Friday, September 23, 2011

Get Those Chainsaw Ready

"Your world can end in the blink of an eye. One event, one unexpected twist of fate... and suddenly the world as you knew... is gone. Forever. All that you held dear, all that you held close... is washed away in a sea of distant memory. Life... is cruel. Of this I have no doubt. But life continues on... with, or without you. One can only hope that one leaves behind a lasting legacy. But so often, the legacies we leave behind... are not the ones we intended."

- Queen Myrrah. Mother of all Locust.

Before I picked up the lipstick, I first picked up a game controller. I equally love both <3

Anybody whose a beauty junkie slash gamer too? What's your favorite game(s)?

I hope I can do some makeup reviews for y'all soon. I'm kinda (well not kinda... more like VERY) outdated with beauty products and I literally havent bought anything in the past few weeks. I'm trying to save up too...blah, why can't money grow on trees so I can just spend as much as a I want?

I'll see you guys soon. Hopefully.


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