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On The Spot: Hana Air Premier Hair Dryer Review (long review)

Hello everyone! For this post I am going to do a review on the Hana Air Premier Hair Dryer, courtesy of

I received an email from John of a month or so ago and kindly asked me if I would like to do a review on one of their products from their online store. I first heard of from Ren of Makeupbyrenren. They offer the best, top of the line hair styling tools such as hair straighteners and hair dryers.They even have hair products such as Biosilk, which i absolutely love, and of course CHI and more.

After I came back from my trip, I saw this package waiting on my bed.

When I opened the box, I swear it felt like opening a christmas present!!John included so many goodies,it was ridiculous!I appreciate a company who really put effort into making their customer feel special, they absolutely did for me.

Hana Air Proffesional Hair Dryer features:

  • Ion Technology- condition hair & reduces static electricity
  • Tourmaline & Titanium Oxide Technology- natural ions promote healthier hair
  • Silver Nanotechnology- for antibacterial Protection
  • Scratch Resistant Shell with black metallico finish adds durability and is easy to clean
  • Long life motor with low noise
  • Gyroscopically balanced for easy handling
  • Fiberglass concentrator
  • Italian Design

The hair dryer retails for $314.99 but is selling it for $194.99.

What's included in the box?

Hair dryer, a concentrating nozzle,and a travel size Hana Shine Shield Thermal Protectant.

Lets take a look at the Hair Dryer's exterior...

I love the sleek look. The cord is VERY long, probably taller than me lol. I think its necessary to have a long cord for a hair dryer especially if you are using this in a salon. It has a nice grip by the handle,easy to use. A lot of people have said that this hair dryer is lightweight.. but I'm not sure if I fully agree to that. Perhaps I've had only used cheap hair dryers lol, but in my opinion its not lightweight. Its not heavy at all, but it's solid for the lack of better term as far as weight.

Now lets take a look at the controls. You don't see this very often on a regular hair dryer, but the Hana Air has 2 controls.. a fan speed control (above,blue) and heat control (below,red). Fan speed have 2 settings (low and high) while the heat control has 3 settings (no heat, low heat, high heat). Sounds pretty complicated but it isnt. And of course a cold shot button on the very top. Its nice to have a product that gives you a little bit more options to cater ones need.


This is how I tested the product. I did a comparison between my old hair dryer and the Hana Air Premier Dryer. I did 3 test... a)dry my hair with my old hair dryer (which is the Perfection Euro 1600) alone b)dry my hair with Hana Air Premier Dryer alone c)dry my hair with Hana Air Premier Dryer WITH the Hana Shine Shield Thermal Protectant

The reason why I'm doing 2 test on the Hana Air dryer with and without the Shine Shield is because I want to know what the hair dryer itself is capable of. I might get great results if I use the hair dryer with the Shine Shield but which one is making the difference.. the hair dryer itself or the shine shield? Get it? Good.

For this experiment, I've used the same shampoo and conditioner, as well as the comb.

For reference:
My hair is very thick,very dry, and frizzy prone. My hair is color-treated, which is why at times (especially during summer) I try not to completely dry my hair or else it will become "poofy" and gets a lot more drier. My hair is moderately long.

First test: Old hair dryer

This is my old hair dryer, which I got from big lots for $9 and has been with me for 4 years. Only has one setting-- off, low, and high heat.


Total drying time = 24 minutes. Used the high heat setting.

As you can see closely, I have some frizziness going on. My hair is a little bit out of shape, and is poofy. As far as texture, my hair feels soft, I can run my fingers off my hair with minimal "tangling".

Second Testing: Hana Air Premier Hair Dryer

This testing like I mentioned before is only using the hair dryer alone, no leave in products yet.

As soon as I opened the fan speed setting, I was surprised how POWERFUL this thing is! The low fan speed is basically the equivalent of the high speed of any hair dryers I've used in the past. Quite surprisingly, the motor is not loud.


Total dry time = 11 minutes! Its remarkable how this hair dryer cut down my usual drying time into half!I used low speed fan setting, with alternating low and high heat setting with a couple cold shots.

