Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tag: 10 Things I love!

Hello ladies! Its been awhile since I've done a Tag post. The cute Ms. Catmare from The Beauty Experiment tag me on 10 Things I love

I have done something quite similar to this years ago (click here) but who minds doing another one since this is fun? :D So lets go ahead and start!


What you need to do:
  1. Thank the person who tagged you.
  2. List 10 things that you love.
  3. Tag 10 other bloggers to do this tag and let them know about it by leaving a comment on their blogs.

TRAVELING - I LOOOVE going to different places! Life mission is to be able to visit as many places as I can within my lifetime!

MY BOO - The most amazing guy ever! He spoils me to death and had always taken care of me...even if we're 2,000 miles apart at the moment.

FOOOOOOD! - need I say more? Currently I'm craving shabu2x, hence the picture above! Nomnomnom

SPORTS- I'm such a tomboy.I LOVE american football and baseball. I used to play volleyball back in highschool but only for a year. My favorite team are the Chicago Bears and San Francisco Giants (pic above) :D

MY PHONE (w/ Hello Kitty Cover! :D)- My phone is everything. I can't leave the house without it.

PURSES!- I'm a purse freak..One day, I'll have a house with a room nothing but my purses. LOL..just kidding ^_^ But a girl can never have to many, right?

FACE MASKS!- I love doing mask time during my day offs. Makes my face feel refresh and hydrated!

YELLOW ROSES- I'm LOOVE yellow roses. They make me happy just by looking at them. Never fail to make me smile everytime I wake up to these.

LIPSTICKS- I'm a biggie on lipsticks..this is my favorite makeup item ever! Like purses, I can never have too much! lol

JEWELRIES!- Love jewelries!! I love necklace the most! How many Julu Jewelry can you spot? :D:D:D

There goes my 10 things that I love! Now I'm tagging all my new followers/readers! You care more than welcome to do this tag! Let me know if you have done it ok? :))

Happy FRIDAY ladies!!!


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