Friday, May 27, 2011

Stila's Stunning in Sayulita FOTD

Hello everyone! Stila launched their Beach Palettes this year and so far they have 2 palettes available for purchase on their website,sephora or ulta. There are 5 total palettes in this collection and every month, they will release a palette from the series.

I got the Stunning in Sayulita Palette from my mini SF trip last week from Ulta. I really didn't intend to buy this but when I saw the gorgeous colors, I feel I gotta try it. I've had a couple stila products in the past and they have a pretty decent eyeshadow selection..not a big fan tho, but they're decent.

Stunning in Sayulita is based from Katie Lee's (whose a famous food critic, but i guess more known for being Billy Joel's ex wifey) travel experience to this mexican getaway. This is the very first palette from the collection that was launched back in mid-april this year.

Palette includes 4 eyeshadows, a matte blush, and a semi frost-y highlighter. Names are shown at the back of the palette as pictured above.

Inside the palette.

Neat feature about this palette.. it includes a mirror as well as an instructions on how you can create a look using this palette.

From L to R- Green Palms, Getaway, Sandbar, and Starfish
Getaway looks quite off from the color on the label with the names on, its more light antique-ish color in person. Green Palms is a beautiful, moshy green shade.

Banderas bay (highlighter) and Playa (blush)

I looove playa, its soo pigmented! Its a nice soft peachy color, banderas bay is beautiful as well as cheekbones highlighter..these 2 compliment very well without overpowering each other.

Now for the attempted look...

Pardon the foundation being too light on my skin. I haven't used my BB cream for awhile now. Did I get tan already? Who knows.. I'll put this one aside for summer.eccckkk.

I didn't follow the instructions from the palette, kinda just made my own.

Getaway e/s on the first 2/3 of the lid, Green Palms on the last 1/3 outer lid, Starfish on as a browbone highlighter, and Sandbar on the crease, smoked out with Green Palms.

Playa on the cheeks. Banderas bay is not visible in the picture ugh camera ftw.

And oh did I mention.. this palette only cost $14? Soo worth it! This palette is great! Eyeshadows have pretty good pigmentations. Its not chalky at all and the shimmer e/s are not grit-y on the skin and is soft for its texture. I wished tho that Getaway has more pigmentation to and and is more closed to the shade stila claimed it to be. Other than that, this palette is a good buy.


What do you guys think about the palette? Are you getting anything from the beach palette collection?


FTC disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Stila. I purchased this product with my own money. Opinions are based from experience and are honest.

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