Monday, May 23, 2011

Mini SF Vacay *Extremely Heavy Pics*

Hello Everyone! Just want to share with you guys my mini vacay to SF to see my boo. As some of you might already know, me and my boo is currently in a long distance relationship. Yes, its very hard, but we're hanging there :) I am finally in the process of filing for an RN California license endorsement, so I can work there already. I'm taking steps on finally fulfilling my dreams of living in the west coast :))

I want to share some pics with you guys to sum up my 5 short but sweet days in SF.

Warning: Heavy pics. If this is not your thing,then don't go

Leaving Chicago O'hare at freakin 5am in the morning. I slept by the check-in throughout the night no joke :(

Upon arrival, Boo took me try some authentic tacos..where else but by the street! For a dollar each, you get a really good carnitas or steak taco better than taco bell!

We went by Golden Gate Park to just wander around and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather.

Inside the Conservatory of Flowers

Funny Story: Me and my boo were walking down the Botanical gardens when we saw this squirrel. I had some ghirardhelli almond chocolate, so i gave the almond (tryna get rid of the chocolate as much as possible) to the squirrel. He looked at us with those poor,needy eyes so I gave 2 more. When we left, he started following us.. and kept following us for at least 10 minutes!!! Me and boo had to run away from him cuz he wont stop following us lol. Finally we lost him, baaad baad squirrel.

I'm a shabu freak. If theres a meal I'd like to have before I die, it will be shabu2. The Sha Bu house is the best shabu place in the bay IMO. The spicy miso broth is the Sh*tness.

No matter how many times I've been to the Fisherman's wharf, I will never get bored with it. The weather was fabulous, how can you say pass on it?

After several times convincing boo, he finally agreed to watch Spongebob 4-D ride with me bwahahahha. OMG it was so much fun!!! I was like a kid tryna catch the bubbles lol. And ewwww at my picture... lil kim status post nose job haha.

After roaming around the wharf, boo and I chow down at the Crab House By Pier 39

Iron Skillet Dungeness crab and shrimps and crab cioppino..tell me you won't drool on that.

After having so much issue with EXPEDIA on first day...I will put on my life I'm completely done with them. WORST TRAVEL SITE EVER. Second time they messed up my itinerary, customer service is horrible. Even though at the end they decided to give me a coupon after all that shabang, I will never booked flights/hotels with them anymore.

Worried to be hotel-less for the remainder of the trip, I'm glad I found Hilton hotel by the bayfront near the airport. It's pretty cheap considering San Francisco hotels are ridiculously expensive especially booking at the very last minute. Its a pretty neat hotel, not a big fan of hilton hotels though, but the bed is really comfy so I'm happy.

Saturday,all dressed up for the GIANTS game, with the matching panda hat! SF is still hella cold on summer!!!

Outside waiting.

Inside At&t park, players practicing

A coke slide!!! I want to go but unfortch only kiddos can slide down :(( boooooo

Food effing galore! :D

Premium seats! Timmy pitching!

After the game. Boo doesn't want to be in the I took a picture of his arm with me instead lol. BEST BALLPARK EVER! I'm not even exaggerating, you will never get bored inside At&t park. Its food stand heaven.

And at night we decided to eat at The Cheesecake factory on top of Macy's. View from the restaurant is spectacular at night...despite the cold weather.

Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp. Nomnomnom.

On my last day, we decided to take a trip to japantown.

The Haul-age!I tried to get stuff that is not available locally from where I live. I'm soo bummed that I can't get anything from the Surf baby collection from MAC yet (even if I saw the tester already buhuhuhu) And yes, I went falsies crazy lol.

Overall I had a great time, as always. SF never disappoints me..rain or shine, I always find something to do there. The city and I just click, thats why I want to move in the bay area badly.

Breath-taking view of the GG bridge, "un-fogged" lol.

Ahhh.... I missss my boo and SF already : ((((

Sorry for the very long post >_< I took more picture but I tried to narrow them down. I'm such a picture whore I'm really sorry. I wish you guys enjoyed it somehow. I'll talk you all soon, reviews coming up next!!!


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