babe!!! Yummy foods *drools* Such a nice mini-vacations and love your outfit! I saw the cardigan from charlotte russe but it was full price so I didn't want to get it. It's pretty!

    Yes, some guys who are gentlemen will insist on paying even if you fight for the bill. Some... well, let's just say they expect you to pay for everything even if they say they treat out to the movies. tsk tsk tsk. Some will make your ass drive 'cause they're too lazy. lol.

  7. you were right about the food porn, haha. that strawberry and chocolate thing looked so good, and now i'm craving cupcakes.

    sounds like you had an awesome time :) you and your boyfriend look cute together :)

  8. WOW! AMAZING food! I'm drooling even though I just ate and is completely bloated.

    Aww, I'm glad you and Boo had a great time. Hopefully you two will be together physically soon!

  9. Oh wow! What a week! glad you and your partner had fun. I'm drooling over the food photos...hehe

  10. It look so much fun!!!! :D AhhH!! i miss SF already! You look pretty and happy! :D

  11. I saw the House of Prime Rib on Food Network and I wanna go there so badly. The food looks so tasty, especially the gelato! That's so sweet of your boyfriend to bring you flowers and a Louis Vuitton bag! >w<


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