Friday, December 2, 2011

Lust for LUSH

Hello love ones! Christmas is just around the corner! This is also the time of the year where I overly pampered myself with long hours of relaxing,unwinding, submerging goodness. Its LUSH time again! If you have been following my blog for awhile now, you pretty much know how OBSESSED I am with LUSH.

Although I've been using a couple of LUSH products in a day-to-day basis, I haven't really treated myself with bath bombs and bubble bars that much. I find myself really getting into it around this time of the year? Why?..Who knows. All I know is that I need to stock up more of their CHRISTMAS EVE BUBBLE BAR before they go out of stock again!

Just want to share with you guys what I got from LUSH couple weeks ago.


Inside look

The Goodies.

The VERY reason why I went to visit LUSH in the beginning is because I want to stock myself some Christmas Eve bubble bars. This probably my favorite bubble bar EVER. Unfortunately, its a holiday item and that can only get it during the time of this year :( I was looking to get more of it (about kid) but came to the store a bit late and had only these 2 left to take home (yea..its that popular) I'm also happy at the fact that the "Moon" is already embedded inside the bubble bar itself, rather sitting on top of it.

I finally got my hands on the Pop In The Bath bubble bar. LOVE IT! It smells exactly my all time favorite shower gel :)

Blackberry and Butterball Bath Bombs

My all time favorite Bath bomb, which is the Blackberry, goes VERY well with Christmas Eve bubble bar. Since I'm trying to stock myself with Christmas Eve BBs, I need to stock myself some Blackberry BBs as well lol. Picked up the Butterball Bath Bomb, which is a bit smaller than the usual bath bomb size, since I love the smell and it seems like it can go well with pretty much any bubble bar I can mix it with.

I picked up a couple skin essentials. I LURRVE The Olive Branch Shower gel and this is my 4th bottle ever! If you have read my LUSH reviews in the past, I have talked about the Dreamwash which is pretty much a life-saver for me during this time of the year. So I went ahead and want to try the Dream Cream this time, which is the lotion equivalent of the Dreamwash. Last one that I picked up, which honestly I hesitated at the beginning on getting, is the Tea Tree Water Toner. According to SA, its a toner ideal for oily and troubled skin and has some antibacterial properties to prevent breakin out. It doesn't hurt to try, although I've had some doubts already when it comes to LUSH skincare line after I broke out using one of their masks. :-/

Have been neglecting the soap department as well, I picked up this new item from the holiday collection. I'm a big fan of anything smelling zesty or citrusy, this is one of them! I can't wait to try this soon.

Last but not least, I got drawn to LUSH's gift wrapped items once again. Last year, I gave out LUSH gift items to my coworkers...its just irresistible! This year, LUSH is pulling a Willy Wonka gimmick in which they put "Golden tickets" on these gift wrapped items and you get to win fab prizes! I got this gift item called "A few of my Favourite things" which I will be giving to one of my best friend who is getting into LUSH thanks to the influence of yours truly.

She better like this lol. I mean.. how could you NOT?

Have you tried LUSH before? What are your favourites?

Till next time, enjoy a fabulous weekend!


FTC disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the brand/product featured on this post. No monetary/item compensation was involved. Opinions are honest and based from experience.

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