My hair is less frizzier than my old hair dryer. As you can see, it has more flattering shape to it compared to when I used my old hair dryer. As far as texture goes, I didnt see any difference compared to from my old hair dryer, and i still get some minimal "tangling" when I run my fingers through my hair.

Third Testing: Hana Air Premier Hair Dryer with Hana Shine Shield

The last testing involves the Hana Shine Shield Thermal Protectant that came with the Dryer in a travel size.

What this product features according to brand:

  • Lightweight leave-in conditioning therapy
  • Designed to protect and restore both hair and scalp from environmental and styling stress
  • Jojoba absorbs quickly without a greasy feel for thorough deep conditioning
  • Jojoba naturally dissolves soil, removing build-up from other styling products to leave hair clean & supple
  • Jojoba naturally excels at thickening keratin layers, bringing out your hair's natural color overtones, highlights and brilliance
  • Periodic use over time is proven to advance the quality of your hair & the health of your scalp

While my hair is still wet, I applied a nickel size on the palm of my hand; rubbed it with my 2 hands and evenly applied it all over my hair, putting as little as possible on my roots since its the area that it gets oily very easily. This product smells SOOO GOOD. Smells like you just got off a spa treatment! I can't describe the smell but its very light, not too overpowering.


Total drying time = 12 minutes. It took more than to dry this time for some reason by a minute. My hair felt sooo soft and its has that glossy texture to it..this has to be the softest my hair has ever felt after being blown dry I'm not even joking.

I can run my fingers through my hair without any "tangling" at all. This is pretty impressive I must say! Considering I just colored my hair very recently, I am just "wow"-ed how the Shine Shield made such a big difference on my hair texture after being blown dry.

My thoughts on the Hana Air Premier Dryer

Overall its a really good hair dryer..I'm not greatly impressed by it, but its a really good one. The best thing about this dryer is how it cuts down the time for me to dry my hair..11 minutes, I have not dry my hair for that short amount of time in my life. Also the fact that this product gave you more options as far as heat setting and fan speed. I was expecting that this product would do something about the texture(as far as it being smooth and soft) of my hair as it is but unfortunately it didnt. It took out some of the frizziness which is a good thing though. The price.. its REALLY WAY expensive for my taste. I think it is a good investment though, especially if you are a hair stylist working on a salon..then this is a product that I would pretty much recommended. Otherwise, if you're just someone who just simple need something to blow your hair dry, then maybe this is not for you. If I'm darn rich, I would repurchasing this product again.


-Cuts down drying time
-Powerful motor
- More options for heat and fan speed control
- Nice easy grip by the handle
- Sleek design
- Less frizziness


-didn't changed the texture of my hair as far as being soft or smooth
-may not be readily available for some places

My thoughts about the Hana Shine Shield Thermal Protectant:

This product exceeded my expectations. I thought this product is just any other thermal protectant but this has done more than that. Absolutely made the texture of my hair soft,smooth,shiny, and healthy looking despite me it being color treated. I can not emphasis more how this product is just great! And the smell... I can't get over it! It just smells really good. I would recommend this leave in treatment especially to those of you who has really dry,frizzy, unmanageable hair. For those of you who tend to have oily hair by the end of the day, I would say use this product in moderation as it can make your hair more greasy looking.


-Makes a difference in the texture of my hair (soft,smooth,shiny)
- Smells really good
- Color-treated hair friendly :)
- No tangling


-Not easily available in some places
-May look greasy on people who have oily hair already

Phew..I told you its going to be a long post lol. Im really sorry if its detailed. I really just want to share my experience with you guys. I would like to thank John for giving me the opportunity to review this product. He's is such a great guy considering I didn't get to reply on his first email after 3 weeks, yet he's still willing to send the product for review purposes. I got the product the product in less than 3 days after he notified me! This gives me an idea what customer service on Misikko is like.. they absolutely take care of the customers and make them feel satisfied. Thank you so much!

What are your thoughts on this product? Would you try it?


FTC disclaimer: PR rep for sent me this product for review purposes. No monetary compensation was involve. I'm not affiliate with All opinions are based from experience alone and is very honest.

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