Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring cleaning (more like summer now)

Buh-bye : (

So its that time of the year where my room literally looks like im up for the show "hoarders". Spring cleaning is a b*tch. Quite honestly I haven't started cleaning my closet yet since you never know when you'll be needing your hoodie again. (trust in Illinois, I have my fair share of bipolar weather. Last week was 70s and today is a gloomy 50s!pssshh)

I started cleaning my makeup stash, and boy, I got rid a lot of them. Honestly, it was quite hard because a lot of them has some sentimental value (my first ____, i used this when i was at _____) but i had to let them go. I was thinking of doing a blog sale but I lost track of how long I have several of them and its just unsanitary for me to sell them to you guys. I haven't put a lot of makeup recently as well, I've been slacking and working all the time that I really couldn't care less wtf I look at the end of the day. HA!

But summer is coming, its like my renewal session. I tend to try a lot of things (makeup,clothes,hobby etc) during the summer. So I guess I got a good reason to buy more makeup? :D

Anyways, have you guys done your spring cleaning? What did you get rid of?



  1. i had to get rid of a lot of stuff, and yes, it doesn't help when you put sentimental values on a lot stuff :(.

    i got rid of a few clothes that i either plan on donating or selling at plato's closet or something (at least the ones that are still in great condition)

    - donna

  2. I agree, it's no fun. =\ I did a mini cleaning session with my closet! Omg, I donated several bags of clothes but it felt good. =)

    Missed you and welcome back!


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