Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Started My New Year's Resolution 2 Months Earlier...

Picture below will say it all....

(Left Pic: September 29,2011. Right Pic: December 18, 2011. Same Outfit, except hat and boots)

18 lbs lost since October 2011. Eeyup, didn't think it was possible ;)

I'm still debating whether to share my weight loss experience to my readers. I mean I know this is a cosmetic/beauty blog when I start off, but again, it's my blog and I can do whatever I want to it. HA!

This whole weightloss in a nutshell: I gained a TREMENDOUS amount of weight in 2010 as soon as I graduated from Nursing School. How much weight we're talking about? 30 lbs. I knew I gained weight but didn't know how MUCH I gained weight. The turning point for me was when I saw this picture and calculated my BMI for my weight and height... found out I was overweight. I was depressed and knew had to do something. Believe me it was a struggle at the beginning, but kept going. And when you start seeing results, its beyond motivating.

I want to greet Belated Merry Christmas to All of You my readers and Advance Happy New Year! Work on those goal for 2012! Do you have any already?


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