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On The Spot: Hana Shine Shield Black Label

Hello Everyone! I'm back with another review from Misikko! :)

I'm glad to work with John once again for another review from their online store. If you have been following my blog for a while I did make a review for Misikko a couple months ago.

Misikko is an online store that offers a variety of professional hair products, such as blow dryers, flat irons, hair care products etc. They offer top of the line products such as HANA and so much more.

I'm going to do a review on the Hana Shine Shield Black Label. If you have read my previous review on the Hana Air Premier Dryer, I actually did a brief review on this product already. Let me go ahead and introduce once again this product :)

Goodies are just to die for!

Very generous indeed! They really care about the customer's satisfaction :)

Hana Shine Shield Black Label

Product Features according to the Brand:

"HANA Shineshield BLACK LABEL provides the ultimate shine for your hair in an all new alcohol-free oil treatment after just one use. Named *Product of the Year*, HANA Shineshield BLACK LABEL seals and locks in 98% of the moisture in your hair to deliver a deep hydrating condition. You will see the immediate difference in the look of your hair and also feel the sleek and silky touch. This product unlike its competitors can be used on all hair types to create any style."

Basically this product is a leave-in treatment, which supposed to help restore, strengthens, and protect hair from everyday stress (heat from dryer/iron, UV rays etc) One key component of this product is Jojoba oil, which is known to have very good moisturizing properties. The product not only moisturizes, but can also naturally dissolve residue from styling products that could be trap in your hair as well as bring out the natural color tones of your hair.

Directions: Apply a small amount of the serum to your palm, massage it, and apply it to your hair from roots to ends. Can be applied wet or dry.

For reference, I have thick,frizzy, color treated hair at the moment. I usually use a nickel size of the product and apply it 2 inch from roots to ends. The product comes out clear and has that serum consistency. Let me tell you how I love the smell of this product! It smells so good, and like I said before, it smells like you came out of a spa treatment! The product may have a serum consistency but its not greasy at all. The hair quickly absorbs the product and is not just laying on top of the hair.

Product best applied while hair still wet

Hair after drying with Leave-In treatment.

Before I used this product, every after drying my hair with a blow drying I always had to use a flat iron to get rid of the frizziness of my hair. Since using this product for awhile now, I have not used my flat iron at all. I love how my hair looks a lot healthier and shiny, but the best part is how SOFT this product made my hair. This product has not made my hair color fade nor did it made it better. But I love how I can run my fingers through my hair without having problems with de-tangling it :)


- Quickly absorbs by the hair (does not stay on hair as if its just laying on top of its surface)
-Smells terrific!
-Only need a small amount of the product (last for a long time!)
-Hair feels soft and not "tangly" afterwards
-Hair looks healthier and shinier


-Not readily available
-Did not improve hair color (could possibly be because my hair is color-treated)
-Using too much of product could look greasy on people with naturally oily hair

I have fell in love with this product and has become a staple of mine since first trying it out back in May. This product is a must for those of you who have very frizzy, dry, uncontrollable hair like mine. A full size bottle will last you FOREVER. Like I said, you just need a tiny amount of the product for it to work its wonders on your hair.

I will do another Misikko review in the near future with another product, so stay tuned for that!

Have you tried this product before? What do you think? Have you check Misikko's website? What product(s) looks enticing to you?


FTC disclaimer: Misikko has provided me the product for review purposes only. No monetary compensation was involve. Opinions are based from experience and are honest.

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