Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Urban Decay Book Of Shadows IV + EOTD

Hello Everyone! I didnt let 2011 go without any last minute makeup splurge, and I decided Id spend my moolah on the UD Book of Shadows IV. It was not on my wishlist, but I'm pretty sure you gals (or guys) know where I'm coming from when it comes to impulse buy on cosmetics ;)

This is my very first BOS ever. Couple months prior to buying this, I have been debating whether to get it or not. For $64 dollars, I just don't think I can spend my money on a palette that I'd probably would barely use. Most of the time when it comes to eyeshadows, I prefer buying single eyeshadows (MAC or NYX) and if I had to buy palettes Id get something off coastal scents or ebay. But when I saw they dropped the price to $45 dollars, I'm like "oh well effed it, it doesnt hurt to try..just your wallet (lol)" So I gave in and got it.

Now, Im not going to do swatches or tell you guys what else is in included since I'm pretty sure there are a million blog posts and youtube videos sharing these information to you guys.

Overall, I'm not quite impressed by this palette at all. I can't make any contrast to any previous BOS since like I said earlier, this is my very first BOS. I appreciate the effort on the design but I think its overdone and its not quite creative. I understand they tried to be innovative by including this speaker but really its all gimmick. My phone speaker does a better job than that thing!

The palette is split with neutral and bold colors. Another disappointing thing is the color payoff on some of these shadows. Blue Bus, such a pretty unique color, yet IMO is too sheer. Hijack is another beautiful color...if you want to use this as a lid color it would turn out great, however, you decide to use this as a crease color..I noticed that the color would rather look "washed-out" if you don't use a primer with a tinted shade. , I believe if my memory served me right was introduce in the 15th anniversary palette, (correct me if I'm wrong) is probably my least favorite one...horrible glitter fall out, my wet-n-wild one can do better than that! Not all eyeshadows are disappointing.. I personally love Bender, Lost, Sin, Zephyr; texture and color pay-off wise, those 3 eyeshadows are great!

LOVE the 24/7 Eyeliner in Perversion! Its waterproof, but if you make a boo2x, its fixable. Haven't tried the mascara yet. And of course the classic UDPP in a smaller size tube is included.

Used the neutrals from the palette as of now.. Im kinda boring lol

A lil close up

Its not a bad palette, however, definitely not worth the hype. Is it worth the money? Not really. If this was on sale for 30 dollars or something could be, but not for $64 nor $45. I guess I'm cheap lol. But really, save your money and invest on a better palette than this.

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts on this?

My birthday is coming up...eeeekkkkkk. Im not quite sure if Im looking forward to it. I sure am looking forward to Sundays game... NINERS vs GIANTS baby!!! Lezzgooo 49ers!


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