Thursday, October 6, 2011

How I Curl My Thick Hair (Achieving Loose Curls)

Hello Love Ones!

The other day, I was playing around with my new flat Iron that I got from our local mall. Instead of using it as a regular straightening iron, I decided to play around and use it as a curling iron.

Now, I don't curl my hair very often. Not that I don't like to curl my hair, but considering the texture and the volume of my hair..its really hard to curl it for some reason AND doesn't come out as I usually want it to look like. So what exactly am I talking about? I don't know if everyone who have a thick hair have the same problem as I do but when a person curls their hair, not only they want to achieve a different kind of hairstyle but also, part of it is to create an illusion of a more "volumize" hair. See if I have an already really thick hair, I'm adding more volume to my hair when I curl it causing it to,for some reason, not look as appealing as I want it to be. Like for example, I want just simply loose curls.... its hard to achieve this since for a thick hair, when you curl their hair, instead of it looking like its "flowing" and looks rather "cramp",stiff, and much puffy. I don't know, its just not appealing to me. What the heck am I talkin about.. I probably don't make sense to most of y'all but its rather an issue at least for me.

So..if you are reading this and you feel my pain, well.. I wanna share with you some of my tricks to better achieve a loose curl for a thick,semi-coarse, hair.

Ok first off, you need to invest on a really good flat iron. I'm using the Royale Professional Straightener Iron. I prefer to use a flat iron rather than a conventional curler because it curls faster. Plus, you need a straightener anyway if you have thick hair.

Now, before doing any curling to your hair... make sure that your hair is straight. We want to get rid of any natural waves we have just so we a more "proportional" strands to work on (easier if everything is straight rather than have some baby curls ya know)

I usually prefer straightening my hair the night before or at least couple hours before I curl it. If you curl it right away after you just straightened it,I noticed that its harder to create curls if there's still heat in your hair. Make sure you give sufficient time for hair to "cool down" from the heat off the flat iron.

I curl my hair going to only one direction, depends which side you're working at (right or left) and that is doing it AWAY from the face.

(Start from Upper Left Picture) 1) Take a small strand of hair (Don't take much because it may not curl as much as we would like to)..glide the flat iron halfway through the strand and stop 2) Rotate your iron in the direction where the bottom/half strand of hair is facing AWAY from your face. 3) Keep rotating until the whole iron is completely covered with your hair. Do only one rotation. Make sure your hair is not tightly winded around iron. 4) Slightly start pulling iron down the roots of the hair. It should curl just like how it shown in the picture.

It should look something like this....


Poppin the Red Lipstick

Well, hopefully at least one person benefits from this. LOL.

Sorry it took me a long time putting this up. I miss all of you!

Hope y'all enjoy the rest of your weekend!


FTC Disclaimer: Any product featured on this post is purchased by my own money. Opinions are honest and based from experience.

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