Monday, March 14, 2011

"Hordes of Asian"

So I came across this video via a friend of mine in Facebook and after watching this video there are a lot of SMHs moments after.

Ok, even if most of the things she had said might be true (how asian parents like to do things for their kids etc.)...girl, whats up with all the hate?! Are you deprived as a kid because your mom don't want to make you mac and cheese for dinner? Let's face it, we all have to rant about something whether related to work,school, person,gender,age,social status etc. But is it really necessary to be all out about it, and post your nonsensical rant on youtube. YOUTUBE girl...that's the worse way to get humiliated! I'm not saying this because I'm freakin asian, fck no. It has nothing to do with that..its the fact that she was all out stereotypical about a race, made fun of their language, ("ohhchingchonglinglongtingtong"... reallly?) and obnoxiously tell everyone that she's a self-proclaimed "polite,nice,american girl" that she is.

And of course, you will get video responses that will crack you up such as this one by David...

Listen, if you got nothing good to say, don't say it at all. Keep it to your damn self. If you feel threatened by any means by these people then go ahead say something about. But really, if you have a problem with them being loud in the library why can't you focus the subject on that matter then? Obviously you have a problem with the race itself. Unless you want your hate comments and trolls, then you are more than welcome to keep making those videos girl...

...or maybe she failed a test and every asian person in her class aced it. Oh well, if you live by LA and saw her,just gave her a hug. lol.


  1. David.... lol! I think its just some Asian who check up on us! The majority of us gotta hassle on our own. But I guess she can feel left out or what not, not being able to understand the Asians. No one should be on the phone in the first place, even if its texting at the library though. I have to agree with her... usually at the school library, its always some idiotic Asian who wants to be on the phone talking *roll eye* At my school, oh em gee... the Vietnamese FOB... and since I understand them, one boy will be on one side of the library talking while the girl is on the other side. Makes no sense to me and they're flirting and all that. tsk tsk tsk! BUT I have seen "white people" talk on the phone loud at the public library before... or whisper in a way that its so annoying that makes me want to take the book and wrack them across the head. lol.

  2. What a complete idiot.

    I love the video response! Especially "We don't know how to fend for ourselves? There's a reason why you outsource your jobs to people in Asia!"

    I wonder what UCLA will do about this.

  3. i've never seen davids video before... lol he is so funny !!!

  4. she just dont like us asians who got parents who loves us more

    xoxo elle

  5. AhhhH!! that UCLA girl makes me mad!! nakakainis talaga!! btw, thank u ulit sa mga gifts mo saken!!: D


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