Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lighter for Summer

Hello ladies and gent! 2 days ago I decided to go color my hair for the summer. I usually dye my hair lighter for the summer, but was contemplating whether I'd go for a drastic change or more subtle. I originally wanted to go for something reddish-orangy hair color like my boo steph once had, but I couldn't find the same color that she had used anywhere I live. I decided to go for the subtle one at the moment and possibly changed it sometime again this summer.

Of all hair colors I've used, I think L'oreal Feria works for me the most. Its not necessarily my favorite because I can't stand the ammonia smell that it almost feel like it burns my eyes, but as far as lifting the color of my dark hair, it does a pretty decent job.

I'm going for a brownish/brassy color. Picked up the L'oreal Feria in B61 Hi-lift Cool Brown. This particular hair color apparently is specifically made for people who have dark hair wanted their shade lift up. Cuz we all know if you have dark hair its harder to go lighter than someone who has a light/blond hair going darker. Got 2 boxes because I have a ridiculously thick hair.

How JBreezy dye her hair

This is what's included in the box. Everything gets mixed except for the tube, which is your deep conditioner..something you will have to used right after you dye your hair and every week at least 1-2x.

My tools. Shower cap is to cover my hair after dyeing it..since we're going lighter, heat is involve. Will "trap" the heat to help activate the ingredients responsible for lightening the shade of my hair color. Jaw clips to even out our hair once we start applying product. A to put the product in and also a containerhair dye comb.

Mix, Mix, Shake :D

Pour mixed ingredients to container. You can mix it with the comb to even it out more.

BEFORE hair color.

As you can see my hair color is already uneven lol..I haven't retouched my hair color since forever. I'm actually crossing my finger that hopefully my hair color would still come out even,despite having a lighter color by the base.

I did not washed my hair for 24 hours because I want to preserve as much natural oil in my hair to prevent the harsh ingredients damaging my hair.

Make sure you protect your hairline with some vaseline or petroleum jelly. Since I don't have one, I used the deep conditioner that came with the product. Works just fine.

How to evenly dye your hair?

(thank you Pam for the tip!)

1) Brush your hair to make sure you don't tangle any strand in the process

2)Evenly section the hair. I divide my hair into 4 sections (a higher and lower pigtails as I'd like to call it lol) using a scrunchy or the jaw clips.

3) Apply the dye starting 2 inches from your roots down the base. We don't want to dye the roots first, the product concentrate on that area a lot so if we do that right off, you're gona have a bright ass root..making the rest of the hair color uneven. Comb hair to evenly distribute the product.

4) Mold the hair into a bun shape, put shower cap on and leave it for 20 minutes. You can use saran wrap along with the shower cap to tightly cover hair.

5) Take off shower cap, apply the rest of the product to the roots, evenly distributing it.

6) Put the shower cap back, wait for another 15-20 minutes.

Wash time! :D

Don't wash your hair with shampoo yet! Just use the conditioner that came with the box. Leave the conditioner for 2 minutes and wash it off.

Now the results...


I shoulda took a pic of natural lighting but I did this at night so I'm sorry. It came out beautiful..and EVEN! I'm pleased with the result.

I hope this post is somewhat helpful to those who are planning on dyeing their hair.

What do you guys think? Are you thinking of dyeing your hair lighter for summer?


FTC disclaimer: Product shown on this post were purchased by my own money. No monetary or product compensation involve. Opinions are honest.

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