Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Haul + Recent Shenanigans

Hello Love Ones! Even though I've been very busy with work right now, I try to catch up with my "social life" but pretty much its been dead for a while (lolz) I'm such a loser. Anyways, I went shopping couple weeks ago gearing myself for fall. Here's what I got..

Forever 21 Haul! I got 2 tops, a random necklace, and a sling bag. I got tired bringin my big ass purses and I just want something I can dump my essentials (wallet, phone,keys) and I'm off just like that, pretty good size too.

(Left)I went to Payless and got these extremely comfy slip ons. I realized I got another grey colored item (other than the bag and the shirt) (Right) My Ugg boots needs to put to rest (had it with me for 4 years!) So I got me some new Ugg boots and I got the Bailey triple button. This time I got the care kit too so my Uggs would last longer : )

Lastly, I got myself some active gears from Nike. If you're following me on facebook, you pretty much know I'm trying to lose some weight. I've gained about 20 lbs in the last 2 years! (No kidding) Here's to a skinnier 2012! (Hopefully)

Speaaaaking of weightloss... I have so far lost 10.5 lbs! :) Physically, I don't see any difference (although a lot of people had complimented me about it) but I do feel a whole lot better on the inside and feel a lot less sluggish ;)

And to treat myself, I went to Chicago couple days ago to visit an Old friend to basically splurge on food (lol..ironic?)

Here's some food porn..

First stop, me and my friend went to check this new movie house called ICON movie Theater. They got some pretty sweet VIP seating..unfortunately there are only certain movies we can see with these seatings. So we decided to see Footloose lol.. even though we already know how lame and cheesy the remake is.

Prior to the viewing we went to the VIP lounge and chillax with some good food.

Tenderloin Sliders..Oh God.

Margarita pizza... yumm!

And lastly we got some Bacon Popcorn. Omg.. best thing ever!

After our fantastic (sarcasm) movie.. we went to this place called Hot Chocolate for some warm,cozy drinks.

We ended up getting some desserts too (I told my friend I'd kill her if I gained 5 lbs after that night lol)

I got the "Black and Tan" chocolate drink. Mmmm

Chocolate Two Way Cake. I don't regret anything lol. Sooo good!

My Friend's Banana And Peanut Butter. We literally kept saying "Oh MY GOD!" for every bite.

The next day I went to downtown. Went to Burberry and fell in love with their rain slash snow boots.

HA! This pic was actually taken at TopShop. (Yes, theres a TopShop in Chicago. You're welcome)

My bootski. My ultimate gift for 10 lbs weight loss! ^^

Before leaving, I want to spend time with my uncle and grandma so we went to my very first brazillian bbq experience at Brazzaz.

Very nice interior

Salad Bar with so many selections

They serve mashed potatoes and fried plantains which are delightful!

They got some lamb

Sirloin steak :))

Brazillian Sausage. Its spicy. Soo good!

They even serve Pineapple!

Thats not even a forth of the meat they served. Theres a lot of meat..chicken, pork, lamb you named it. Theres more selection for dinner but damn.. the food was really good!

That's about it. Halloween is just around the corner... do you guys have any plans for halloween? what will be your costume for this year?


FTC disclaimer: All products shown are bought by my own money. All opinions are honest and based from experience.

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