Friday, April 22, 2011

Want to make a kid happy for 2 weeks?

Hello Everyone! I just want to share something to you guys that is quite different from my usual blog post and talk about something that you (or someone you know) could help a little kid change his or her life for 2 weeks.

The Fresh Air Fund is a 2 week program where kids from New York,coming from low-income families, gets to stay with a host family for 2 weeks in the country or suburbs. This is going to be there "summer vacation" where they get to enjoy a loving host family doing a lot of great stuff that most children in a crowded,stressful, inner big city couldn't experience.

I used to go to a Catholic school where we had this "religious retreat" where we go to the country side, just experience nature on its own and appreciate everything God has given us. Its so serene and uplifting... you feel like you're taking a break from the "stresses" of the world. I kind of see this program the same way as a retreat.. a "break" from everything, and just have fun. This can definitely change a kids life, seeing another way of life from what they usually are accustomed and give them one heck of an experience.

Take a moment to watch the video below

If you don't know anyone who can be a host family, you can donate at the Fresh Air Fund website. Click HERE to head to the site.

I hope you guys help me spread the word on this one. I think its a great program...simple yet very creative. I'll put a banner on the side of this page, in case you decided to help or you have found a host family willing to help.

Thank you ladies and have a great weekend!


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