Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chi-town Lovin *Heavy Pics*

Hey everyone! Just want to share with you guys my recent Chicago trip. I love Chicago. I may sound biased because I'm from Illinois but I love Chicago more than New York *runs and hides away*

Anyways, If you know me, you probably have an idea that I'm a big baseball fan..particularly the San Francisco Giants. I started getting into baseball 3 years ago because of my BF..whose the biggest sports buff I know. I'm a sports girl, I grew up very anything sports related I'm on it!

I went to Chicago so I can watch the Giants go against the horrendous Cubbies. (I know I know, why on earth am I not cheering for the cubbies or the white sox when they're a Chicago team? Well.... why should I? Lol) Back in May when I went to SF to watch the Giants for the very first time at AT&T, I know from that point on that won't be the last. I LOVE AT&T park omg... such a great ballpark! Can't wait to see it again soon! Also, the Annual Taste Of Chicago is ongoing at that time. Total food galore!

So anyways, I'll let the picture talk for itself. Well..Imma put captions of course. Enjoy!

DAY 1- Cubs VS Giants

On our way to Chicago. This is my unique Giants Build-A-Bear teddy :) His name is Beary Bonds-Posey (YES.. after Barry Bonds)

Went directly to Wrigley Field to catch our noon time game.

Inside the famous historic ballpark

During batting practice, I had an amazing opportunity to get this close to my ever favorite giant player Pablo "PANDA" Sandoval and got his signature afterwards!!!

That scoreboard is older than your grandma (no kid) Since 1937, operated manually by people till this day.

Unfortunately, my Giants lost :((( Win or lose.... they still lead division :D and yes, cubs still suck.

After a long day, we finally checked in to The James Hotel. This hotel is the bomb diggity. My very first luxury boutique hotel and I'm very impress by their service! (Check my yelp review - first one) Bed extremely comfy, design sleek and modern, and complimentary Kiehl's bath products!

So what happens if you're under the sun for at almost 6 hours? You get toasted... and who knew i'd get tan lines on my feet?!? YES.. those are tan lines from my sandals. Funny, but not really. Lol. Nah I think its funny.

That night, the weather went crazy (thunderstorming and hella rain) so we had no choice but to stay in our hotel. Had room service for dinner... best room service so far! Been to several 4 and 5 stars hotel and none has come close to how good our dinner was. Sister had Grilled chicken sandwhich with asiago truffled fries, I had filet Mignon with mushrooms and basil whipped potato. I was on cloud 9 :))

DAY 2- Taste Of Chicago

Started our day with, what else, but food. Buttermilk pancakes with strawberries and smoked salmon bagel.

OOTD: Loose top,shorts,gold leaf necklace from F21, brown tank top from Old navy.

First time at Taste.

It was a pretty gloomy day, but thank God it didn't rain on us.

Food, Food, and MORE Freakin FOOD! We were sick in our stomachs afterwards. So many grubs unfortunately we can't try all of them since there are too many stands! But we're glad we made it and had a couple to try.

Of course, I won't leave Chi-town without getting anything.

Got 2 charms to add on to my juicy bracelet..nail polish and lipstick! OMG.. that is sooo US beauty junkies, that's why I got it ;) Also got a beach bag.. cuz its freakin summah ya know.

More damages. So happy to get my Olive Branch shower gel again ^_^

I hope you enjoy this long post. I just love traveling and food!

Hope you guys will have a great week!


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