Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hi. My name is Joanna and I'm still alive.

Look whose back from the dead... *waves like a beauty pageant girl*

Oh my..I've neglected my blog for 2 months :( First of all I want to say I'm extremely sorry for being away for this long. (longest I've been gone) I didn't even realized its been THAT long since I post something on my blog (I thought i've only been gone for weeks,yikes!).

I have been really busy with my life the past 2 months. I know I've been saying that every time I'd go disappear from the face of the planet, but really I havent been this busy with so many things lately.

There's really nothing too significant that had happened the past few months..just me and my boo celebrated our 3 year anniversary already (^_^) and that I got into some drama in my workplace but that's about it. On another the bright side, I've had plans already of making my move out of state :) September marks my first year in my current workplace and I think its about time that I get out of the place and work in a different environment. Not that I have an enemy/enemies or something but I feel like my current workplace makes me feel "older" due to the fact that my stress level is always off the roof and that results to me fcking my sleep pattern, my energy level, mood etc. I know for the job I have stress is inevitable, but if I can lower my stress level related to work why not? Ive asked all the nurses that had an experience with my current job that went to another field "whats harder? working here or working at your new job", and they always tell me that working in my current place is a lot harder than where they at. But real talk, as much as this job is damn hard, I do love working with my patients. I work with geriatrics and pediatrics and its the best of both worlds. Id change a lot in the system of my workplace but I would not change anything about my clients, theyre great :)

Anyways, yes.. I do want to move out of Illinois. Especially winter is approaching;oh boy, I just can't tolerate cold weather very well sorry. I'm projecting my move is going to be either very late this year (kinda unlikely, but we never know) or early months of 2012 (more likely). Hope to get an employer that likes my resume.

Anywho, I will not promise anything this time of being able to update my blog more often. I will try my hardest. I hope to bear with me.

I just want to say to all my followers and readers a big THANK YOU for all the support and comments you had left every time I made a post. I don't want to give up blogging because I've met wonderful and i meant WONDERFUL people in here and want to meet more people and share the same interest that I have too.

I hope to talk to y'all again soon.


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